TWPICK Thursday for the win, It's my Friday (maybe), and other stuff.

 Thank goodness that I'm crazy and wear (almost) the same thing every Thursday. I woke up at 8am, had no hair gel in the fridge, my mascara was still on my face... If it wasn't for preplanned outfits, I'd have been in a real jam today.
..mmmm jam.

(I would bet you can guess what color my shirt is)

Happy early Friday

Tuesday I came up with a plan to leave early Friday to go visit some family. Yesterday I decided to just make today my Friday. Today will surely be a real peach trying to get everything in order at the office.



Today is a large coffee kind of day. Some things are worth it...

Friend-o has been on call lately so I get to spend some time with my little pal.

Life is good. I don't even know if I could complain. Who am I kidding, I could. It's just not worth it. It's summer, I'm happy, God is blessing me. Be the sun in someone's cloudy day, right?
 Office breakfasts. Oatmeal packet and defrosted strawberries with sugar from the coffee bar. Mmmm.

When you wake up 2 hours late, you don't get much choice.

Except those fortune cookies in the background. Those were my choice.

See you soon!!


If I head out early tomorrow, I'll try to make a post sometime over the weekend. I know, special! I have some long-ago friends that are in a cover band playing in OKC Saturday night.

Strange, this will be the 2nd activity that he and I have attempted that revolves around me, and it will be in the City also. (#1 was the 1/2 marathon in April)


Since I'm about to run silent, tell me what you're up to.

Friday off?

Big weekend plans?

When did you last lose sleep and not lose sleep over it?


  1. Like an underwater unicorn, they've got a kick ass facial horn.


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