Classic Khaki Thursday, good thing it's cloudy, and 32x32

Due to rain TWPICK Thursday and TOWPICK Thursday have be replace with Classic Khaki Thursday again!!! I feel like a slob today. Weekend khakis, sleeveless top, flats... gag me.

No sun, no glasses

I have a pair of these that someone left in my car last year. They have been quite comfortable to wear, and after losing my RayBans, they came in handy. They are American Eagle brand. Free glasses are the best. However, I believe I left them at his sisters house.

So I thought I'd use my oldie glasses. Why did I keep these? I can't see out of them, and they are missing the left leg.

I haven't bought expensive sunglasses in a while, but I think it's time to get an upgrade. What should I buy? I can't wear the kind with nose feet because they get stuck in my hair if I put them on my head, so, all plastic frames work best for me.

32 x 32 = 29 again

Yesterday I decided I would run 32 miles before my 32nd birthday. It's not that impressive. As of
yesterday I had 16 days, so that's only 2 miles per day. No biggie. It's raining like crazy though, so I'll have to get to the gym. ...I'm already 4 miles behind.

Do you set mini goals for yourself like that?? How do you stay accountable?

Beauty is in the eye of the hand holder.


  1. Get off you butt and get to that gym! You have to get in 4 miles! Get in 6 instead so that you are ahead of the game. Do it!

    Does this help?

    1. No. This makes me want to do it less because you are so mean.


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