Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Okie stuff, caught in the Act, and doing all the things!!

So, we picked a spot for my Okie swag to hang. Bam!

He told me to look like I was having fun in the picture. Not sure what it looks like I'm doing, other than being a poor dresser... I'm guessing he doesn't like me for my after-work fashion sense. I either have professional duds, or running wear. This...this is something.

But look at that Okie schwaaag! Thanks dude!

Back to the Act

 Reading on in Acts 16, Paul and Silas traveled where the Holy Spirit led them. They were beaten and imprisoned for preaching the Word of God. (How many people have been beaten and imprisoned so far? I've lost count!) While in prison they prayed and sang hymns, and God opened the doors and released the shackles from their feet. However, they did not run out to freedom. They remained, as they should, and had the opportunity to convert the jailer! How awesome is that?! Afterwards, they were released without further harm.

If you've seen or read anything online in recent days, you know that Christians are facing a lot of criticism, ridicule, and judgement. We are beginning to see where we are allowed to preach, and where we are not allowed. There are many who call themselves Christian that are fighting against change, but not in a way pleasing to God. There are many who call themselves Christian that are refusing to get involved. Still there are many more that call themselves Christian that are just confused, and lost.

How should we act? How should we approach the opposition? 

Love already won. On the cross. No need to fight anymore. We will continue to face darkness, guaranteed. This world was already fallen, and it is sinking ever more. Take the Word of God and tattoo it on your soul so that you can stand for your belief; do what is right instead of what is easy so you will be seen as true and faithful; stand firm and trust in our Creator to deliver us from this evil so that you will be seen as a true follower of Christ.

Christians will be persecuted in this country some day. The time is coming. I don't know if I want it to happen after I'm gone so I can avoid the pain, or if I want it to be a chapter in my story so that I can stand strong in the face of evil and show it what true love can do. I spent an hour today with God about where this world is going in my time, what my purpose is, and what my future will look like. I'm just as lost as before, and hoping that I have the strength to remain calm until my God-given purpose is fulfilled.
The goings on

Mowing, weeding, fishing, napping, cooking (did I? oh yes, I did. I'm not good at fried stuff, btw), and working out. I have done so much in the past 4 days, and have 4 days left in the work week to do more.
In case you're wondering, today was day 2 of the new fitness training. I've even picked up a workout partner! Hopefully we'll be crushing it on the reg. By Monday I assume my arms and legs won't be functioning, so posts may be delayed as I learn to type with my nose. :)

As you know, I'm an emotional person. There is bound to be some feelings this week. It's my birthday week (month, season, however long I choose), it's end-of-month payroll ON my birthday, and we have a holiday. This all means lots of work, lots of stress, and lots of stuff going on. Say a prayer for my fave that I don't drown him in tears. (ps I finally cried in front of him for really no reason, totally not embarrassed about it, and he totally made me feel like less of a 'tard. Win for him.)


How was your weekend?

What did you have for breakfast?

Did you workout today?? Don't lie....

Monday, June 29, 2015

Good Monday, finally got moving, and not really any news.

Today is a good Monday. My hair looks awesome, I'm wearing my favorite skirt, I remembered to put tanning lotion on all weekend, and I worked out yesterday so I'm sore!


I don't usually follow fitness fads or trends. I believe that cardio, weights, and healthy eating are all you need to get in shape and stay that way. It takes determination, will power, and hard work. No magic pill or potion can substitute. There may be some products that help suppress appetite, or replace meals, but chances are you won't live that way forever, so I don't even start it. I don't want to avoid carbs for the rest of my life, or replace lunch with a shake. If I do, and it works, when I go back to eating normal again, I'll more than likely just gain the weight back. It's pointless.

This week I started a new workout plan that I did find online. I'm not giving any details yet, as I don't want to pump it up and then either give up on it or it be a failure. I'll keep you updated on results as they come forth.

I kept myself busy this weekend doing great things. No one particular activity topped any other. I only had a few feeling this weekend, they didn't get in the way too much though.

Come back tomorrow for a Co-garden update, a report on things I did, other stuff!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Pre-birthday stuff, and Friday fun!

