Monday, August 31, 2015

Good Monday

So many good things over the weekend that I will fully recap tomorrow. For now, let's look at good things on a Monday.

Sleeping all night.
Stretching in the morning.
Iced chai.
High heels. 
Pesto plans.

I had a good weekend that was far too short, packed with adventures that were over far too quickly. There is no way to fit all of the people I adore into the same 2 days, so I missed out of some of my faves. God willing, there is always next weekend to soak up some love!

Get ready for some awesome plans coming up soon. Fall is upon us and I have some great things in line. The only bad part: too many good things, not enough time! I'm double-booked in my head a few times, so I have to choose between things and I really don't like doing that. I don't want to miss ANYTHING!

How do you choose?

Stay tuned for hunting, camping, weddings, birthdays, running, cooking, hammocking, cooking, traveling, and stuff!

Friday, August 28, 2015

It's Friday with a side of TWPICK Thursday

I missed yesterday because of a loooong day as part of a new adventure. I made new friends, felt validated and important, I felt heard, and accepted. Those are all things that mean a lot to me. My love language is words of affirmation, so to be in a group that is driven by the idea of supporting a team is a dream for me.
I'm back at it today though.

I've gotten in a few miles this week, as I prepare for a 10K in October. Barring any unforeseen injuries, it should be a piece of cake. No running tonight though, because Operation Sink is in effect. Fingers crossed I get one home tonight, and then the wait to install begins.

Tomorrow I'll be traveling north again (sans guy) to see the family and finally taste that sweet, sweet coffee I've been craving. Maybe a little junking, and for sure a lot of girl talk with Prell.

This week has been a little off from the others, so I'm not full of fancy stories. That is a good thing I think. It's nice to step back now and then, and assess what you've got on your plate. Then, cover it with cheese and eat it all! ...not really. Or really.

I may pop in over the weekend with some teaser photos, but you know you can't expect anything certain out of me around here.

Have a great weekend, after you have a great Friday!

Read something. Eat good things. Kiss someone. Take a nap. Get outside. Be happy.

“My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,
 for he has looked on the humble estate of his servant... Luke 1: 46-48

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What's that for Wednesday, and dinner, and running, and whatever.

I ran last night. I hate running. It's too hot, and my feet are too heavy. I super didn't like it at all and wanted to never do it again.

I'm running tonight with the ladies from R4G.

I know, I'm either a total liar or a runner. We be that way.


After running I started to take a nap when my favorite guest showed up to check out the eats. I made an aged pork loin in the crock pot, and spinach salad, of course.

I had that for lunch today as well.

The crock pot really is a great invention. I have made so many things in there, and always forget how easy it is over the summer. Now that it's nearing fall, it will likely stay on my counter all season.

Dips, soups, breakfast casserole, baked potatoes, roast....

What's your favorite things to make in the crock pot?


Oh, yesterday was taco Tuesday! I didn't get street tacos, but I got something just as good:
CASA!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 Taco Lites to go, so I can eat them with as much sour cream as I want, at home.
What????? in Galatians

Oh the Word of God. So simple, yet so confusing. 

I'm staying in Galatians for a bit, to meditate on what Paul wrote, and try to see more of the pieces God is putting together. 

In chapter 1, we read:
But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed. As we have said before, so now I say again: If anyone is preaching to you a gospel contrary to the one you received, let him be accursed.

Here is my question to you (and Him, don't worry, I already asked God about this in prayer):

Paul says 'an angel from heaven'.  Does that elude to an angel someday coming down, from heaven, and preaching falsely? Is this a reference to the story of Lucifer? I know, and admit, that I know about 1% of the bible, so, am I missing something? I understand the overall point of Paul's warning, but what stuck out to me was that he specifically mentioned that false teaching could come from an angel from heaven.  So....

Tell me your thoughts.


 Here is my daily dose of 'I can't adult alone'. My after dinner snack, a huge iced chai...under all that whipped cream somewhere.

 Today's snack that held me over until my 2:45 lunch.

Mind. Blown.


What are you reading right now?

Do you like chai?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Friends and cereal, and doing the few things.

Don't dust when you need to get up early the next day.

I dusted one room in my house, and it destroyed my eyeballs. I didn't know this until I woke up 2 hours late for the gym. 9pm bedtime, 7:15am wake-up, gooey eyes, and I'm stiff all over. ...I'm starting to think my extra firm bed may have been a bad choice.... shhh, don't tell anyone that I said that.


