weekEND, I like your approach, and it's time to run.

Weekend, oh weekend, where did you go? We were having so much fun!

The big, bright, beautiful sun finally came out Saturday! Oh what a wonderful sight. I stretched my legs out in the warmth, and let my little feet pad around on the dry(ing) ground.

I got 4 miles in early Saturday morning, and then a few miles walking with my neighbor. We visited the MagFest that evening, he won some green that paid for an excellent buffet dinner, and we rounded out the trip with a little people watching in the crowds. We may have also compared buffet bellies...you know you do it too.

The sermon yesterday was wonderful. I always need to be reminded that my struggles aren't forgotten. All of creation is suffering, not just me.

We put out new tomato cages (come back this week for co-garden update), took a nap that wasn't on the to-do list, I met up with friend-o for a little gal pal catch-up chat, and then we went to the spillway for a nature adventure.

Oh! I've now seen the first 2 LOTR movies. I know!

Oh oh! I went to McDonald's yesterday!! I KNOW!!! What's going on??

I'm not wrong, I just don't know

I spent years being critical of others being critical of me. I got my feelings hurt, and hurt feelings in return. No one likes to be picked apart, feel judged, or feel inferior. It isn't nice to put someone down. However, it's even less nice to strike back when someone criticizes you or your behavior. Maybe they really are just pointing out a shortcoming. Maybe they aren't trying to belittle you. 

A few years ago I would have responded to that with 'yeah, yeah. whatever'. These days I'm much more open to outside opinion. ...within reason. This doesn't mean that I don't get my little, girly, sissy, whinebaggy, wimpy feelings hurt. (we've been over this). 

What I can accept is a positive approach to giving what would otherwise be a negative opinion. If you are patient and kind while redirecting my behavior or attitude, I'll be much more likely to listen. You might not like what I'm doing, but if I like how you don't like it, then we can still get along; and I like that.

We are more than conquerors. Together we can guide one another. Whether in daily life, or spiritual life, we must be open to instruction and correction. 

Ignoring instruction = wrong. 
Lacking instruction = please teach me how to do this so I'm not fumbling around on my own. 
Lace up!

The sun is out, it's time to run. Every day. No excuses. Can you hold us accountable? We aren't very good at motivating this little team we have. One alone is weak, two can be weaker when they like to nap and eat. With all of you telling us to get our rears in gear, maybe we'll move it, move it.

Where are you going this week??

Spill it, what did you do all weekend?


  1. Go run. Now.

    ... or don't. I'm not.


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