Did you know that when people like you, they get you things for your birthday? I always knew my parents did, but they have to, it's the law. Other people don't HAVE to though, so if they do, it's because you are super awesome or, they are scared of you. OR BOTH!!!

I got a pre-birthday surprise last night from my fave. I'm very excited to try it out. I'll post this weekend to show you how it goes.

I had a nice lunch date today, got a good book to read in my down time, and made a promise to myself to run after work.

25 days until vacation. Time to get serious!
 (like it really matters. I love myself, just how I am, but my clothes don't feel the same way)

Tonight is all about running, lawn mowing, cooking, eating, and relaxing. Garage sales tomorrow, and the usual un-planned weekend of mystery that I get myself into. 

Check back when you can to see if I post any hints about my fun. Otherwise, see you back here Monday!


Thursday, June 25, 2015

TWPICK Thursday, a great show, and my birthday is near!

I know you come here to hear me complain, and you lucked out today!

The internet guy was supposed to be at my house by 3pm yesterday. He showed up, unannounced, at 7am. Super great. I had just gotten out of the shower, had to throw on the closest awful thing I could find, and stand outside with him and sweat. Super duper great. Then I find out he can't finish the job before I leave for work, and I had just wasted all of my good 'gettin' ready' time. Guess what happened next? Yep, I cried. When 'wants' become a hassle, I don't want them anymore. When 'wants' take up more of my time than they should, it's time to move on. This 'want' is really starting to be a pain in the...

After he did his civic duty of talking me off of my ledge we made an arrangement for him to come back this evening.

Then I had to find anything appropriate for work that would fit (remember, I haven't been working out?), I had to try really hard to not hate my hair, and head to work without breakfast or coffee. Today is not my fave TWPICK Thursday.
Neal McCoy and the new Choctaw Event Theater

We have an awesome new venue that just opened last night, and were honored to be among the first to see it. We went to the Neal McCoy concert, which was also a comedy show of sorts. He is quite the entertainer. It was a soft opening so he had freedom to interact with the audience, pointing out those that showed up late, an elderly couple that danced the night away, taking pictures with fans, and teasing security for being a bit lazy.

I always enjoy nights out with my fave, and this was no different.

**If you get to SE Oklahoma, check out the Choctaw Event Theater!**

If you're not 32, there's something wrong

The OBI volunteer counted stickers on my donation kit yesterday, 32 of them. I asked it there was one for each year old I am, because I haven't turned 32 just yet. He said they don't represent age, it's the standard number they need, and if they don't equal 32, there is something wrong. I agree! This is a good way to look at this year's birthday. If you aren't 32, there's something wrong!

Birthdays also mean presents. I've never been the best at receiving gifts. I don't remember anything happening to cause me to be shy about it, I have always been this way. I remember trying to open my Christmas gifts as a kid when no one was looking, not wanting the attention on me. Why? Who knows?! I LOVE attention. Anyway, with my b-day coming up next week, I know a few people in my life will likely want to give me something on my special day, and I'm working on the nerve to be a gracious receiver. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, especially when they take the time (and likely money) to think of me. 

If you got me a gift, and are giving it to me in person, just know, it's hard for me, but I'm already super honored that you would do that. If you're mailing to me, you're going to miss out on my awkward face. Sorry!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Without the face Wednesday, and caught in the Act (finally)

Wednesday is one of my favorite days. It doesn't compare to Saturday or Sunday, or my birthday, or Memorial Day, July 4th, or Labor Day, ...or Thanksgiving and Christmas...and let's not forget New Year's Eve. But, of the normal days of the week, it is my 3rd favorite, and my favorite day starting with a W.

I made it home from the office around 7:45 last night and went into my drool coma again. So fantastic. Naps rule.

No make-up for water project

I was added to a (thankfully) 'secret' group on Facebook that has challenged all members to drink at least 1 gallon of water per day for 30 days. I drink about 2/3 that on a normal basis, so it shouldn't be too difficult, but I have days when I only get 8-16oz of water, usually the weekends. We took selfies with no make-up so we can see if we have any transformations over the month. 

I don't have pronounced wrinkles, or dark circles, or acne. I just have a bad case of 'I look like my brother' going on. Think extra water can fix that??

Caught in the Act (of reading finally. I'm so lazy)

Last night I was reading in Acts 15. 

