TOWPICK Thursday, yoga?, and more chocolate.

You know what day it is, so let's not waste time. I wore the OTHER white pants, you know it, and that's just that.

I spent a little time last evening yoga-ing in the driveway. No, I wasn't pretending to be a cheerleader... Anyway, I'm sore so I must've done some good. Flexibility is a big factor is strengthening your run, so I work on it often. I would like to be a yoga instructor someday, but that may be a pipe dream. For now, I'll just instruct myself. My power pose for the month of June is crow,  and I'm not doing too good. My scorpion is much better. (ok, so maybe I'm pretending to be a cheerleader, sometimes)

(not me, of course)

I also sat and watched the process of wheel bearings being greased and reinstalled. That was pretty interesting. I just fetched paper towels, but since I did help, I basically know everything now. Just don't ask me to do yours.
Run for coffee

I did make it out for a run this morning. Trying to beat the heat, but it's not working. Oklahoma weather cares not. I didn't time myself, nor did I track my distance, but it's the usual loop around 3.1 miles, and I was somewhere around 35 minutes. Meh, good enough for sore muscles, and sleepy eyes. 

I got my iced coffee fix afterwards, so it was worth it. Runners really like coffee. Right? I'm not the only one...

I dream of donuts

What shows up at your door at 12:40am? I get a chocolate glazed, peanut butter filled donut. Delivered by the best looking midnight donut delivery guy around. If you don't get that kind of surprise, then you obviously live in the wrong place. You didn't choose your home very well did you?

I ate that donut like a champ for breakfast. Peanut butter is good for runners, and my skinnies still fit afterwards, so that means it's ok.Waiting at least 6 hours to eat a donut is the same thing as dieting isn't it?

We have a donut place that opens at night, and stays open OVERNIGHT. We may have gone over this a few months back when I was introduced to it, but I just have to mention it again, in case you forgot. Donuts, at night! Thank you for teaching me the way.

Do you yoga?

What is your favorite donut??


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