A head like that should hurt, kicking back, and doing all the things!!

I died last night. For about 2 hours I was super dead with my major headache induced nap. Eyemask, curtains drawn, snuggly blankie. Mmmm. I missed dinner...you know it's a bad night if I miss dinner. I did get a sweet awakening, and thank the Lord, my prayers were answered, my headache was gone.

 Kicking back

I didn't run, obvs, because of my weakened condition. Oh, stop, you didn't run either. We did go for a walk, and that probably did more good for me than a lonely, angry, painful run could ever do. There is something about the still of the evening, taking a stroll, and having a nice chat that can make your entire day turn on it's head.

Yesterday was Monday, in every way. I needed a break. Thanks for the mini-vacation.

Monday Morning

Monday afternoon

Monday evening

As you can see, my Monday started and ended about the same. The piles just kept reproducing.
I love, love, love my job. Some days though, .....
Busy with all the doing of the things

You asked for them, so here they are! PICTURE TIME!!!! I have been busy, even though it seems otherwise. Let's see what has been going on.

The squirrels have been leaving snacks on my truck for me. They must know how much I like snacks.



Thanks to his Chickasaw heritage, I can now save a few doll hairs on chocolates that I absolutely need.

Thanks for the addiction.

 During the trip to OKC we did get to enjoy another walk. I really love those. OKC is an awesome place, and they have cool stuff like CONTAINER PARKS. Remember my obsession with shipping container houses? I still love them. Get over it.

While the evening at Fassler Hall wasn't the best time, it did provide some great food. Bratwurst with sauerkraut for under $7, not too shabby.
 Our first large harvest of mini tomatoes. Yes, they are good. No, you can't have any.

Strawberry Sprite. Two things I didn't have tastebuds for on the reg before.

Thanks for the addiction.

 So glad to have someone to watch this show in marathons with me. I've watched it since episode one, and now have seasons 1 & 2. Must order season 3 because Coach comes back and that makes it all the better.

You're welcome for the addiction.

 We had an accident with Treebeard during the last Mowing of the Lawn.

The weed eater got a bit rowdy and stripped the bark off. The bark creates a protective layer that keeps out bacteria and disease, pests, and chemicals. It also keeps the water and nutrients in so that they can travel from the roots, up the stem, to the branches. Without bark, the tree will lose moisture and can die.

It is possible to save a tree with playdoh if you've lost the bark. The playdoh is pliable, and creates a seal to keep the water in while the bark reproduces. We borrowed some purple playdoh from the neighbor, and are giving it a go. Branches crossed!

(As you can see, I was busy learning things. Thanks, fave, for teaching me new stuff. Let's call it audobonding. Ha!  I would have just ripped the tree out of the ground and kicked it across the yard. Ohhhh Peaches!)

If it doesn't make it, we're getting a fruit tree. I'm not upset about that.

Get it together

We have but one chance to get this life right. We feel the pull daily between right and wrong. God has a clear line for us see, but we have to make the choice. Do you desire to be freed from sin, or merely from the penalty of sin?


  1. I've watched a few episodes of that show on Netflix. I heart Zoey Deschanel.


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