Men of all generations have taken it upon themselves to put rules on men. We adjust God's word to our own interpretation, we change laws to fit our needs, we revise our position on just about anything until it suits us. 

Jesus gave very simple instructions on how to receive His gift. Believe, repent, receive. Avoid sin, bring to light any sin that you commit, pray for strength and guidance, and love one another. Let Him be the judge, and live your life with discretion.

We overdo our rules for the restoration of our souls, and overdo our indulgence at the same time.

Simple lives. Simple love. 

Holy Spirit, you are welcome here. Right??

I don't have any certain plans on the books for tonight which means it will be a great night! My favorite things happen when I don't plan them.

What are your plans for Wednesday?

Do you agree that we overdo what Jesus already did?

Go take a nap. It's totally worth it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Doing ALLLLLLL the things!!

Can I get a hooray for Tuesday? Bye Monday, Bye!

I have no exercise to report for the last 24 hours, but don't worry, I'll be fine.

My hair is wild today, as it has been. It's officially summer now, so big hair don't care.

Let's see what was up over the weekend!

My photo dump is a bit light for this Tuesday. I HAVE pictures of stuff on my SD card, but my phone is on a vacation back to Samsung, and the loaner phone doesn't want to send the messages out to my blog editor. Sooo....I only have a few photos from my tablet camera.

4 Samsungs, pic taken with Samsung tablet. I may be a fan.


Friday night we took his scooter to the Rex II to watch Tomorrowland. Awesome! Watch it if you get a chance. It's appropriate for young ones, and fun enough for us grown folk.

We installed the heavy bag so I can go back to pretending I'm an MMA fighter.

I did 15 mins shadow boxing + 30 mins bag work. I'm hoping to ease back into this. I have to go slow so I don't over work my wrists and shins.

#C built this for me because he's just that good. You might be jealous, and that's ok.

Sunday was a good day. Donuts before church, a trip around the block to check out our recent flooding, worship in the dark, lunch with his family, and some quite time with my favorite.

I got mad at AT&T at one point, and decided to handle it like an adult: I took a 3 hour nap, ate pizza, and watched Transformers.


Hopefully I'll capture this week on my tablet cam and you'll get to see all that is happening. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Tattle-tales, water pails, and the rest

Merry Monday! It was a dark for a bit at the ol' office today. Thanks OG&E. We're back up, and I'm back from the weekend.

You know I won't spoil all the fun on Monday, but I'll let you know a little...

Let's give them something to talk about...

I got relationship outed on Facebook this weekend. Not that I hide anything, but I don't advertise my personal life. We were spotted together, being a couple. OH NO!! Hahaha. It's more comical than anything that it even became the subject of discussion.

So, blog readers, it's true. I have a BF. My very own. A BeardFace. Yes, you heard it here, but maybe not first. I'm sure some of you had figured this out already, and I appreciate you not asking questions. I may let on a little more as time goes on, but we bloggers have to keep some parts of our lives to ourselves. Plus, who really wants to know about the mushy stuff? Gross.
 So much rain

It rained buckets again yesterday. We had no power during church service, but we worshiped on. Much of the area flooded again, and the majority of over-water bridges were closed temporarily. One is closed for a while...
 This is highway 78 over the Red River. Sunday (left) and Monday (right). So... we're pretty good on rain.
The wrap-up

It was a super productive weekend. 3 projects off of the list. A good workout done. Some yummy food eaten. And one awesome nap.

I'll be back tomorrow with my report on all the things done, as per usual!

How was your weekend??

Friday, June 19, 2015

Getting 'net on Friday, I know I'm behind, and chicklet face.

Friday = sunshine

No rain today, and it is HOTT outside. Thankfully I have a desk job, so it's nice and cool in here.


I'm getting hooked up tonight! (that sounds bad...) Back online after an 8 year protest. Don't worry, I don't crush candy, I don't virtual farm, and I have no intention of snapping chats, so I shouldn't waste too much time online. I will likely spend most of my time blogging, looking at container houses and log cabins, and planning far-away vacations I'll never take.

...and shopping on Amazon.

