Without the face Wednesday, and caught in the Act (finally)

Wednesday is one of my favorite days. It doesn't compare to Saturday or Sunday, or my birthday, or Memorial Day, July 4th, or Labor Day, ...or Thanksgiving and Christmas...and let's not forget New Year's Eve. But, of the normal days of the week, it is my 3rd favorite, and my favorite day starting with a W.

I made it home from the office around 7:45 last night and went into my drool coma again. So fantastic. Naps rule.

No make-up for water project

I was added to a (thankfully) 'secret' group on Facebook that has challenged all members to drink at least 1 gallon of water per day for 30 days. I drink about 2/3 that on a normal basis, so it shouldn't be too difficult, but I have days when I only get 8-16oz of water, usually the weekends. We took selfies with no make-up so we can see if we have any transformations over the month. 

I don't have pronounced wrinkles, or dark circles, or acne. I just have a bad case of 'I look like my brother' going on. Think extra water can fix that??

Caught in the Act (of reading finally. I'm so lazy)

Last night I was reading in Acts 15. 

Men of all generations have taken it upon themselves to put rules on men. We adjust God's word to our own interpretation, we change laws to fit our needs, we revise our position on just about anything until it suits us. 

Jesus gave very simple instructions on how to receive His gift. Believe, repent, receive. Avoid sin, bring to light any sin that you commit, pray for strength and guidance, and love one another. Let Him be the judge, and live your life with discretion.

We overdo our rules for the restoration of our souls, and overdo our indulgence at the same time.

Simple lives. Simple love. 

Holy Spirit, you are welcome here. Right??

I don't have any certain plans on the books for tonight which means it will be a great night! My favorite things happen when I don't plan them.

What are your plans for Wednesday?

Do you agree that we overdo what Jesus already did?

Go take a nap. It's totally worth it.


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