Good Monday, finally got moving, and not really any news.

Today is a good Monday. My hair looks awesome, I'm wearing my favorite skirt, I remembered to put tanning lotion on all weekend, and I worked out yesterday so I'm sore!


I don't usually follow fitness fads or trends. I believe that cardio, weights, and healthy eating are all you need to get in shape and stay that way. It takes determination, will power, and hard work. No magic pill or potion can substitute. There may be some products that help suppress appetite, or replace meals, but chances are you won't live that way forever, so I don't even start it. I don't want to avoid carbs for the rest of my life, or replace lunch with a shake. If I do, and it works, when I go back to eating normal again, I'll more than likely just gain the weight back. It's pointless.

This week I started a new workout plan that I did find online. I'm not giving any details yet, as I don't want to pump it up and then either give up on it or it be a failure. I'll keep you updated on results as they come forth.

I kept myself busy this weekend doing great things. No one particular activity topped any other. I only had a few feeling this weekend, they didn't get in the way too much though.

Come back tomorrow for a Co-garden update, a report on things I did, other stuff!


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