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Dancing and napping, but not at the same time.

Get your boots on, it's time for the weekend!

We have a rodeo, and some dancing, but first, hopefully we have a nap.

With more storms on the way, I don't expect to do many weekend-y things. I will have fun, I promise.

Here's a quick recap of all my leftovers this week, I hope you enjoy!

(no, I didn't run this week. But I yoga-ed)

...yes, that is totally me. it's not. :(
 I ate cake balls. I got iced coffee. I was a happy girl!

I may have been a delivery chicken myself and dropped a special something off for someone...but if you didn't find a surprise, then I guess you'll never know.

 I made deer fajitas. So very good. I might have eaten most of it myself. You'll never know.
 Someone in my office doesn't know how to use a heavy duty stapler. They also don't know how to let me know that they are that dumb. Thanks co-worker, for failing and bailing.

People. They're the worst.
 This took a few hours for me to work up to. That thing was S…

TWPICK Thursday, new DL, and it's not spinach but it's not a snickers

It's TWPICK Thursday - reloaded! I have new white pants today. Aaaaaand it's pouring outside. I was trapped in my truck for a while. White pants....rain... you do the math. I sent a distress email for coffee, but it was a no-go; it was raining on the other side of town too.

Our weather forecast right now says the 'first wave of severe storms...'. First wave. We are now an ocean from sky to sand, and the storms are coming in legitimate waves. Over and over and over. So water logged!

I did get to weed co-garden a bit last night, but gave up after I had fed every mosquito in the county. The air is thick, the mosquitos are thicker, and my patience was thin. Co-garden is producing well though. We have a few dozen chocolate/cherry and cherry tomatoes on the vine, cucumbers are beginning to take shape, and the growkra pods are getting bigger! If you've been here for this year's planting stories, you are breathing a sigh of relief with me.


Why the fluff Wednesday, the hardest thing I've done all week, and I must stop.

Happy Wednesday to you.
As I sit here, I'm noticing my cupcake top. I don't have a muffin top, as I stay away from those things. They make you fat; at least the good ones do. Mmmm, chocolate chip muffin.... Cupcakes may make you fat, but it sounds cuter. I also just found out that the cupcake shop in town sells good coffee so I'm can't nix cupcakes now.

So out of shape! So very, very, out of shape. When did I get so far away from my routine? I'll tell you who's fault it is. Mine! Wanna here what I planned for last night?

he:'s a no-go, so we can do whatever. me: I'm home doing nothing. As per usual. he: what do you want to do? me: wanna watch Tombstone, eat Chinese food, and not work out? he: yes.
Good job me. You're really gonna hit those goals. *eyeroll* (I really want that to say eggroll)

I need to get focused, but now I have a blister on the top of my toe that is keeping me from running. I wore heels for the first time in weeks, and they broke …

It's a rock!!!, It's a twister!!!, and doing all the things.

We survived the weekend. Flooding, tornadoes, flooding, wind, coyotes, giant rocks, and flooding.
I didn't 'holiday' like normal, and I can't say that I'm sad. I had a really great Memorial Day weekend doing the things I like most. Napping, cleaning, and hanging with my favorites.

We visited the dam Friday, and the spillway before it crested. Facebook and Instagram are full of pictures of the lake over the years. This is only the 4th time on record that we have had this kind of flooding. The previous 4 years have been near drought conditions, so anyone that wasn't around for 20-ot-7 or prior (meaning me) is getting a pretty cool experience.

The bridge across Lake Texoma was closed yesterday for a short time, but has reopened. We are mainly dry today and tomorrow, however, runoff is a major issue. The spillway is 640ft above sea level, and the lake is at 642.89ft and rising. They are monitoring the bridge closely; we assume it will be closed very soon.

We took a …

Floods, faking it, and Fridays

Are you as sick of the flooding as we are?? No? Alright! I'll talk about it more.

Yesterday was dry most of the day, but Friday has brought more rain. Driving over the lake bridge was eerie. The water level last night was just shy of 6ft below the bridge. We are forecast to receive rain through Wednesday.