After a short 3 mile run last night, (gross), I cleaned up and started, well, cleaning up. I bought seasons 1 & 2 of Friends, so I had someone to keep me company. After I had grown bored with dusting, I had dinner: 2 bowls of cocoa dyno-bites, dessert: chips and salsa, and a snack: Greek Gods honey yogurt.

I know, we've been over this, I shouldn't be left to adult alone.

Yoga report: NONE.

I don't have much of a weekend report this week.

Friday night was for Whataburger, scooter rides, and naps.

Saturday we went to see my family, and that was stressful for me. Sister, niece, brother, SIL, nephews, (another) niece, mom and dad. I'm thankful to have such a great family, and that they were excited to see us. Looking back, I shouldn't have been so nervous. It all went well as far as I can tell.
Saturday evening we saw our friends sing at a local venue, and stayed up way past bedtime. There was some dancing involved, and a back cramp due to an impromptu dip at an odd angle. Thank goodness for my foam roller.

Sunday was church, food, laundry, and nonsense.

I felt like I didn't get much of a weekend, but I really accomplished a lot. Whatever. There's another one coming around.

p.s., I may have finally chosen a sink.... TBC

Monday, August 24, 2015

That lost feeling, it must be Monday.

I feel a little lost today. Do you ever wake up and just feel...lost? Did I sleep last night? Did I imagine that conversation? Was it a dream, or a memory? Am I tired or not?

I woke up shaking in the night, and I don't know why. I was too out of it to even try to understand. I feel like I didn't sleep, but I'm not exhausted. I could swear I had a conversation, or rather, a conversation was had with me, but I'm not certain.

I really don't like these types of days. My mind begins to dwell on things that may not have occurred, and I get all out of sorts.

I need some time on my yoga mat I think. To get my brain on the right track though, I had a green monster shake and some caramel macchiato almonds. That'll do the trick!


I had a long/short weekend. It was a bit stressful, and a relief at the same time. It's now created new peace, and new nerves. I'll tell you all about it once I've sorted it out in my head, but don't worry, it's all good, and all part of His plan.

Tonight I run. I have to start training for the 10k, and after that little bit of yoga last week, I was really sore. That's a bummer, and a push forward.

As you can see, everything today is both of something, and none of anything. I think I may be in a Full House episode...

Toodles til tomorrow!

Friday, August 21, 2015


Nope, I didn't run last night. Nope, I didn't run this morning. Did you? I didn't think so.

I did hit my yoga mat for about 30 mins last night. I may or may not have dozed off at the end while in Savasana. That yoga music station on Spotify gets me in a trance. My plan is to get back on track with my practice so that I can revisit the possibility of certification. We currently have NO yoga classes in my area, and I do have time to do it a few evenings each week and maybe a Saturday class. It would help me and others. Keep me accountable readers!!


Today may be Friday, but it tried to start out like a Monday.

This happened:

So I made this:

...and then everything was better.

I don't have any plans set for the weekend yet, but I'm hoping whatever happens, there is an iced chai involved.

Everyone has that one friend:

Do you yoga at home or with a group?

What's your favorite 'make it all better' drink? (alcoholic or non)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Khaki Thursday! Blue Apron dinner, and the little pieces.

Welcome everyone! It's a legit KT today.

 I didn't make it to the gym this morning, but I'm planning a run this evening. The weather is significantly cooler today(I had to wear a jacket this morning!) so it should be no problem. Run like the wind!!!!


I made another Blue Apron meal last night. This was by far the best one yet! I can't wait to make it again. Oh, and I have leftovers I may have for lunch! Advantage: this girl.

Seared Salmon and panzanella: 

 If you've never seen the easy way to peel (?) corn on the cob, look it up on pinterest and do it. It is so simple.

Preheat oven to 400. Cut a baguette lengthwise, brush with EVOO, salt, and pepper. Bake for 10 mins while preparing the meal.

Cut corn kernels off the cob, and saute in EVOO with salt and pepper. While that cooks, marinate a thinly sliced shallot in red wine vinegar (mmmm). Large dice 2 plum tomatoes, medium dice 1 medium cucumber, slice shishito peppers, smash and rough chop Castelvetrano olives, and remove thai basil leaves from stems.

When corn is heated through, remove to large bowl. Saute peppers in same pan until brown on all sides. Place in bowl with corn. Pat salmon dry and season with salt and pepper. Cook in same pan with 2t EVOO for 4-6 mins each side or until done to your liking.

