Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Something I know that I know nothing about

Do you know what I don't know anything about? The people who lead my city, state, and country. I have never been required to have knowledge of anyone in charge politically. I did attend school, and college classes in the department of government. But I don't remember anyone, or anything. And I'm not required to know it to be a citizen. What will I do to learn this...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Goodness gracious

I recently received an email about love and good deeds. Mother Teresa, know as the Saint of the Little Things, is most recognized for extending a helping hand and a big heart to everyone. She believed that by making small gestures of kindness to everyone we encounter, we can change the world. I believe that when we read good news, we act better. We want to be part of the love and joy of life, so we help out, smile, say excuse me, etc... Our news, radio, and print is full of the negativity in society everyday. I myself have felt the loss of hope when surrounded by bad news. But, when I read a heartwarming account of friendship, love, and selflessness, I notice that I pay it forward more. So, with that, I have decided to start my own "blog-um" about the good things others have done for me. I will not be writing about what I do for others, because a thankless good deed is void, in a sense, if you tell someone. But, I may change my mind about that later; I have a hunch that if people read what I do for others, it may inspire them to do the same. Simple gestures, greater lives! ~My most recent account of wonderful right-ness. I stopped by a Subway for lunch a few weeks ago. It is located inside of a convenience store where a friend of mine works. While paying for my sandwich, I was chatting up my friend and responding to a text from my husband. I was a bit distracted you can imagine. Well, I guess I left my phone lying on the counter by the register. I chatted a bit longer, and then headed back to work. A few block away I realized I had forgotten the phone, but figured I would call my friend at the store when I got to the office. However, by the time I called her, the phone was gone. I was heartbroken. I had pictures of my nieces, dogs, friends, and, the last pictures taken of my grandfather before his death just 2 weeks prior. I immediately suspended my service and requested an insurance claim for replacement. Later that evening while doing homework at my in-laws, my husband walked in, holding my phone. I was speechless. My dad had called him about an hour before saying that he had gotten a call from the evening clerk of the store. A young woman had brought my phone in saying she found it by the dumpster. It rang numerous times from my father calling, not knowing I didn't have it. So the clerk called the number back. Dad called husband, husband went to store, phone went home. The thing is, the clerk said she was possibly 17 at most, and got out of a car that an adult was driving, came in the store to turn in the phone, and left. She did not buy anything or even browse. I really think that she swiped it, and it was discovered at home. It's not bad parenting that caused this to happen, simply poor judgement and pressure to fit in. It was great parenting that caused the result. Because someone decided to do what was right, I now have my property back. The best part about it is that God used me to work in someones life. That girl just may see the good in doing the right thing, and I got to help. So there it is, the thankless deed done to me. What has happened to you?

Friday, October 16, 2009

I was thinking

Driving across town the other day, making out blue sky through thick clouds, I began thinking about my financial situation. And yes, I realize that staring out my sunroof while operating a vehicle IS the safest way to drive. The fact is, I don't live paycheck to paycheck. I live paycheck to 4 days till the next paycheck. I always pull out my pocket calendar, and this is the conversation I have with myself: "Ok, I get paid on tuesday, and the electric, gas, and phone are due. If i put half my check in the joint account to cover the bills, then put the other half in our other account, we'll have money for gas after the joint account overdraws. Then, next week, I'll get paid again and my husband will get paid and we can pay rent and the water bill, and cover the overdraft fees (there should only be 3 or 4). Then take half of whats left to put towards my tuition and the car insurance. So, we should have about $40 left after all that to buy gas for his car, and maybe $20 in groceries. Whoopee, we get bread this week! So then the next week I get paid, and then the NEXT week I get paid and he gets paid. Thats the week we have money. We can put $50 in savings, fill up the cars, and buy meat and vegetables. Then the week after we have to pay the utilities again..." "...and THEN, it'll be December, so we'll get a fifth paycheck. So then by the 3rd week of February we should have enough to save up so we can go to dinner for our anniversay at the end of March. Sweet." Why does this happen? Why is this the norm for most people? We always keep our hopes set out weeks away, but every month it's the same song and dance. I'm guessing that 90-95% of the world's population does NOT do what they have a passion for. So if we aren't living our dream, shouldn't we at least have some ease in our finances and enjoy what we do while we have to do it. And on another note, what is up with celebrities making, what, like 30 million a year and only giving $100,000 to their "favorite" charity? Can't the government (hahaha) do something about the outrageous wages these people make? I realize that being in the public eye would require you to have enough money to escape, but, do they really need $500 jeans, $1000 shoes, and $12,000 handbags to feel secluded? C'mon Govenor Schwarzenegger, you're state is broke, but home to the richest of the rich.... hello?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Build here, build there

