Well, that's (not) fair Wednesday, new things are scary, and RAIN.

I hate technology.  I hate it before it can hate me.  It's stupid.  It makes me crazy.  I cried because I couldn't figure out my username and password to Spotify so I could log into it on my new digital doodad. I cried and yelled at A DEVICE! Gah. 

I can't connect my tablet to my to my TV. I bought 2 adapters and nothing.  I can blog.  I can Spotify (finally). I can Pinterest. 

I feel like Leah is yelling.

Rant over. Sorry. :)
When fair is not fair

I like to be happy. Making other people happy makes me happy, but that is hard sometimes. I'm circling back to that 'dying to oneself' issue we all have.

Don't we just love to be justified in our feelings? When we are angry because someone made us angry, or when we are sad because someone made us sad; we want to point it out so they will understand, agree, and apologize. How often does that happen though? And, how destructive is that to the other person? Telling them how they failed in treating us doesn't make them feel better about themselves. You're then left with feeling bad about you, and them feeling bad about them, and no one is happy. Hollow victories are lonely, and short-lived.

My solution: cry it out, sleep it off, move along. It's not sweeping it under the rug, or burying it deep down. It's like the old adage: pick you battles wisely. If it isn't immoral or illegal, you can probably let it go. Roll that sleeve up over that heart, sissy girl. One thing I love more than being 'justified' is realizing I've grown past needing to be 'justified'.

Business relationships, friends, love, family. They are all work, and they are all worth it.
Things that make me nervous

You know I'm awkward. We don't have to spend time figuring that one out. 

Doing new things is scary to me. Not things like trying new food, or running a new route, but new steps in relationships, new responsibilities, new behavior. I didn't realize how much I'd never tried in life until recently. I've been working on this 'growing up' thing a lot, and it's scary. Trust, care, vulnerability. Makes my eye twitch. My lines have been toed, but I'm surviving. 

Don't be so afraid little ones. It's scary out there, but not everyone will harm you. Lean into the curve and roll back on the throttle.

Guess what? It's raining again. Forever! I'll never get my summer at this rate. Thanks rain, you're causing me to have to cancel plans, you're causing us to not get to make plans, you're causing mosquitos to live long and prosper. Seriously, rain rain, GO AWAY!


 I never stood a chance...

What are you doing on this wet Wednesday?

What's your favorite way to pass the time in the evening?

Do you own a tablet?


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