Once bread is cooled enough to handle, rub with a fresh clove of garlic (cut in half is easiest) and then cube into crouton sized pieces. Make sure to eat a few first....just in case. ?? Add to bowl of corn and peppers, and add in tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, onion with vinegar, basil, salt, pepper, and drizzle with EVOO. Stir until mixed.

Plate dinner and EAT ALL THE FOODS. Don't share. Don't invite anyone over. Keep any leftovers for tomorrow and tell no one about them.

...what was I saying yesterday about loving our neighbors..... nom, nom, nom. I forget...

I LOVE when the little pieces come together. God is always at work, but we rarely notice it because we are focused on the big picture, and more than likely it's in a different art gallery than His is. But when we go to Him with our full attention and ask Him to lead us, and then watch even when it seems blind, He'll show us something amazing.

Yesterday I told you about reading Galatians, and didn't know why I chose that book. I figured it out, I didn't choose it. God did. He chose it because my friend was reading Genesis. There are verses about Sarah and Isaac, Hagar and Ishmael... in Genesis, AND in Galatians. We had something to talk about together, a way to connect old and new, and something to fuel our excitement to read. Did we fully understand the scripture? Probably not. But did reading it serve a purpose? YES. Accountability is key when trying to stick to something. God really, really wants us to stick to reading His word. She wanted to start at the beginning. I wanted to go wherever I felt led. God led us to the exact same passages from two different directions.

Little moments, little glimmers, big things.

Did you run or workout this morning?

How is God working in your life?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Works, then faith?? Wednesday, and I ran (yes, I did).

We have rain! Finally. You wouldn't think I would be happy for rain since we had the 40 days and 40 nights of rain this year, but it's super dry now. It started around 8am and all I wanted to do was crawl back in bed.

I ran 3 hard miles last night in the 97degree heat. I was so depleted afterwards that I could barely stand up once I sat down. I only got up because the a/c went off, and I was sitting in front of the big vent trying to not die. Note to self: buy more pickles so you have juice.

This morning we made it to the track for an hour workout. I got in 1 sweaty mile.  I didn't want to push too hard too soon.
I had a bowl of Cocoa DynoBites for dinner, and then a bowl of Cocoa DynoBites for dessert. I really shouldn't be left alone, I eat like a 12yr old when I don't have to adult.

We'll call that a Sad Apron meal. If you'd like more information on the ingredients or how to prepare it, comment below.

I at least made myself a decent iced chai this morning. It's somewhere under that whipped cream.
...hey, I ran ok?
Don't work it girl.
I am on the verge of picking a new book of the bible for study, but haven't felt the pull to a specific one. Today I was compelled to read Galatians though, and at only 6 chapters, it was an easy one. I think I'll take a few days to go over it again, and see what God is telling me through it. Here is what I picked up on my first pass:

Paul wrote to the faithful at the churches of Galatia, concerned that they may be hearing a false gospel and trying to work out their salvation as opposed to receiving it through faith in Jesus Christ.

If you have accepted Christ, then you are called by Christ. You no longer live, but it is Christ that lives in you. Gal 2:21.

The issue many of us face is works vs faith. In 3:23-25 Paul reminds us that before Christ's sacrifice, we were held under guardianship of the law, but that is no longer! You are free from the law because faith has come! We've now become sons (and daughters) and together are one and heirs. Gal 3:28.

The only thing that we need to do is display our faith working through love. Gal 5:6b. We should use our freedom for love, but not for love of the flesh. It is not a freedom to do whatever we desire, as we naturally desire things of the flesh; but rather a call to use our freedom to further God's kingdom without fear. If we use the freedom of salvation through faith for works of the flesh (i.e. sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies Gal 5:18-21) we will not gain God's kingdom. If we use this freedom for his glory by displaying the fruits of the spirit (i.e. love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control Gal 5: 22-23) we will inherit the kingdom promised to the children of God.

Salvation through faith. Not works. Not works, then faith. Not works or faith. By faith. Works come from the heart, a heart filled with the Spirit because it wants to spread the gospel of love.

Do you drink pickle juice?

Have you read Galatians?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Blue Apron week 2, and we did all the things!

Gym meet-up cancelled at 4:45am.
Overslept until 7:50am.
Dropped melted chocolate on my shirt at 8:50am.

Thanks Tuesday. Preesh. I could do without your antics today.

Last night we tried meal 1 of week 2 with Blue Apron.