Not much Action

I'm sorry. I'm behind on my book of Acts. If your walk of faith is relying on my tutoring, you'd better be really worried. You're not going to make it all the way to Damascus with me in the lead. If I go to my parents this weekend I should be able to catch up. I have fallen off the daily reading wagon this last week, but I promise I'm determined to climb back up there. God instructs us to cling to His word. Without it, how can we have hope to get through the hard times we are facing? I need His word tattooed on my soul, and I have to make time to read it.

But I really like naps.

Yesterday I took the plunge and had my front tooth removed in preparation for a new, whiter, not cracked ceramic tooth. I looked like a trailer park hillbilly for about an hour, but they placed my temporary in so that most people won't know. I will probably NEVER post the picture of the before, but here is a pic of the temporary chicklet I have to live with for 3 weeks.
I look super excited about this

It's Friday people Get out there and have some fun.

Don't forget about Father's Day. It may be 'just another holiday' but if you say something nice to your dads, they'll appreciate it, even if they don't show it. Go love on them.

Come back Monday to see how I did this weekend. Oh! I shot a primitive bow for the first time last night. I'll tell you all about that soon. Learning things, hooray!

Katniss is a little better than me with the bow. But I can watch her shoot a bow like nobody's business.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Classic Khaki Thursday, good thing it's cloudy, and 32x32

Due to rain TWPICK Thursday and TOWPICK Thursday have be replace with Classic Khaki Thursday again!!! I feel like a slob today. Weekend khakis, sleeveless top, flats... gag me.

No sun, no glasses

I have a pair of these that someone left in my car last year. They have been quite comfortable to wear, and after losing my RayBans, they came in handy. They are American Eagle brand. Free glasses are the best. However, I believe I left them at his sisters house.

So I thought I'd use my oldie glasses. Why did I keep these? I can't see out of them, and they are missing the left leg.

I haven't bought expensive sunglasses in a while, but I think it's time to get an upgrade. What should I buy? I can't wear the kind with nose feet because they get stuck in my hair if I put them on my head, so, all plastic frames work best for me.

32 x 32 = 29 again

Yesterday I decided I would run 32 miles before my 32nd birthday. It's not that impressive. As of
yesterday I had 16 days, so that's only 2 miles per day. No biggie. It's raining like crazy though, so I'll have to get to the gym. ...I'm already 4 miles behind.

Do you set mini goals for yourself like that?? How do you stay accountable?

Beauty is in the eye of the hand holder.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Well, that's (not) fair Wednesday, new things are scary, and RAIN.

I hate technology.  I hate it before it can hate me.  It's stupid.  It makes me crazy.  I cried because I couldn't figure out my username and password to Spotify so I could log into it on my new digital doodad. I cried and yelled at A DEVICE! Gah. 

I can't connect my tablet to my to my TV. I bought 2 adapters and nothing.  I can blog.  I can Spotify (finally). I can Pinterest. 

I feel like Leah is yelling.

Rant over. Sorry. :)
When fair is not fair

I like to be happy. Making other people happy makes me happy, but that is hard sometimes. I'm circling back to that 'dying to oneself' issue we all have.

Don't we just love to be justified in our feelings? When we are angry because someone made us angry, or when we are sad because someone made us sad; we want to point it out so they will understand, agree, and apologize. How often does that happen though? And, how destructive is that to the other person? Telling them how they failed in treating us doesn't make them feel better about themselves. You're then left with feeling bad about you, and them feeling bad about them, and no one is happy. Hollow victories are lonely, and short-lived.

My solution: cry it out, sleep it off, move along. It's not sweeping it under the rug, or burying it deep down. It's like the old adage: pick you battles wisely. If it isn't immoral or illegal, you can probably let it go. Roll that sleeve up over that heart, sissy girl. One thing I love more than being 'justified' is realizing I've grown past needing to be 'justified'.

Business relationships, friends, love, family. They are all work, and they are all worth it.
Things that make me nervous

You know I'm awkward. We don't have to spend time figuring that one out. 

Doing new things is scary to me. Not things like trying new food, or running a new route, but new steps in relationships, new responsibilities, new behavior. I didn't realize how much I'd never tried in life until recently. I've been working on this 'growing up' thing a lot, and it's scary. Trust, care, vulnerability. Makes my eye twitch. My lines have been toed, but I'm surviving. 