I'm going to share with you my vast knowledge of building, zoning laws, and ideas to help the environment, because as you remember, I'm a genius. What the heck is the point of the over sized subdivisions going up everywhere? People want to live outside the city, so a builder destroys countless acres to build huge homes on small lots too close together. Then strip malls come into the neighborhood offering every convenience: nail salon, check cashing, bank, liquor store, and of course...Walmart. Now people don't have to go to the "city" to get what they need, they now live in the city, again. If you are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a home, and a half acre of grass to be in the "country", wouldn't you be willing to pay the same for a home, a few acres of land, and actually be in a country setting? I suggest that the city governments put more pressure on builders to acquire land in neighborhoods that are mostly condemned, buy the remaining inhabited homes from owners, and demolish and rebuild. You could easily build 6-7 large homes with sizable lots in an area of about 10sq blocks. This would give rich people the image they want with close proximity to existing businesses, thus reducing the number of new buildings being constructed and land being destroyed. Also, it would rid the area of a canker sore neighborhood, and provide the once-owners some much needed cash to improve their situation. Now, I don't think we should overpay for the old homes, but also not leave the owners without the funds needed to move. I know there must be city programs that help with this type of thing. And while we are talking about refurbishing areas, why are there not stricter rules towards businesses and locations? Can we not require a current business to remodel their current location or purchase a larger pre-existing lot to remodel or demo and rebuild, rather than allowing them to purchase vacant land to build a larger structure and then leave behind an empty building? I think we already have enough empty buildings. Not only are they eyesores, and dangerous (fire, crumbling, and enviro pollution), but they welcome vagrants and vandals! There should be a policy that you cannot expand or build new/larger unless you are using your current location or purchasing a vacant one, and you should be required to have yours sold before you open your new location. -since I'm so smart....

Monday, October 12, 2009

Oklahoma Access...to everything you want!!

Are you familiar with Oklahoma Access a.k.a Snap a.k.a food stamps? It's a nice little credit card issued by the state with a pre-determined amount of money each month to be used for buying groceries. Sounds good. When I was very young, my parents were on food stamps for a very short time after my dad broke both arms in a construction accident. We had a booklet with colored monopoly-like tickets in it, and used them to purchase food. It was good while we had it. It served its purpose. We always had milk, corn flakes, butter, cheese and some fruit. Basically like getting government commodities. My mom continued to work, and my dad returned to work asap. That's when they took away our food stamps. Now, the card is a much better way to use food stamps. It can be less embarrassing and easier to keep track of. However, what isn't better is the type of food that can be purchased with it. You can buy anything but food off the hot bar, alcohol, and cigs. If the state is trying to help people get back on their feet, shouldn't they at least be requiring them to eat healthy food? The children of these people are eating frozen burritos, funyons, cookies, pop etc. My personal problem is that I work full time, and find myself rubbing 2 pennies together just to afford milk, bread, cheese, cereal, and apples. But behind me in line is some broad with 3 kids and 2 carts full of crap! Lucky Charms, Capt Crunch, chocolate milk, gogurt, Doritos, Pepsi, frozen pizzas blah blah blah. And then she pulls her Access card out of her Coach purse as if she has earned that money. Go ahead, load that crappy food into your new car and stuff it down the hatch of your 2 year old. That's great, breed some more just like you. It's my tax dollars that fund your little grocery trip, but I can't afford groceries, and I make too much to get food stamps. Maybe I should quit my job, pop out a few babies, and live off the system. And to top it all off, if they want alcohol or tobacco, they just use the EBT cash off the card to purchase it. Go Oklahoma!

