That flat internet machine, being human, and doing all the things!

Watch out.  Momma just broke into the new age.  I have my own internet and a blog creating machine for pinteresting and googling!

It's 12:15am and I can't sleep.  Le sigh.
The human in us

You know those verses you read and your soul just goes "oh......yeah"? Here is one I came  across when I was wide awake.  (Let's address this as well)
The reason I like this is it says "the life I live in the flesh". Right there.  God acknowledges that we are flesh.  I get so frustrated reading about not living for the flesh, dying to the flesh, setting my eyes and mind on things beyond the flesh.  I am flesh! I think and do things that the flesh does.  I can't help it.  (I CAN but I can't,  you know? )
I'm not trying to rewrite God's word here to make it fit my lifestyle.  I pray that my heart receives His word as He has intended. This verse gives me the comfort I need right now.  He's saying to me "I am in you. I live through you. You are a beautiful work. But I know,  you are flesh." It doesn't excuse my choices of sin over what I know to be right,  it doesn't mean I won't have to answer to His judgements, but it does mean that heaven's creator, the author of all time, knows I'm trying while failing. Praise God I don't have to feel inadequate!

I struggle with daily sin, like everyone. I'm thankful that I found Jesus years ago, and that because of His love and grace, I'm free from death because of my sin. Trusting that He has set me free is a hard thing to accept daily, as I go to bed replaying all of my choices for the day. But He tells us that we are flesh, He knows it, and through redemption is how He shows it.

(cheerleader moment)

Be free! 

So the wide awake thing.  There are a few sure fire ways to get me to fall asleep fast and hard. When that gets disrupted it's so difficult to get back to sleep.  What do you do when you need to sleep now and can't?
iPod down

Remember how I finally bought a new iPod shuffle for the half marathon?  I washed it.  Just now. I did laundry at 1a.m because I am crazy couldn't sleep, and discovered it still clipped to my last sports bra.

8a.m. Update: I checked it after letting it sit overnight and the light came on. I haven't plugged it in or used my headphones yet, but we are making progress. Maybe it cleaned up my music selection... harhar.
 A few things I'm up to

I still love turkey bacon. Even if I burn it, it's still good. I'm sure it's 100% free range, organic fed, humanely separated turkey. I forgot how much I like to eat this for breakfast, and after buying a package over the weekend, I'm hooked again. Sodi-yum.

 Co-garden produced it's first Grow-kra. I haven't done anything with them yet. These were left on a little too long, and are likely too woody. I can save them for seeding plants next year though.

My basil and cinnamon basil is getting huge. I haven't had a need for basil this year like I have in the past so it's just bushing out and I'm a bit overwhelmed. Anyone want dried basil?

Chocolate cherry and Sweet 100 tomatoes are coming on strong, but they get eaten before they make too far from the plant. I have dozens upon dozens of green babies on the vine. It's about to get crazy up in here. Expect pictures of me with tomato jewelry, tomato hair accessories, and tomato drink garnishes.

 My strawberry sprite wanted to start blogging from home, so we went to the AT&T store yesterday. You know I don't have Dish anymore, and haven't had the internet since 2007. I have been off the entertainment/technology grid for some time. However, learning new yoga poses and trying out new recipes while balancing my cell phone on something has become difficult and dangerous. Have you tried to squint your way through Marichyasana D? Trying to see the proper hand placement on a 3 inch screen covered in crepe batter from 10 feet away as it balances on the ledge of my french door...not the easiest task. Ok strawberry sprite, we can get a tablet. Druggie.

Saw this on RER. She is right, this could totally happen.

Want some iced coffee, little girl?


Bootcamp starts Monday. I have to make myself do it. Keep me encouraged to get to bed and get out of bed. Both are a struggle for me lately.

It's raining again this week so I'm not running much. That's not an excuse, it's a valid reason. Yes it is. Yes it is! Are you running?


  1. You should call me when you get up for bootcamp, maybe I'll do something too... like tell you to shut up and get to bootcamp as I roll over and go to sleep...

    1. Well, that's a start if you answer the phone. 6 weeks of me calling, you may get up once or twice!


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