Don't be so afraid little ones. It's scary out there, but not everyone will harm you. Lean into the curve and roll back on the throttle.

Guess what? It's raining again. Forever! I'll never get my summer at this rate. Thanks rain, you're causing me to have to cancel plans, you're causing us to not get to make plans, you're causing mosquitos to live long and prosper. Seriously, rain rain, GO AWAY!


 I never stood a chance...

What are you doing on this wet Wednesday?

What's your favorite way to pass the time in the evening?

Do you own a tablet?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

That flat internet machine, being human, and doing all the things!

Watch out.  Momma just broke into the new age.  I have my own internet and a blog creating machine for pinteresting and googling!

It's 12:15am and I can't sleep.  Le sigh.
The human in us

You know those verses you read and your soul just goes "oh......yeah"? Here is one I came  across when I was wide awake.  (Let's address this as well)
The reason I like this is it says "the life I live in the flesh". Right there.  God acknowledges that we are flesh.  I get so frustrated reading about not living for the flesh, dying to the flesh, setting my eyes and mind on things beyond the flesh.  I am flesh! I think and do things that the flesh does.  I can't help it.  (I CAN but I can't,  you know? )
I'm not trying to rewrite God's word here to make it fit my lifestyle.  I pray that my heart receives His word as He has intended. This verse gives me the comfort I need right now.  He's saying to me "I am in you. I live through you. You are a beautiful work. But I know,  you are flesh." It doesn't excuse my choices of sin over what I know to be right,  it doesn't mean I won't have to answer to His judgements, but it does mean that heaven's creator, the author of all time, knows I'm trying while failing. Praise God I don't have to feel inadequate!

I struggle with daily sin, like everyone. I'm thankful that I found Jesus years ago, and that because of His love and grace, I'm free from death because of my sin. Trusting that He has set me free is a hard thing to accept daily, as I go to bed replaying all of my choices for the day. But He tells us that we are flesh, He knows it, and through redemption is how He shows it.

(cheerleader moment)

Be free! 

So the wide awake thing.  There are a few sure fire ways to get me to fall asleep fast and hard. When that gets disrupted it's so difficult to get back to sleep.  What do you do when you need to sleep now and can't?
iPod down

Remember how I finally bought a new iPod shuffle for the half marathon?  I washed it.  Just now. I did laundry at 1a.m because I am crazy couldn't sleep, and discovered it still clipped to my last sports bra.

8a.m. Update: I checked it after letting it sit overnight and the light came on. I haven't plugged it in or used my headphones yet, but we are making progress. Maybe it cleaned up my music selection... harhar.
 A few things I'm up to

I still love turkey bacon. Even if I burn it, it's still good. I'm sure it's 100% free range, organic fed, humanely separated turkey. I forgot how much I like to eat this for breakfast, and after buying a package over the weekend, I'm hooked again. Sodi-yum.

 Co-garden produced it's first Grow-kra. I haven't done anything with them yet. These were left on a little too long, and are likely too woody. I can save them for seeding plants next year though.

My basil and cinnamon basil is getting huge. I haven't had a need for basil this year like I have in the past so it's just bushing out and I'm a bit overwhelmed. Anyone want dried basil?

Chocolate cherry and Sweet 100 tomatoes are coming on strong, but they get eaten before they make too far from the plant. I have dozens upon dozens of green babies on the vine. It's about to get crazy up in here. Expect pictures of me with tomato jewelry, tomato hair accessories, and tomato drink garnishes.

 My strawberry sprite wanted to start blogging from home, so we went to the AT&T store yesterday. You know I don't have Dish anymore, and haven't had the internet since 2007. I have been off the entertainment/technology grid for some time. However, learning new yoga poses and trying out new recipes while balancing my cell phone on something has become difficult and dangerous. Have you tried to squint your way through Marichyasana D? Trying to see the proper hand placement on a 3 inch screen covered in crepe batter from 10 feet away as it balances on the ledge of my french door...not the easiest task. Ok strawberry sprite, we can get a tablet. Druggie.

Saw this on RER. She is right, this could totally happen.

Want some iced coffee, little girl?