Spiced meatballs with garlic toast and summer squash salad. My grade: unimpressed to just OK.

The meal was good, and filling. It wasn't amazing though.

Ground beef mixed with a premade spice packet, bread crumbs, crushed garlic, and chopped mint. I've never used mint this way, so it was an interesting choice. The meatballs were cooked until browned, then I added tomato paste. After 2 minutes, add 3/4 cup water and simmer until sauce thickens.

The summer squash salad was a mix of  thinly sliced yellow squash, green olives, mint, salt, pepper, olive oil, lemon zest, and lemon juice. I used about 2/3 the suggested amount of lemon juice and it was still way too tart. Way....too...tart.

The garlic toast was made with a sliced baguette drizzled with olive oil and toasted for about 6 min. I rubbed a fresh peeled garlic clove over the toast when a bit cooled, and that was it!

The meatballs were a bit flavorless, and oily since we cooked them in EVOO instead of baking or making in a crockpot.

I did not like the squash salad. Probably (if I make it again) with even less lemon juice and some more herbs it could be enjoyable.

The toast was good, and I'd never made it without butter. This will be a possible repeat.

In the end this meal made us want to make meatballs for dinner, but not like this. It has inspired ideas, which is the goal when trying new things in cooking. I didn't hate preparing this meal, and we weren't hungry after it was gone.

You never know what you do or don't like unless you try, right? Happy cooking!

Normally Tuesday is chock full of funsies from the weekend. I think I overshared yesterday in short, but that's what you get from a non-professional lazy blogger.

Here are a few extra pics to wrap up the weekend.

Our friends Zach and Drew played last night for a benefit. We didn't ride the scooters, but totally should have. Also, it was last night and not over the weekend.

My blog, my rules.

Poor scooter. At home all alone...

When you have a headache, you must eat the chinese food. It doesn't help at all, and usually makes it worse. That's how traditions are.

 I ate vanilla ice cream and didn't cry. Don't go thinking I'm getting normal on you though. That WON'T happen.

Thanks fortune cookie.

Always with the knowledge. Smarty pants.


What did you do all weekend?

Have you ever made meatballs with mint?

Are you running? Can you run for me??

Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday, Monday, operation: sink, and...

Gah, Monday. Thanks for the matcha green tea bath this morning in the kitchen. Thanks for the spotty internet connection at work. Thanks for the nightmare traffic at lunch.

My Saturday was mostly spent in a coma after crying myself into exhaustion. No, it wasn't my feelings again, this time it was much better, a migraine. Hahaha, "better". After I was healed, we kept with tradition and we ate Chinese food; then went to see Jurassic World. It was awesome. Oh! We walked around a bookstore. I haven't done that in FOREVER. We also had froyo. Basically, it was the perfect night.

Sunday included church, food with my faves, napping, and more food. We also found Hoppy3 finally, so we still have our garden pet. He is still stiffing us on the rent.

I didn't make any Blue Apron meals, but I promise there is one on the way tonight. And maybe some running. Laces crossed. _________________________________________________________________________
 In Sink

Because I was down most of the weekend, I didn't get to look for my sink stand like I wanted. We did check out a few prefabs at Home Depot, but I'm stuck on having a repurposed stand/table with a vessel sink.

I've poured over Pinterest, but am wondering what YOU'VE done for sink projects. Any simple DIYs out there you'd like to share?

These are my favorite 3 big vanities, and one small one that is closer to the size I can accommodate. Since I've given up on the traditional sink due to cost, I have fallen in love with this new direction. But, when you want a table or shelf like this you can never find one!!


Dear woman,

you'll just be too much woman.
Too smart,
too beautiful,
too strong.
Too much of something
that makes a man feel like less of a man,
which will start making you feel like you have to be less of a
The biggest mistake you can make
is removing jewels from your crown
to make it easier for a man to carry.
When this happens, I need you to understand,
you do not need a smaller crown---
you need a man with bigger hands.

--Michael E. Reid

There are many times I feel I'm 'too much'. I've taken jewels from my crown in the past, only to be left further unfulfilled. 

We need the person God has set aside for us, and that person should never want us to be less than we are intended to be, because they need us just the way God prepared us.

While we can be too stubborn, too selfish, too intimidating, too argumentative, too this and too that, we can also be too lonely, too heartbroken, too quiet, too forgotten. 

Seek the woman within you that God is calling you to be, and the woman that comes out will be exactly what your other half desires. He can carry it all, but you have to give it all.

