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That one is for Boston

2.5 miles, 24 minutes. Heel felt great, lungs felt strong. Thank you spirit of God and runners everywhere.
I'm back!

I almost ran

On my way home last night, I decided to go for a run. Then I got out of the car in the garage and was reminded how bad my heel hurts.

Instead, I did this:
Which ended up looking like this:
That is tomato, red bell pepper, sweet basil, and jalapeno pepper. The far right is my compost dump. I figure if I keep it in the same place I might remember to use it.

I waited until yesterday because our weather has been so spotty. ...and then I woke up today to a yard full of frost. Awesome. I will not pray for the plants to survive, but I will have faith that they will and will prepare for the harvest.

While 'gardening' I found this:

A little snake. We seem to have a family of them in our yard. This is the 2nd snake I've killed in as many weeks. I saw the big snake holes in the dirt. I am a little nervous as to the size of the next one I will find....

Happy Khaki Thursday. I hope you find time to relax! Not sure why my feet look so weird. Why am I curling them up in my shoes? Meh.


Ugh. Still not exercising. Now, I know I COULD go do sit-ups or push-ups, or planks, or something else physical while I let my heel heal. (haha) I haven't though; and I have good reasons!

1: Monday for example, I was in a funk, even though my blog said I would think positive. Actually, I did. I was positive that I was in a bad mood. Hmph.

2: Yesterday I had to go to Sam's. If you have a warehouse store membership, you know what I mean. When you have to go, you have to go! I got some yummy things though. Cheap avocados for this weekend, cookies for work today, straw-ber-ritas....for whenever.

3: Today is Wednesday, and I have to go help with the youth group at church.

4: And THEN, tonight is Game 2 of the playoffs against Houston. See? I just can't get to the gym.

I did do push-ups while hanging half-way out of a too hot tanning bed at lunch. Does that count? Quit imagining how weird it is. You know you do squats or calf raises when you're in a stand up booth. Mm-hmm.

On to…

Don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes

Today's high: 76 Low 56 Tuesday's high: 57 Low 42 Wednesday's high: 36 Low 29 I love Oklahoma in the Spring, said no one ever!!
Wear pants, boots, and a coat to work. Leave coat at office, and change into sandals for lunch. Roll up pants and tie up shirt for commute home, with a/c on. Curse yourself tomorrow morning because you left your boots and coat at work and its now 11 degrees again.

un-Monday: Thankful, and basketball

It's time to knock the uuuuhhhhh out of Monday around here.

Thankful for: The freedom to hang out in public and openly worship Jesus Christ Ice packs for my sore, sore heel A job that I love! All of you Earplugs as I am still adjusting to living in town. OKC basketball Not wanting to watch the Ryan Lochte reality show (I read a review b/c I was curious. That poor person that watched it....barf!) Sunshine Awesome hair
Did you watch the first OKC Playoff game last night?! It was so fantastic! I was super stoked to have ma man (13, da beard!!) back in the house, but I couldn't be a fan too long, cause we had to put the beat down on him and the Rockets. Game 2 baby! See you Wednesday night.

Today I will buy some cute shoes that I can wear to work that aren't heels. Today I will say something positive to myself. Today I will smile whenever I feel down. Today I will pray for healing in my life, my community, and the entire world. Today, if I cry, it will be tears of joy for some…

Race Recap

You may have seen my mini post on Saturday about my dismal race. I do hate being negative, but I was really unhappy with my performance. The breathing problems, the stumbling, the walking, the dramatics....I was a total mess.

Today I want to show you all the awesome stuff leading up to the race!

Muscle time!!! Making shirts for the race. Team 'Run Free:' in the house!

Gear ready for the race. Nike tennis skirt (bad choice by the way. Rides all up in the wrong places), team shirt (Wal-mart), Brooks Ravenna 4.  (not pictured, SPI-belt)
 We were so ready to go!! All smiles.
M ran the race pushing her daughter, and not in a little jogging stroller, but in the fully enclosed bike trailer/stroller! And she beat me! Grrr. She was awesome! She said she was a little stoked that she beat me too. She should be. We aren't racing each other, but a W is a W.

Official race results 44th overall of 84 runners           Div/total: 9/12 in age group            Gun time:   3…


Today i gave an effort. Not good. Not bad. Just, an. I'm pretty sure I've developed adult asthma based on the near black-out 50yd before the finish line.
I PR'd but that isn't saying much: still +35min. Yeowza. I'm not a marathoner, yet. I don't compete with others, only myself. I let God carry me. I feel I'm doing all the right things, I'm just not there yet. That's ok.
But disappointing nonetheless. You know.
Happy running today. Good luck Ragnar/SoCal girls, and everyone around the globe.