Bootcamp starts Monday. I have to make myself do it. Keep me encouraged to get to bed and get out of bed. Both are a struggle for me lately.

It's raining again this week so I'm not running much. That's not an excuse, it's a valid reason. Yes it is. Yes it is! Are you running?

Monday, June 15, 2015

Leaving the weekend makes me sad, life thoughts as deep as the kiddie pool.

Yep, it's Monday alright. The weekend is gone, and we have 5 days to reflect on how it was, and to dream of the next one.

I. Am. Tired. I don't know if it was the 28 year old or the 3 year old, but some combination of the two wore me out this weekend. It was all worth it. It was truly one of those weekends that you look back on and smile so many smiles.

Although I wasn't directly involved with the BBQ competition this weekend, I did get to do my share of helping. Groceries, cleaning, and rain removal. (wearing my swimsuit under my clothes was the best idea!) I also did a lot of walking around psyching out the competition. We had hot weather, coupled with heavy downpours from time to time. Humidity wasn't as bad as it could have been, thanks to a nice breeze.

I am so impressed with what goes into these competitions. The participants put a lot of money and time into this 'hobby'. Traveling, sleep deprivation, supplies. It's really impressive. It's not a hobby for the weekend griller. In order to place you have to know what you're doing. Lighting the fire at the right time, keeping watch on the temperature, pulling the meat off and storing it properly. Knives. Very sharp knives are important for presentation. Knowing how glazes will cook, and set up. So much that I didn't know. I could feel the tension during the placement for presentation, it's so particular; this is serious business. It's a great bonding opportunity as well. Whether you're doing it with family or friends, when you have to stay up all night and keep watch, you have time to really talk.

The guys placed in 2 of their 3 categories, and I walked away with some awesome leftovers.

I was beyond excited to be invited to watch, help, and eat. It was a total guy thing, and they let me peek in. I tried to not girl it up too much, and just stuffed my face most of the time.

Thanks dudes!

Run a little bit

I ran Saturday morning between rain storms. Just a few miles. My legs were cramping pretty hard. I'm not sure what's happening lately but I'm really tight all the time. I've been getting enough water, but it is probably the heat and humidity attacking my body. I may be transitioning to a 'winter person'. Gah.
Real life

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that ******* mountain.”

~Jack Kerouac

I hope that I don't only remember my time in the office. This year was planned to be about me re-discovering who I was way back when, and who I was supposed to become. I lost myself along the road many years ago; that is the saddest of realizations. God has given me an awesome spirit for adventure, laughter, and life. So far I am beyond pleased with where I've taken myself, and allowed myself to be taken. Summer is just opening it's eyes and I'm filled with excitement for what is to come. Forget the daily grind, forget being an adult. If tomorrow never comes I want today to have been enough to make up for all the time I've lost.

Mud fights, sno-cones, naps, and stolen moments that live in your heart forever. Those itty bitty parts of conversations that only you remember, the kinds of things that push you through the next day. 

(the fact that my spell checker prefers 'snog-cones and snot-cones' to sno-cones makes me smile)

Friday, June 12, 2015

Making hair gel, I hate weeds, and Friday!

Thank you, thank you, for coming by this week. We've had our ups and downs, and it hasn't been all too exciting, but, we finally made it to Friday! Isn't it wonderful?

Our spillway has finally trickled to a stop as the lake drops. We still have no beach, and we have a chance of rain tomorrow. No lake, no SUP, no sun. Boo. First world probs.

There is a BBQ competition going on downtown tonight/tomorrow. I may stop by to hang out for a bit, but it's a total man, meat, fire type of situation. I'll let you know how the judging goes. I am a bit biased this year, so you may not get a fair answer from me.

Curly Girl

I get lots of questions about my hair, mainly, how I get my curls to look so nice. My questions for anyone always start with: Do you use shampoo? Do you blow dry? Do you brush or comb? If you answer yes to any of these, you're doing it wrong. I'm not saying you don't know what you're doing, but if you have hair like MINE, if it behaves like MINE, and if you want to try to make it look like MINE, then you're doing it wrong. I don't do any of those things.

For the last 3 or 4 years I was using baking soda to wash, and vinegar to rinse/condition. Due to my change in relationship status back then, I could get away with that. Now, due to my status change again this year, I had to adjust. Sigh, having to not smell like a dirty hippie...who have I become?