How is your Monday?
How was your weekend?
What fantastic thing did you eat?

Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday, you're fired! I'm lazy. What to do this weekend?

Friday is a hair puller so far. I just looked up and it's already after 12! That is good, but where did my morning go?

I didn't make it to the track again. Neighbor had a headache and I wasn't arguing with my pillow about getting up and going alone.
Heck. No. 
I slept. After not getting enough sleep Wednesday night, I wasn't passing on an extra 2 hours today.

Stuff to do?

Most of my family is on vacation in Indiana so my dad is home alone. Earlier in the week I thought I'd be driving to that part of the state, but that changed. Poor dad. I don't have any plans, but I really need to open the windows and dust the house. Maybe he'll come visit and can help me clean. Hahahaha.

Oh, so speaking of the house, I need to pick out a new sink for the bathroom. That should go on my 'to do' list.

Co-garden got a hair cut last night. It looks SOOOO much better.

I'm not sure where the members of my menagerie went, because I didn't see them after the dust settled.

Since we have a grip on the weeds now, I hope to get in the garden tonight and actually turn the dirt so the grass won't grow back as fast. It was beginning to choke the production of the rest of our plants.

I feel like Blue Apron tonight!

Tonight will be the first of three new Blue Apron meals. I haven't decided which to make, and he doesn't have a preference. So much pressure! ...I promise not to go all 'anxiety mode' on dinner tonight. But to ensure that it goes smoothly, HELP ME PICK!

1: Spiced meatballs w/garlic toast & summer squash salad
2:Stir-fried ginger/basil chicken w/peppers and coconut rice
3:Seared salmon & panznella w/ corn, shishito peppers, & thai basil

Everything needed is included, so I have all the ingredients. I just don't know which I'd rather have tonight. I'm leaning toward the meatballs. 


Have you run/worked out this week?
What's for dinner at your house tonight?
Any fancy plans for the weekend?

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Khaki Thursday after TOWPICK wednesday, sharing is caring (feelings), and no real news.

Hello! I'm way tired today. No gym. No track. No keepy eyes open.

We stayed up way past our bedtime so I could take in all the meteors that I possibly could. It was a great show, and a great time. Situations like that can be an awesome opportunity to relax; and sometimes a surprise opportunity to open up and share the deep downs.


I don't share too much here, other than the fun stuff. I'm sure you know I have my secrets, my personal issues, and my skeletons. I don't share them with you because that would be completely inappropriate. However, I should share them with someone, and I've been bad about not doing that over time.

Last night I did go way down in my heart and opened up about something that has weighed heavy on me for some time. Recently it had begun to affect my daily life, and I knew I had to get it out.

That. Was. Scary.

In the end, I was 100% better off for letting it out, and maybe letting it go just a little. People can't love you the way you need if they don't understand you. No one can be sensitive to the things that hurt you if they don't know what actually hurts.

There will always be someone that will wrongly judge you; don't assume everyone will. Don't prejudge someone before they have a chance to not judge you.

Did you watch the meteors last night?

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The final Act, oversleeping, Perseids meteor shower, and other things.

I scooted to work today because it was 68 degrees when I woke up. I didn't know it could be that cold out! I'm so excited. Don't be fooled though, it will reach mid-upper 90s by days end, but the cooler mornings are such a relief.

I overslept today. I went to bed at 9:22 last night, and after a few nighty-night texts I drifted off. I thought I was so responsible to get to bed on time so I could run like the wind this morning. At 6am I woke to my mom texting me.... which means I slept through my track alarm, and my neighbors "are you coming" text, and my neighbors phone call. She was probably standing in the driveway all suited up, all alone, and I was just sleeping away. I'm horrible. Now I'll have to make that up on Saturday. Boooo.

Oh, I made cold brew last night. I hate making it with the soak method because you have to filter it and that takes FOREVER. It wasn't even that good. I must've mis-measured and it was too weak. Blah.
Caught in the Act

We're at the end, can you believe it?! I read the entire book of Acts and I loved it. I'll probably go back through it, now that I've read it with intent.

We end Acts in chapter 28 with Paul on the island of Malta. While there he is bitten by a viper. Immediately he is thought to be a murderer because he escaped the sea, but would surely die by snake bite. But when he does not get sick or die, he is thought to be a god. People so easily misunderstand what they don't know. We must preach the truth or many will be lost simply because they base what they believe off of what they can see.

