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Photo update

In case you have been wondering why I'm not blogging as much or posting pictures, it is because my camera quit on me about a month ago. I recently posted about my inability to tell my stories on here as well as I tell them to myself, and I think it may be because I don't have images to go along with them. As soon as I get a new camera I will be back to normal.

Thanks for your continued interest!

The wandering mind

I come up with amazing things to say in my blog everyday. I have long conversations with my windshield and word everything perfectly, but those thoughts usually never make it to blogger. This is due to my lack of desire for computing at home. I own a laptop, and we have access to Internet, but I just feel no need to use it. By the time I return to work the next day I have forgotten most of what I wanted to say. However, one idea hasn't slipped from my mind:

Thank you God. Thank you for continuing to bless me everyday. Thank you for always allowing me to be amazed at Your work, even though I know it is going to happen. Because of Your grace, mercy and love, I find extreme joy in the simplest of things. Whatever I ask for is delivered, sometime even before I have asked; but that is because You know my heart. All the things that I need and want, you are able to know the difference between and always provide.

Labor Day weekend 2010

labor day weekend '10
The hubs and I went to Elk City Lake with his cousin and family this weekend. The lake wasn't fantastic, but we had a fantastic time. Lots of eating, napping, and laughing. The guys played horseshoes for a while. Neither was very good!

Sunset on Saturday night. I wish I could've captured the stars with my camera. There isn't much in this world mor beautiful than a clear country night. Isn't dusk an amazing sight?

The hubs wanted to fish. So, we went down to the water's edge to fish. He didn't get any bites... ...not sure if I did either. Mine was on auto-fish.
Instead, I went exploring.
Along the way I found myself. :)
And a few other things too...

Birthday Cake, Ole!

This weekend was my brother-in-laws birthday. His wife wanted to make a special cake for him, so she employed my fondant "skills" that she thought I had. I'm not a total novice, but not a professional by any means. But, here it is, birthday cake ole!

We started with the fondant for the maracas that would adorn the cake. Here Jen is making red and green fondant.

A few of the finished maracas. Yum yum. Rice Krispies inside, sugar fondant outside.
I made a mexican blanket and sombrero for the top of the cake.
The next morning we did fondant over the entire cake and water colored it a light tan/yellow for that aged look. We then began adding the decorations.
Happy 30th Birthday Jeremy!
He loved the cake and was hon

Official Life Trip #3

We went on a quick weekend trip to Lake Murray. The hubs didn't get off work early like we had thought he would, so we got to the lake at dusk. It was beautiful though.
The hubs set up the tent...

...while weiner dog and I pretended to help with the instructions. 

 Ahh, home for the night.

I wouldn't think that a fire would feel nice in August, but after a late night swim it was comforting. Despite the 100+ temps, we sat by that fire for hours watching the stars come out and the moon dip down.

Fire is mesmorizing in the black of the night.

Hope we aren't under a burn ban!

It was too warm to sleep in the tent, so, we slept outside in the grass. The next morning hubs said he saw lots of people sleeping in their chairs. It's cool to think that so many strangers were all napping outside together. Trust is strong in the South!

On our way for a morning swim, then, off to Tucker Tower.

 The view of Tucker Tower from our campsite.

Quite a stoic building.

 The morning sky over Lake…