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D-O for my B-O; back on the mat.

I'm on day 5 of trying Native natural deodorant.

Let's take a quick trip though my sweat.

I sweat. A lot. I sweat from my underarms, my back, my head, my forearms, my belly button, my tush, my kneecaps, the backs of my knees, my arches, and everywhere else that is covered in skin. I glisten, I glow, I gleam, I gush.

I've used Dove, Secret, Degree, Suave. Regular, sensitive, clinical, prescription.

Roll on, spray on, rub on.

Clear, solid, opaque, glittered, gel, liquid, and unicorn paste.

Nothing impedes it, it just keeps it from making people pass out when they get a whiff. "My, that river running down your spine sure smells fresh."

Over the last year my concern has shifted from slowing the flowing to focusing on what's getting absorbed, and the long term effects.

Recently I saw a study completed on natural antiperspirants and women. The top pick was Native. I've never heard of that and I live in Oklahoma. Everything is 'native' here. ...anyway.