Paul continues to preach to those around him, sharing the gospel of Jesus. Many do not understand, or agree with his teachings, and turn away. After reaching Rome, Paul is allowed to live alone and preach. We find him in Acts 28:26 quoting Isaiah 6:9,10, saying

Isaiah 6:9-10English Standard Version (ESV)

And he said, “Go, and say to this people:
“‘Keep on hearing, but do not understand;
keep on seeing, but do not perceive.’
10 Make the heart of this people dull,
    and their ears heavy,
    and blind their eyes;
lest they see with their eyes,
    and hear with their ears,
and understand with their hearts,
    and turn and be healed.”

God knows that some will not accept Him or His word. Long before Saul became Paul, God had this written. Paul was sent to carry out the teaching and the warning. Will everyone listen and turn to God? Nope. They didn't then, and we won't now. So many souls will be lost to the eternal darkness. 
28 Therefore let it be known to you that this salvation of God has been sent to the Gentiles; they will listen.”

30 He lived there two whole years at his own expense, and welcomed all who came to him,31 proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance

Here's your chance to follow God. We've been warned. Paul took it seriously, will you?

*Keep in mind that I am not a biblical scholar, I don't understand all of the bible. I am still learning, misunderstanding, misquoting, and sinning daily. My intention is not to have you follow my words exactly, but only to share my thoughts publicly of what I'm reading in hopes that it will encourage you to do the same. I may be totally wrong, and I pray that God guides my thoughts when speaking of Him and His word. Do your own reading, studying, praying, and research. I'm praying for all of you, and hope you'll pray for me as well*
Eyes to the skies

August in Oklahoma means one thing., not football. Well, yes, that too. But I mean the PERSEIDS METEOR SHOWER!!!!! I know! I watch it every year too! August 12-13 is set to be the peak, and today happens to be the 12th. Midnight to 3a.m. is the best viewing time for an amazing show, with the sky boasting a possible 1000 meteors at once. But....I'm not going to be up from midnight to 3a.m., so I'll be taking in the possible 100 meteors per hour from 9pm to midnight. 

In case you aren't hip to this event, here are a few facts via NASA and

The Perseids have been observed for about 2,000 years. The source of the annual meteor shower is the debris trail left behind comet Swift-Tuttle. Each year in August, the Earth passes through a cloud of the comet's debris. These bits of ice and dust burn up in the Earth's atmosphere.

  1.  The Perseid meteor shower is named for the constellation Perseus, from where the meteors appear to originate.
  2. Most meteoroids disintegrate at about 30-60 miles above the surface, but become visible at about 40-75 miles.
  3.  Meteoroids orbit the Sun just like planets, comets, and asteroids. They travel at speeds of about 26 mps, but, when combined with Earth’s orbital speed of about 18 mps, enter our atmosphere at a velocity rate of about 44 mps. The meteoroids associated with the Perseid meteor shower enter the Earth’s atmosphere at about 37 mps. 
  4. Our planet encounters space debris every day, thus meteors are actually visible all year long.
  5. The Perseid meteor shower has been associated with the ancient debris field of Comet 109/Swift-Tuttle. Comet Swift-Tuttle leaves new debris each time it passes our planet – every 130 years. This debris field has the appearance of several streams, each measuring millions of miles long.

