Thursday, June 27, 2013

Your butt, in the future.

According to Google, my town moves at an estimated speed of 850 mph on the Earth's axis. If I run East for 3.1 miles in 33 mins, I'm actually running 28.86 miles, which is more than a full marathon. While discussing this with a friend, we agreed that if you face West while doing Brazil Butt Lift, your booty will reach the future sooner, thus being smaller, faster! It's science people. ...or maybe it's math.  ???

I ran my first 9 min mile last night. I only lasted an additional .5 miles. Speed work takes time.

Need more oxygen on your run?

Running On Air: Breathing Technique

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March 6, 2013

This is just the article I have been needing. It's worth a look, even if you aren't struggling on your daily run. As a recovering smoker, I have trouble with deep breathing, and proper oxygen delivery. I have been taking Astragalus Root for a few months, and have seen a huge improvement. However, breathing technique is very important for reducing injury. You wouldn't tie the two together, but read this, and see how they relate. Click the link above, or link over from here. Good luck out there!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sweating and maybe moving!

Sunday my favorite BIL was in town! I found out he is a runner!!! Isn't that exciting? Someone else in the family as crazy concerned about fitness as me. We went for a quick run around my 3.6 loop. Here are my stats:

Distance: 3.10miles
Time: 34:12
Splits: 11:13, 11:03, 10:56 (negative splits!!!! YAY!!!!!)
Average pace:11:01

I'm pretty pleased with that. BIL said he started running with a program from his gym, similar to c25k. I asked if he wanted to run that morning, and he said
'sure, but I run pretty far. I don't want to leave you behind'
 I told him I run around 3 miles per day; he was floored. I guess 'pretty far' to him is less than 3 miles. Anyway, we went out that morning, he ran the full distance with me. I thought he would stick to his running plan. Oh! btw, he wears department store Nike's and doesn't stretch..... ? Well, we got done, and I thanked him for running with me and helping me push to get negative splits. That of course went right over his head. Sometimes I feel so cool when I get to use my runner lingo around people and they don't know what I'm saying. I know, I'm lame. My story, yes.... He said
'I usually run faster than that, but you did very good. You are still in pretty good shape"

..... Wha?? I told him if he usually runs faster than that, then he should have. Mm-hmm. :)

I didn't run Monday because I was at home packing. I may be moving!! I know. You're saying, "Leah, why are you packing if you MAY be moving?" You know home buying, nothing is for sure until you have the keys. I am supposed to be closing Thursday, or Friday, or 2 weeks from now, or someday. So, I'm packing.

Tuesday brought on a run after a church meeting. Runner friend and I hit the path around 8:30pm to beat the heat sweat to death in the humidity.  I was so flippin' slimey!!!! I took my shirt off before I got in my car because I couldn't stand to get in there that wet. It was gross!!!!

My super sweaty arm. (this photog style courtesy of RER)
There was also a horsefly in my car. That was fun.

Stats from Tuesdays run:

Distance: 3.10
Time: 34:46 (slower)
Splits: 10:48, 10:48, 12:01 (wow)
Average pace: 11:12

To be fair to me, this was a bit different of a course. Instead of my normal 2 hills, this had 3. One was very loooooooonnggggg, and another was very steep, and at the end! So there. I ran. Hmmph.

I planned to get up early and run today. Since I typed the word 'planned' you know I didn't do it. Tonight, I am supposed to pack maybe I'll try in the a.m. tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Catching some rays, and no fish.

It has rained (read: end of times type storms) since the 19th of May, we headed outside this week whenever the clouds broke. Here is what we did:

We took pictures of the elusive blue sky.

We mowed grass that was way too tall.
 (life-sized dinosaur grass)

We went fishing on Lake Texoma. The sun was out, the fish were not. Good thing we don't have to catch our meals, or we would starve.

Love those Oklahoma sunsets

I had a pretty good view from my chair. Ah, the lake life.
 Another storm rolled in on my way to work...

 We went to Medieval Times for a birthday party
 The sword fighting was more real that I expected.
 Down, down, down. Red knight goin' down...
 My beautiful niece with our brave Red and Yellow Knight afterwards. She fell totally in love with him...and so did all us grown ladies, heehee. Something about the armor and the grit of it all....

I have had a fun filled couple of weeks. I am now in full packing mode for the move on the 14th. Hopefully I close on time, because I have to be out of the rental by the 16th. Livin' on the edge!!

What do you do at the lake/ocean?

Have you ever been to Medieval Times?

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Running, racing, and relaxing.

So I took a break from blogging. Not because blogging was taking over my life, but because I was starting to go blank trying to decide what you would want to know about. As it turns out, you want to know about everything! That's great b/c I like to talk.

I signed up for another 5k, but it was postponed due to rain, so I went for a run that day near home. I have downloaded the Nike+running app and used it for my run. I love this thing. I don't own a GPS watch so this is perfect. It keeps track of my splits, tells me my pace at each mile, I can use my Pandora with it, and you can send me cheers and applause through Facebook if I sync my run!

I ran with runner friend, and that was good because I probably wouldn't' have kept going alone. I always say that, and never stop, but one day.....! She helped me push my pace, but at 3.01 my throat closed off and I had to walk the remaining .09. It was super humid that day.

Distance: 3.01
Time: 34:08
Splits: 11:02, 11:04, 10:50 (one neg split, and in the 10s, nice)
Avg Pace: 11:20

Oh, and I lost my headband. Sad face.

Monday I went for another run, this time solo. My feet felt like cement blocks. My legs felt like tree stumps. It was awful. I wanted to stop the entire time.
My thoughts:
 "Just make it up the hill and you'll feel better when it's flat. Nope, you don't feel better. Make it up this hill and you can turn and just go home. Crap, the people in the laudromat will see you head home and think you're a chicken, keep going. I am NOT going down that hill because I won't make it back up. If you walk now, you won't run anymore. Now that the people outside saw you run by, you have to keep running so you're running when you come back. Crap! You just hit 3 miles! Get on it and finish strong! Ok, just finish without dying."

Distance: 3.10
Time: 34:29
Splits: 10:30, 11:21, 11:30 (positive splits, ew)
Avg Pace: 11:06

I didn't find my headband.

I haven't run since Monday, but I plan to this week sometime. I hope to break into the 10m/m for all splits soon.

Recovery: Ice bath!