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fury fighters

How to cope with uncontrollable anger. No, this isn't going to be a tutorial, I'm asking how do you cope with an uncontrollable anger problem? I have difficulty dealing. I end up getting red-face furious, having panic attacks and slipping into a depression. Medication is said to be a help, but how do you truly expierience life when you're medicated? I don't believe you can, but that of course is my opinion. Anyway, not that destruction of your own property and sporadic fits of insanity are a healthy way to exercise the demons, unfortunately thats all I have. HELP ME

A new adventure

Pat myself on the back, I have quit smoking. And damn is it easy...I just dont smoke. I'm sure it is harder for someone who has smoked for say, 20-30 years, but I've only got 7 years behind me. Time to revamp the diet, exercise and health routine. LETS GO! I'm so happy for me. I can breathe in deep and not hack, choke, cough or otherwise gag. :) yippie! I seriously suggest you try it.