In 1992, the comet reached 5th magnitude, making it easily visible through binoculars. Comet Swift-Tuttle will pass within 14-million-miles of our planet when it next returns in 2126. Scientists believe that the comet will be even brighter than the 1992 pass, and likely readily visible to even unaided eyes. Astronomers once believed that comet Swift-Tuttle might, in the relatively near future, pass close enough to actually impact Earth or the Moon. While continued observations and recalculations have dispelled that concern for at least the next 2,000 years, this comet remains one of the greatest known solar system threats to our planet.

~~~Go outside tonight and enjoy the show! I have been watching this as long as I can remember. I was 9 when Swift-Tuttle passed by, and I surely didn't have NASA grade binoculars to view it. But, we get to see the beautiful shower that is created by this comet, which is a great consolation prize, ..or should I say 'constellation' prize. Hahahaha! Go lay in a hammock and relax beneath the shooting stars!~~~ 
Things and stuff!

We have more cucumbers! We have cucumber phones, and window cucumbers, and curly cucumbers...

I don't know how I'm going to peel this one when it's full grown.

I had a gecko in my bedroom today. I don't know if that's because I haven't dusted in a while, or because it's so hot outside, or because he knows my room is super comfy? He now lives in the garden with the toad. Neither have paid rent for August yet.

Blue Apron Week 2

Get ready for some new recipes! We have salmon this week to experiment with. I probably won't be making a new meal tonight, but, I may be making a transportable meal using some leftovers from the chicken torta night. Come back tomorrow to see what happened!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Put on your apron, and let's do all the things!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Tuesday, finally. Did you think that Monday was going to last forever? I did!

Last night we made Blue Apron meal #3. Mexican style chicken tortas with tomato, cucumber, and avocado salad.

Our avocado went bad before we could get to this meal, but he wasn't heartbroken about that. I was. :(  The sandwiches and salad were sans avo, but you'd never know. Also, I skipped the cilantro given the recent illnesses in the news. I doubt mine was part of that, but just to be safe. (remember 'sketchy burrito' back in March? we don't want to go down that road again)

We started with marinating red onion in red wine vinegar. Half was for the salad, and half was for the sandwiches.

The salad was made of diced tomato, diced cucumber, avocado (omitted), sliced, marinated onion, salt and pepper, and a little olive oil. I squeezed a lime wedge over it also since I didn't need it for the avocado.

The chicken was seasoned with a premade season mix. I could tell that it had cumin, chili powder, onion powder, and garlic powder, for sure. I also added a pinch of salt and pepper.

They were cooked in olive oil on medium heat for about 15 minutes, until cooked through.

Afterwards, we arranged the sliced tomato, remaining onion, crumbled queso blanco, and chicken (cut in thin strips) on the tortas (basically focaccia hoagie rolls). Then we toasted the entire sandwich in the chicken pan until brown and crispy.

Guess what? I didn't get a picture of the final product! AGAIN! I was in anxiety mode. I really need to get a grip.

They were really good. He said it was awsome, and I agreed. It was more filling than expected, which seems to be the trend with these meals.

 Overall we really liked this one. It was really simple, but flavorful. I could make it for far less than the average $8.40 that the meals cost by having large quantities of spices, vinegar, and veggies on hand. I'll make this again soon, and will try to photograph it better

Today is the next shipment from Blue Apron. I've decided to try a second week, so that I can get a few more recipes.
Running on Full

I hate running on a full stomach. I'm an empty runner, even at 6-7 miles. Last night I ran about 2 miles at 8:30pm (94 degrees) after eating dinner. Much to my surprise I didn't throw up. I did feel much heavier, and thus, much slower. I also ran with my custom insoles, which slows me down since I'm still not used to them. Pace was around 11/mm, so not terrible.

Do you run empty or full?
 Things that I did!

 The Prell and I got to hang at the annual company trip to OKC. We just love our together time. We are coming up on 13 years as friends/co-workers.

It was a million degrees outside, but we didn't care.

Obviously we like smiling. Obviously we are really good at it. Obviously you are jealous.

What's a trip to the city without some amazing food?

Backdoor BBQ has been on my 'must' list for a while. He ate there, and shared pictures only, way back in.... March? I finally got to experience fried PICKLED okra. I could die. This is the best thing ever.

We split the beastwich, and potato salad also.

Mmmm, fooooood. My favorite kind of thing to eat.

 Norm N. Scooter is alive! Here he is with the rest of the bike gang at work. He likes to hang out with the other bikes, because they get to talk about potholes, and gas mileage. (Norm always wins at gas mileage)

I don't know what you wear when you ride the open road, but around here, we wear stilettos and skirts....with shorts under them. Because we baddd like that.

When life throws you a curve, lean into it, and roll back on the throttle.


That's what I've been doing. Running, working out (again this morning), scooting, cooking, reading (caught in the Act), and all the other things!