Our dam was wide open yesterday, and still very close to the edge.

Our own little Niagara.

(photos courtesy of my ATSneighbor. Ok, I didn't ask for permission, but he had them on FB, and I'm mentioning it here. Please don't sue me, I'm poor.)
Ananias and Sapphira
Oh, this story is so wicked scary. This couple thought they were just trying to protect themselves. They sold their property with plans to give the money to the mass following Peter, but they wanted to keep a little back for themselves. That doesn't seem so strange. A little selfish, but a safety net isn't the worst idea, ri…

TWPICK Thursday, sharing is caring, and a few littles.

Happy ThoseWhitePantsICallKhaki Thursday! I'm working from my second office today, so they don't know that my pants are the same pants I wear EVERY Thursday. Shhh, don't tell anyone.

It's still raining, our spillway is about to spill over, and the sky is grey. I doubt I'll get to the lake this weekend. Alligators, snakes, and closed roads are killing the summer vibe. It's opening weekend of lake season and we're all super bummed.

Trust me, 8 weeks from now we'll be in a drought. Stupid weather.

Sharing is Caring Did you know that the believers in Acts sold their belongings and shared the money with each other as needed? They used everything they had to make sure everyone was equal and taken care of. No hunger, no lack. Our world seems to be geared toward obtaining and maintaining, rather than sharing. We teach our children to share at a young age, but somewhere down the line we beg…

Why the face Wednesday, caught in the Act, and I hate running.

I'm already done with today. It's only 10:15am, and I'm done.

I know you feel me on this. I was awake a lot during the night with the weather, it was pouring at 5am so I missed my morning run/walk, I couldn't make it to the gym, and then I had to get out of bed and adult. Puh...

There is a season for all things, and today's season is for not doing any of the things I should do.

Thank goodness 'Prell will be here late tonight, she can relate to my lack of enthusiasm.

Caught in the Act
Peter and John were arrested for preaching the truth about Jesus. They stuck together, they didn't back down, they looked the council in the eye and told them to judge but they would still tell everyone who Jesus really is.
We spend our days working, playing, loving, fighting, sleeping, eating, etc. We are so busy doing what we 'have' to get done, and likely never see the end of that list. If I we…

I sweat, a time for everything, and doing all the things!!

Tuesday has arrived. It's cloudy, it's humid and it's payday. I am not as excited about that as everyone else. Why? You know why, because I'm the payroll lady! I do get lots of compliments on this day, I get the good parking spot, and someone usually offers to get me lunch. It's not 100% bad, but ooooh, talk about things that put me out on that ledge.

Enough about that, I've been busy over the last week. You look like you're ready to read, so here we go!
Totes ma Zotes I sweat. A lot. My sweat is not made of lavender oil and unicorn glitter, like I wish. It's gross. It stains things. Barf.

I know you probably think I'm super perfect because I sound so amazing in my blog. My life is so awesome that you should have plastic surgery to look like me, and you spend countless hours journaling about how you want to be me when you grow up.  Accounting is your life goal, turning 29 for…

All good things must come to a Monday, decisions, decisions, and you're going to love tomorrow!

I'm here with iced coffee. Late night at the movies. I have court today. My hair sucks.
This was the first conversation I had at work today. I couldn't even unwrap my straw without difficulty this morning.  I had a such a great weekend that it absolutely HAD to end in a Monday. Just my luck. I'll let you know all about it tomorrow, this way you have another 24 hours to prepare yourself for how jealous you'll be of my doings.
__________________________________________________________________________  When it rains, it floods

We had a relatively dry weekend here, but that did nothing for the lake level. We are set to crest on Wednesday, the water should be over the spillway by that time. If so, it will be the first time it has flooded since 2007 (also known by some as 'the best summer of their life'). I've never seen the lake this high, so it's all new to me. I drove across this bridge yesterday when it was dry around 6pm. This picture was taken today arou…