Does anyone else refuse to drive in real shoes? Many days I am barefoot, but I also keep emergency flip flops in my car at all times, in case I get pulled over. I never wear real shoes to drive. I feel like I'm getting a few more minutes of relax time on the way to work in the morning, and I feel like I can unwind faster on the way home. Then there are those pesky around-town errands... those NEVER deserve real shoes.
I'm sure my neighbors just LOVE that they get to see me check the mail Every.Single.Day. Barefoot, heels in hand.

Happy driving!!!

Recovering to prepare

Howdy! Despite all the bad things in the news, I'm going to find something to be happy about today. I hope you can too.

This Saturday I kick off my (late) running season with a nice 5k. I have been doing 2-a-days at the gym, 'mill in the morning and Tough Mudder in the evening. Yesterday I skipped they gym entirely because I was so sore, and today isn't looking any better. I didn't go before work, so I need to go tonight, and at least do some walking. I am hoping to not wear myself out before my first race. What was your first race of the season like?

I'm trying to not compete with other runner's times and distance. It's very hard when you get injured and have to go backwards a bit. I find myself feeling inadequate not only to them, but to my former self. Stupid self.

Good luck out there. Keep running. Push through the wall.

This is a great weekend that hosts some great races. Give it all you got, and leave it all on the course.

Where are you running thi…


Good morning to you!

I hope you all got some yummy sleep last night.

I wanted to share with you my recent breakfasts. Since I'm on a low/no acid diet per my doctor, I have had to switch to Almond Milk (blech) from Silk. I am not a fan. So, in order to get it down without making the nasty face, I had to concoct something that makes it tolerable.

Mmmmmm, shake:
Chocolate Almond milk
Baby spinach
All natch PB
(I am aware that if you are on a low acid diet you should stay away from chocolate. But really? Vanilla? I don't think so)

The final product looks like pond scum, but tastes like fitness heaven!

I'm sure I get really weird looks sucking this through a hot pink crazy straw, but I don't care. It fills me up all morning, and prepares me before the gym. It's quick and healthy and keeps me from eating girl scout cookies, although I'm keeping my radar out for that diet. Thin Mints must be healthy....

I have also be eating some gluten free foods late…

Boston Marathon

I was not there, but I know of people who were. They are fine, and I'm thankful. There are many that are not fine, and I just don't understand. I don't know who did this, or what their motive was, but it is unacceptable.

Trust in God's plan. He has it all worked out. In the mean time we must suffer through some hard times. In those times we must pull together, pray, and be thankful for each breath we are given.

When we pray for our country, it shouldn't just be for our leaders, but for every single person. When we pray for people, it shouldn't just be for our own, but for every single one of God's children.

Together we WILL succeed. It is already won.

He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To the thirsty I will give water without cost from the spring of the water of life. Rev 21:6


Staying sane and keeping busy

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters,
he refreshes my soul.
He guides me along the right paths
for his name’s sake.

I have had a pretty busy spring so far. House shopping is not fun and exciting like people said. A lot of my lack of fun probably comes from my budget, and my reason for buying (may discuss later). I have set the bar really low. I know most people start out low, and increase as they browse, but not me. God gave me a budget, and I'm sticking with it. He will deliver a house to me as He sees fit. In the mean time, looking is getting boring. I say I should stay where I am because all of my stuff is already there.

Speaking of stuff! I said goodbye to UgleeCouch. Thank you UgleeCouch for all your good times. Naps. Sneezes. Dog slobbers. Headaches. Wine spills. Ah.... May your next family love you as much as I have.

Yesterday, as I prepared to visit a friend, someone stole my PB sandwich off the entryway…

Gah! Here's my plan.

Ok, ok. I know one of the cardinal rules of blogging is to stay on top of things. I need to post often so that I can be relateable and have things for all my fans to read. Well, I stink at that.

If you've followed me for a while you know that I don't have the internet at home. I don't even know where our laptop is these days. I have to do everything from work or my phone. Mobile blogging is super frustrating btw.

Here I am, Monday morning, and I'm trying to catch up for you.

I did win the battle with my alarm clock this a.m. I made it to the gym before work, and struggled through 2.2 miles on the 'mill. Miserable. Horrible. Oh well right? I have a 5k this weekend so I have to get my butt in gear.

Aside from running I'm doing an obstacle course training guide that I found on Pinterest, duh. Where else would I get any of my good ideas?

Tough Mudder Training Routine 1. Run 3/4 mile (during the first set only)
2. Run at 4% incline for 3 minute intervals