I went back to using Devacurl No-poo and One Condition. It has a nice lemongrass scent. Very creamy, and very nourishing. Some days I'll cleanse and condition, some days I condition only. 

I haven't used a blow dryer in years, even when I have straightened my hair. I haven't used my flat iron in quite a while either. I go through phases you know. I also don't own a brush, or a comb. Well, I may own some, but they are in the 'guest stuff' box.

No-poo, One Condition, plop on head during shower, rinse, t-shirt dry (towels create frizz), gel, and bobby pin up. I lay my hair out while I sleep if it's wet when I go to bed. In a hurry, I'll lay on my ottoman in front of the big air vent in the living room, or sit in the truck with the vents on me on high-speed.

Now, on to the gel. I make my own. I have been doing this since I lived on 82nd St West, so that was in....2008? My measurements are all eyeballed, so I'm guestimating in this tutorial. You have to make it a lot to get good at it, but usually even the first couple batches you make are usable. It's just gel, don't worry about it too much.

I use golden flax seeds only. Purchased at my local health food store. I have seen them in bulk at the grocery store in other, bigger towns. I've tried raw, natural, and some other kinds, but they seem to leave my hair drier, or crunchier. Try a few, see what works for you.

~1/4 cup whole golden flax seeds added to about 1 1/3 - 1 1/2 cup water in a small saucepan
~Stir seeds into water once (? or a few times to keep from sticking) while heating over medium heat. I have a glass top stove and set it on 4 on the small burner.
~Heat until you have white foam (picture 4) It usually only takes 5-7 minutes.
~Remove from heat and set at an angle so seeds will sink. This makes straining the gel easier. I set mine on a curved spoon rest with a hot pad under it for extra lift, and traction (just like my hair, lol).
~Leave it for about 5 minutes. (picture 6 shows the gel after a few mins. seeds under gel layer)
~Pour slowly into strainer over bowl, getting as much free gel as possible. Pour some seeds/gel into strainer and leave until no gel drips off.

I throw my used seeds away. I've read that some people boil them again for another batch, or put them in shakes. I didn't have much luck with reusing the seeds for gel, and I put dry, unused seeds in my shake or yogurt.

Store the gel in an airtight bowl or bottle in the refrigerator. I add lavender essential oil for scent, or lemongrass. It has been said that you can store it up to 2 weeks, but this amount only lasts me 2 days, so I don't know how true that is.

I lightly squeeze the gel into my wet hair after cleansing, creating a big, slippery, goopy mess. When gelling in the mornings on dry hair, I add it to the outer layer, the ends, the underneath...whatever it needs. It flakes a little when I have added too much over too many days, but I seem to be the only one that notices.

My hair ends up with fat, dense curls. More like little wiggly snakes, but some ringlets. Not much 'frizz', and not much puff. I actually complain more about a lack of body in my hair. That's not common with curly girls.

 Co-garden update!!

Weeding co-garden last night was back breaking. The ground is dry and hard. I have to water the weeds before I can pull them, or else they just break off at ground level. My nails look disgusting, I have a ka-gillion mosquito bites, and my back is soooooo in need of a massage. (ahem...)

I got to try out my new rain boots though. Very soft rubber, and comfy, comfy. I ordered them from Target on sale.


What are your weekend plans?

Did you run this week?

Are you a dirty hippie too?

Thursday, June 11, 2015

TOWPICK Thursday, yoga?, and more chocolate.

You know what day it is, so let's not waste time. I wore the OTHER white pants, you know it, and that's just that.

I spent a little time last evening yoga-ing in the driveway. No, I wasn't pretending to be a cheerleader... Anyway, I'm sore so I must've done some good. Flexibility is a big factor is strengthening your run, so I work on it often. I would like to be a yoga instructor someday, but that may be a pipe dream. For now, I'll just instruct myself. My power pose for the month of June is crow,  and I'm not doing too good. My scorpion is much better. (ok, so maybe I'm pretending to be a cheerleader, sometimes)

(not me, of course)

I also sat and watched the process of wheel bearings being greased and reinstalled. That was pretty interesting. I just fetched paper towels, but since I did help, I basically know everything now. Just don't ask me to do yours.
Run for coffee

I did make it out for a run this morning. Trying to beat the heat, but it's not working. Oklahoma weather cares not. I didn't time myself, nor did I track my distance, but it's the usual loop around 3.1 miles, and I was somewhere around 35 minutes. Meh, good enough for sore muscles, and sleepy eyes. 