 Co-garden is a bit crispy thanks to our heat wave, but we have a toad living under the weeds, so, life still exists there in many forms.


Monday, August 10, 2015

I ran! I also walked and I scooted.

It is hot, but today we run! (ran)

Last night I went for an almost 20 minute run with the dude. I had to keep pace with him, so basically I almost died. Strange thing, I didn't die. Go figure. It's not tolerable outside until after 8pm right now, so it wasn't a long run.

This morning neighbor and I went to the track for a bit of jogging. Hopefully this is a sign that I'm back on the wagon.

I have a 10k in October, and possible a 1/2 marathon in September. Physically I know I can do the 13.1, but with the heat, I may pass and just run later 1/2s this year.

Thoughts? My Cali runner friends are very knowledgeable about running in the heat, but I think our 115+humidity climate right now goes beyond even their expertise.

 The weekend was far too short, but so amazing. I had a wonderful little trip with some of my favorite people, too many meals that made me tummy smile, and a close encounter with our Lord and Savior. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it all.

I am so, so, so grateful for everything I have going on, even the stressful things. Thank you all for your return visits, sweet comments, and emails. I'll be back tomorrow when we'll see what things I did!

And! Blue Apron meal #3 tonight. Come back tomorrow for the results.

In the mean time, tell me what you did this weekend!

Friday, August 07, 2015

Oh Friday, you WILL be nice to me.

No one told me that I didn't post this on Friday! Whoops!

~ This is now a useless post, but part of my life, so, here it is anyway.  ~

Here we go! The last day of the work week and it is trying to crush me. Hahahaha, Friday, you are so funny. You are too weak for me though. I will prevail!

My walk/run partner was under the weather today, and I had a bit of a headache at 5am too. We didn't get to the track, and now it's WAY too hot to go in the afternoon. I think I'll burn calories on the couch tonight. What do you think?

There was no Blue Apron last night, only Red Baron. That is not fancy, nor healthy. But it was goooood. I shouldn't be left alone at home all night with pizza. There are never any survivors, including myself. So miserable.


Norm N. Scooter should be on the road today! His carburetor got a bath, his fuel line got a cleansing, and he has a new battery and air filter! Running like a champ and ready to roll.

*Update* Took Norm out for a spin Friday night. Runs a little sluggish, but runs.*


Monday's post will recap the weekend, and hopefully make up for almost missing Friday. 

Thursday, August 06, 2015

TWPICK Thursday, and Blue Apron dinner #2.

It's so cold in my office! I'm drinking iced coffee, and that isn't helping.

Congratulations on making it to Thursday everyone! I love this day. I get a lot done at work, I get to wear my favorite pants, and I get to really start thinking about my weekend.

Blue Apron #2: Crispy catfish and eggplant caponata

I hope you all enjoyed my review of Blue Apron meal #1 yesterday. I wish I had gotten more pictures and done a better write-up, but I was in total anxiety/panic mode while cooking. You know how I have a serious fear of disappointing people...I was afraid I'd screw up the dinner. I'm a mess. You know that. Heart on sleeve. Foot in mouth. Tears on cheek. Smiles!!!!

Last night we tried Crispy Catfish with eggplant caponata. ...and fried okra (not on the menu, but it always should be)

The catfish sent by Blue Apron was impressive. They only send 2 filets, but it was definitely enough to fill us up.

We  started by dicing and browning the eggplant in olive oil for about 6 minutes, then setting aside. Next, dice and saute one red bell pepper, one red onion, and 3 garlic cloves in olive oil. After cooking for about 9 minutes, add the eggplant back in the pan, along with some red wine vinegar, capers, tomato paste, marjoram, and 1 cup of water. I've never tried capers, as I thought they were some kind of tiny fish. ....I know, I'm shaking my head too. The caponata is cooked for about 15 mins more in order for the liquid to thicken.

While that simmered, we coated the catfish in rice flour (included), seasoned with salt and pepper, and threw it in the pan with the butter. Oh butter....butter for mayor.

He cooked the okra, because if we wanted to eat any of it, someone other than me had to do it. We all remember the last time I cooked okra.... poor vegetable.

 The result was not as pretty as the pictures, because who has time to 'plate' their dinner when it's just the two of you? Hangry waits for nothing fancy.

The fish was light and moist. The caponata was tangy. It reminded us of something, but we couldn't figure it out.  Overall I'd give this an 8 out of 10. It took longer than I expected, about 40 minutes. That's not bad, considering I hadn't made it before, but I'd like to not have to cook for 40 minutes. 

If you'd like the recipe for the caponata, let me know, I'd love to see what others think of it.
 Plank like you mean it

I ran at the gym today, because my workout buddy couldn't make it. I HATE the treadmill. I think one time I said I liked it. I lied. That could not have been true. It's awful. 

I also worked on my plank. 1 1/2 minutes today. Don't get excited, that was in 3 separate sessions. It's not the journey, but the destination... That was so zen.

 Norm N. Scooter

Scooter update slated for tomorrow, so don't miss it!

I almost forgot. Here is today's loot from Co-garden!


 When was the last time you made a dish you'd never tried?

Do you like the dreadmill treadmill?

Do you like to nap on the couch? Lights/tv on or off?