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2 months of adventures

Ok, so you want some updates? Here we go!

 I mentioned in my last post that I finally bought new shoes.

TADA!!!! Aren't they beautiful? My new bff at Run On said I had Brooks feet and she could tell when I came in. Sigh, I know, I'm perfect full of it. Anyway, the Brooks Raveena 4 felt awesome, and you can find yourself a pair here.

 SPI-belt from Run on. Good for shot bloks, almonds, cell phones, and teeny, tiny guns.

 Now, if you are way behind the times, and didn't read my mind in my absence, then you are not Dionne Warwick. In this case, you don't know about 7.  7, An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jenn Hatmaker is about finding our way out of reliance on the overabundance of choices, and making room for God. We constantly ask Him to change our path or help us see more clearly, but if we are too busy focusing on too much, we may miss His call. This book was written during her first-hand experience with reduction. 7 months, 7 issues, 1 big clear picture. Re…

I'm back, and I have shoes!

I know, it's been months. In my defense, remember, I don't have internet at home. Blogging on my phone is too maddening, and blogging at work doesn't, well, work. I have been super busy with everything in the whole wide world. So, here is a quick recap:

In December I barely ran because of scheduling and cold weather. I do have a gym membership, and started doing the classes they offer, that sorta replaced running.

In January I signed up for a 6 week bootcamp, which is now over. I lost 12 lbs since Thanksgiving, and an inch off each thigh. Those are the only 2 measurements I kept up with. I fit into a pair of jeans I bought when I was dating my husband in 2004, so that's winning to me!

Yesterday was the end of month 1 of the 7 experiment. If you are unaware of 7, look up Jenn Hatmaker. It's an amazing book, and and amazing experiment, if you dare! Today is day one of month 2. Yikes! I got to meet Jenn when she was speaking at a nearby church in early March, and it …