Tattle-tales, water pails, and the rest

Merry Monday! It was a dark for a bit at the ol' office today. Thanks OG&E. We're back up, and I'm back from the weekend.

You know I won't spoil all the fun on Monday, but I'll let you know a little...

Let's give them something to talk about...

I got relationship outed on Facebook this weekend. Not that I hide anything, but I don't advertise my personal life. We were spotted together, being a couple. OH NO!! Hahaha. It's more comical than anything that it even became the subject of discussion.

So, blog readers, it's true. I have a BF. My very own. A BeardFace. Yes, you heard it here, but maybe not first. I'm sure some of you had figured this out already, and I appreciate you not asking questions. I may let on a little more as time goes on, but we bloggers have to keep some parts of our lives to ourselves. Plus, who really wants to know about the mushy stuff? Gross.
 So much rain

It rained buckets again yesterday. We had no power during church service, but we worshiped on. Much of the area flooded again, and the majority of over-water bridges were closed temporarily. One is closed for a while...
 This is highway 78 over the Red River. Sunday (left) and Monday (right). So... we're pretty good on rain.
The wrap-up

It was a super productive weekend. 3 projects off of the list. A good workout done. Some yummy food eaten. And one awesome nap.

I'll be back tomorrow with my report on all the things done, as per usual!

How was your weekend??


  1. For me, the scariest part of all this rain is the risk of surprise sinkholes. We'll be dealing with those for a while. Good luck all!

    1. We have a few around here. We saw one near the practice field at the high school. Since you never know where they'll happen, we'd better have good insurance!


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