I got my iced coffee fix afterwards, so it was worth it. Runners really like coffee. Right? I'm not the only one...

I dream of donuts

What shows up at your door at 12:40am? I get a chocolate glazed, peanut butter filled donut. Delivered by the best looking midnight donut delivery guy around. If you don't get that kind of surprise, then you obviously live in the wrong place. You didn't choose your home very well did you?

I ate that donut like a champ for breakfast. Peanut butter is good for runners, and my skinnies still fit afterwards, so that means it's ok.Waiting at least 6 hours to eat a donut is the same thing as dieting isn't it?

We have a donut place that opens at night, and stays open OVERNIGHT. We may have gone over this a few months back when I was introduced to it, but I just have to mention it again, in case you forgot. Donuts, at night! Thank you for teaching me the way.

Do you yoga?

What is your favorite donut??

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Will of the Father Wednesday, and other stuff I have to say.

It's 6am, I'm supposed to be stretching but instead I have been busy on Instagram,  so to balance it, I'll start today's post.

Why am I stretching? Oh,  only because I RAN this morning.  Whaaaaa????? I know,  I am amazingly awesome.  Pre-dawn solo run because neighbor wasn't able to go.

#1: humidity is a reality in Oklahoma any time of the day.
#2: wash off your fake tanner before running in humidity.
#3:  thank you drivers for seeing me.
#4:  humidity is a reality in Oklahoma any time of the day.

So I still love running,  but I really have to get back to it as I'm not acclimated to the heat this year. Our temps went from 60s, to a month of rain, to 100s. I need more time.

Are you willing?

Peter, James, Saul. All preaching the word of God to many, all while being chased, imprisoned, and for James, put to death. 

Speaking the Word of God, and being doubted. Could you do it? Could I do it? We surely could. We have the ability. We may even have the desire; but do we have the will? His will. His will be done, right? We pray that. I know I do. We ask for His mercy, blessing, comfort, understanding, and forgiveness. We ask that His will be done in our lives. But will it? What if His will is for you or I to stand before the nay-sayers and preach the truth? Even to our deaths? If you want to receive, you must believe. If you believe, you must be ready to share. That's where most of us stop. The Holy Spirit is upon us, we have the knowledge, we have the desire, but we don't have the nerve. 

We ask that God holds up his end of the deal, but will we? 

His will be done.
Other things and more stuff

 Ok, so half the battle is bringing the healthy snack to work, right? You can see what I chose, I'm not ashamed. At least I still have an apple for today...if I don't eat all the chocolate in my purse.

 Since I ate all that chocolate yesterday, I evened out with a salad at lunch. Fresh garden accessories to top it off. Mmmm.

Mini cucumber slices from the premature cucumber saved from the ground.

Favorite place in the refrigerator. I do like the strawberry lemonade. If only they would bring back Crystal Clear Pepsi...

 Yes, it is hot here. Super hot. We kept all the rain to ourselves in May, and now we are keeping all the heat. Really, we'll share, I promise. Just ask.

Grow-kra is going strong. I don't know when to pick it, or how to, so I need to get on that soon.

I'm really enjoying these walks. Last night I walked around the corner to my neighbors house. I could go through the back yard, but the walk was nice. They are moving this week, so if you need a cute house with a super awesome across-the-alley neighbor, hit me up. But you have to be ok with me coming to visit...through your back yard...whenever I want...or smell food. :)

The cucumbers have taken off. I went out this morning to find all 4 plants ON THE GROUND. I about died. They had gotten too heavy from the cucumbers hidden beneath the leaves. I picked off the 6 largest veggies, and restrung the plants. Gave them a drink, and said a little prayer.

Pray with me plant people, we know the stakes are high.

The 3rd Degree!!!

It's mid week, how is your mood?

Are you planning anything for the weekend?

Doesn't my hand look super weird in that picture?