Monday, November 26, 2012

It has been a while!

Sorry blog fans! I didn't realize how long it had been since I last posted. I don't have the internet at home, and it can be time consuming to blog from my phone.

I'll give you a quick no-frills update.

I ran the Dam 5K on 11/17. I PR'd, which was good! Knocked 2 minutes off my last time.

I finally got new shoes. They aren't the best, but they have tread and are actually made for running. And they fit. So I'm doing better there.

My POTM goal will probably not be met this month, but I have already beat last months miles.

I had Thanksgiving with my sister, her boyfriend, ORF, her fiance, and their super, super cute baby girl. Worked on Friday, had a wedding to go to on Saturday, went to the ER saturday night (more on that later, nothing serious), and church Sunday!

Whew! Weekend over!

I promise to get back and get you some pics of all that has gone on.

Stay tuned!

Oh yeah, and BOOMER SOONER!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Nerd moment: my blog has had 1224 views.

Facts about the number 1224:

1: 1224 is the smallest number that can be written as the sum of 4 cubes in 3 ways.

2: 1224 Fantasia is a Main-belt Asteroid discovered by Belyavskij, S. and Ivanov, N. at Simeis.

3: In the year 1224 AD war between France and England broke out when Louis VIII of France attacked Poitou and northern Gascony.

Those are the fancy facts about the number 1224. Here are my facts:

1: 12 is half of 24!

2: Jesus had 12 disciples!

3: There are 12 numbers on a clock, 12 months in a year, 24 hours in a day.

... you get the picture.

Congratulations to me!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Boomer Sooner and the lame mile

Friday night I had a horrible headache so I didn't run. I thought for a second that running may beat it out of me, but I'm glad I didn't try. The people at the gym may not like me enough to clean up after me if I barf on the 'mill.

Chelsea, Aaron, me, and J

Saturday I had free tickets to the OU game, so of course I went. I overslept til 9am when there came a knockin' at my door. It was myfriends there to pick us up! I had time to get ready, but no run time. We didn't get back home until 10.30pm, so no running then either!


(side note: bossman saw this and said it's sad if that is the best pair of jeans I have. Yes, yes it is...)

Sunday I finally got out on the road after church. Now, I've heard you are supposed to take time off from running to recover, but I had 2 days off and almost died! It seems over my start to running that time off = bad run for me. If I were a big-time runner like some of the ladies whose blogs I follow, recovery time would make sense. But only 3.1 per day, and 2 days off made that 2 miles I tried awful!

Last night I went to the gym. I made it 1.75 and quit. My hip hurt. My ankle hurt. My legs were tired. I couldn't breath. upset. That's the stupidest run I've ever done.

I'll be back on the 'mill tonight. Positive thinking must start now. I have to be ready for Saturday. I've been doing 5ks each day, and I'm not going to let one this weekend kick my butt.

What shoes do you run in?

How many days do you run each week?

For those who were wondering, I did in fact make it through the entire trip Saturday w/o spending a dime. Free tickets, free ride, free food/drink passes, and I found free parking. I know, you're jealous.

Friday, November 09, 2012


I'm growing tired of my iPod. I have new music on it, but it doesn't motivate me anymore. Maybe it's because I'm 'mill running and don't have to cover up my pounding feet, or maybe it's that I'm beginning to appreciate running organically. Thoughts?  Because of this, I've found something new to occupy my mind while dragging my butt through the miles: Wipeout! Hahaha! Have you ever tried to NOT laugh in a crowded gym? Tough. I'm loving watching this while working out.

Before i went tonight i made sure to stretch extra good, as I've been having some calf tightness. Meatball wanted to stretch with me, as seen here...

He is a much more interesting stretcher than me.

After I stretched, I did another 3.1, my 4th for the week. This time may have been the easiest yet. Thats promising. ORF came with me and signed up at the gym. Now we can continue to encourage each other. Having someone go to the gym with me helps. And knowing she wants to excel as much as I do really helps! Find a friend and push each other. ...but not out into traffic, that's just mean.

I was so awesome, I think I scared my shirt:

After our run we parted ways and I headed home for dinner. Since I am being cabinet cleaner this week, dinner has been fun to come up with. Tonight, baked potatoes and steamed broccoli. Winner!

