TWPICK Thursday, a great show, and my birthday is near!

I know you come here to hear me complain, and you lucked out today!

The internet guy was supposed to be at my house by 3pm yesterday. He showed up, unannounced, at 7am. Super great. I had just gotten out of the shower, had to throw on the closest awful thing I could find, and stand outside with him and sweat. Super duper great. Then I find out he can't finish the job before I leave for work, and I had just wasted all of my good 'gettin' ready' time. Guess what happened next? Yep, I cried. When 'wants' become a hassle, I don't want them anymore. When 'wants' take up more of my time than they should, it's time to move on. This 'want' is really starting to be a pain in the...

After he did his civic duty of talking me off of my ledge we made an arrangement for him to come back this evening.

Then I had to find anything appropriate for work that would fit (remember, I haven't been working out?), I had to try really hard to not hate my hair, and head to work without breakfast or coffee. Today is not my fave TWPICK Thursday.
Neal McCoy and the new Choctaw Event Theater

We have an awesome new venue that just opened last night, and were honored to be among the first to see it. We went to the Neal McCoy concert, which was also a comedy show of sorts. He is quite the entertainer. It was a soft opening so he had freedom to interact with the audience, pointing out those that showed up late, an elderly couple that danced the night away, taking pictures with fans, and teasing security for being a bit lazy.

I always enjoy nights out with my fave, and this was no different.

**If you get to SE Oklahoma, check out the Choctaw Event Theater!**

If you're not 32, there's something wrong

The OBI volunteer counted stickers on my donation kit yesterday, 32 of them. I asked it there was one for each year old I am, because I haven't turned 32 just yet. He said they don't represent age, it's the standard number they need, and if they don't equal 32, there is something wrong. I agree! This is a good way to look at this year's birthday. If you aren't 32, there's something wrong!

Birthdays also mean presents. I've never been the best at receiving gifts. I don't remember anything happening to cause me to be shy about it, I have always been this way. I remember trying to open my Christmas gifts as a kid when no one was looking, not wanting the attention on me. Why? Who knows?! I LOVE attention. Anyway, with my b-day coming up next week, I know a few people in my life will likely want to give me something on my special day, and I'm working on the nerve to be a gracious receiver. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, especially when they take the time (and likely money) to think of me. 

If you got me a gift, and are giving it to me in person, just know, it's hard for me, but I'm already super honored that you would do that. If you're mailing to me, you're going to miss out on my awkward face. Sorry!


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