Friday, October 09, 2009

I'm a plus size? So where are my boobs?

And by that I mean, if I'm considered plus size should I have a large chest? I won't say what size I am, but lets just say it's bigger than a 6 and smaller than a 10. You decided. According to some of the top women's magazines, they are going to start using plus size women in their ads. The fashion industry defines a plus size woman to be anything over a size 6, because designers only make samples in 0, 2, and 4. I want to clarify that I in no way want to seem like I am bashing women of any size. I'm not saying, I'm just saying. That being said, how dare they label me plus size? I want to sit down with these people and label them. Maybe if we didn't have these ideas ground into our brains we wouldn't have the self-esteem problems that we have. We should stop judging each other on what we feel is inadequate or less acceptable, and instead judge each other on ideas, creativity, and ability to light up a room with our smiles! Cha'mon!

Why God loves me

Why does He love me? I'll tell you why. Because I love Him. Because I love my husband, my friends, my family, my dogs and I always forget to love myself. Because I work, because I complain about work. Because I'm broke, but I give anyway. I complain about being broke, but never complain about giving. Because I try really hard, and fail...alot! Because I thank Him when things are good, and I also forget to thank Him when things are good. Because I turn to Him in times of trouble or pain, and forget to thank Him in times of trouble or pain. Because I do thank Him in times of trouble or pain. Because I sing loud at church, I cry at church, I skip church, I sleep in church, I need church, I take friends and family to church. Because I don't get involved enough at church, although I wish I did. Because I'm crazy, I'm lazy, I'm happy and sad, mad, angry, confused, and vengeful...all at once. I hate myself, I hate you, I hate my job, I hate my world. I accept my life, I try to change my life, I love my life, I love you, my job, and the world; but I still forget to love myself. Because I'm Christian, or Pentecostal or Methodist or Episcopal or Catholic or Baptist or Jewish or Mormon or witness or atheist or anything else that I could be simply by existing. Because by existing, I am His child. He loves me because I'm right and I'm wrong, I say the wrong thing and don't apologize. Because I watch shows I shouldn't, listen to music that is a bad influence, laugh at dirty jokes, gossip, lie, cheat and steal. Although, I only cheat at pictionary. He loves me because I'm a hypocrite. And so are you. A friend once told me that he imagined God sitting on the edge of His throne wearing a jersey that had the number 1 and my name on it. He sits waiting, holding His breath, hands balled up, waiting, waiting, waiting...for me to talk to Him. And as I begin to open my mouth, He silences all the angels. Then, as I have millions of times, I simply say, "Lord, it's me...". And all of heaven erupts with excitement! Isn't that an amazing thought?! And because I believe this, God loves me. He is waiting....why are you?

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Me. And who am I?

Facing the tough decision of a path for life has gotten me confused. How can someone decide what they would want to do for a year or two, no less a lifetime. College so far has proven to be less than helpful. Personality tests have left me with choices like: park ranger, counselor, retail manager... A little vast and unconnected don't you think? So, in light of the lack of assistance from outside sources, I have decided to use my blog to openly explore my inner workings. Possibly I can come up with something from that. First, I want to let everyone know, including myself, that I think I am a genius. I believe that even though I have limited knowledge of the issues I will discuss, I feel as though my ideas would work better than any of those currently in circulation. I am an expert in my own mind. So, lets see how smart I really am!