How was your workout?

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

That Dam 5k

I found out yesterday that there is a 5k coming up in my area. The 'That Dam Lake Texoma 5k" is on 11/17. I feel like physically I am prepared for it, but gear-ly I am not. I still haven't bit it and bought new shoes. I won't need special shorts, shirts, socks, belts, sleeves, hats, etc. as a 5k doesn't require much fanciness. I need shoes, but first, I need the funds. Le sigh. This isn't a cry out for money, it's more like a cry out for someone to convince me to spend my money. I haven't spent that much on a pair of shoes in years. I became a frugal fanatic and push all belongings to the limit. Help!

Last night I was back on the 'mill. Not defeated quite as early, but about 1.7 miles in I hit my wall. How silly! I pushed pushed pushed, and made it to 3.1 in just under 39 mins. S       L        O      W.
I need to stop being so hard on myself, but if I'm not, how will I get better?!

When I got home I started dinner. In a pinch I always make stir-fry. Sometimes it's with ham, sometimes with shrimp, and many times just veggies.

My pre-dinner, post-run snack. Celery and crunchy honey roast pb. Not as healthy as almond butter, or some other options, but it's what I had. (not pictured: large glass of Chocolate Silk) I ended up adding some pb to the stir-fry and it was awesome.

Almost done!!

Dinner was yum-o-licious.  Afterwards I relaxed and watched ....something on t.v. I don't remember what now. Must've been super stimulating. I checked in on the election results occasionally, but quickly grew too tired and went to bed.

Happy Wed-a-ness-day all!

Monday, November 05, 2012

How long is a tenth of a mile?!

Tonight I put in another 3.1. Workout description: hard.  As soon as that treadmill reached 4.7 speed I was in trouble. Only 30 seconds in and my knees felt stiff, my shins burned, and my calves felt heavy. I was already defeated. But then i remembered runner friends like HRG that hasn't run because of injury. Or the people on the east coast that can't think of anything but survival; for them giving up because of physical exhaustion is not an option. My weakness is nothing, and i can overcome it. I finished, just shy of 38 minutes. Slow but complete.

Then it was on to dinner. I was in the mood for something simple. Eggs always win. Tonight, eggs with mushrooms, red onions, garlic, fresh basil, a little cheddar cheese, and yummy avocado.

Time for a shower and off to bed.

What did you do tonight?

Racking up the miles

Yesterday I decided to push myself a little and get in some extra running time. As you know, I did 3.1 on the dreadmill treadmill Friday. Yesterday I tried 2.5 outside, including 2 hills.  I.Need.New.Shoes. That's for sure. I pushed as hard as I could. Walked about 1/10th total, and finished in about 30 mins. That comes out to a 12 min mile. Blag! Afterwards I crawled to my car, went home to have a pickle, changed my socks, and met a friend for a 2 mile walk/jog. By the end I was beat.

Since time rolled back yesterday there will be no outdoor running during the week. It will now be dark by the time I leave my office, and I have a 30 min commute. Off to the gym!!!

In personal business, I had burgers and played Apples to Apples on Friday with running buddy. I won. Woot Woot. On Saturday my wonderful mom came to visit. We had a fabulous time, but she had to go back home. I cried when she left. Stupid loving relationships. Hmph. While she was here we got to check out the Dia De Los Muertos Art Festival in Denison. That was pretty cool. We haven't spent much time appreciating 'art' so we popped in a few galleries.

Saturday night I napped until 10.30pm. I meant to get up at 8 to go get a bottle of wine but decided I like sleeping more. Sunday was full of church activities, running, eating, and football. My 'Boys lost ...again. It's tough being a Dallas fan. I forgot to make adjustments on my fantasy team and lost. Boo. OU won, Bama put LSU away. And OK State got their mouths shut by KState too. What up?!

What was your weekend like?

Did you eat anything super wonderful?

How many miles did you get in?

Friday, November 02, 2012

Here comes the BOOM

Who is that girl? That's me. What did i do? I just ran a 5k as my evening run. What?!?!?!?! You know that's right.