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Police on the scene, know what I mean?

We could all benefit from more police on the streets. All except the criminals that is. So, taking into consideration my lack of knowledge about city governments and major scale budgets, here is my proposal. All counties should have an imposed tax on all working adults that would go specifically to law enforcement wages and supplies. Take my city for instance. We have approx. 100,000 working people in the general city area. If all people paid an imposed 25 cent tax per week to the city that would be $100,000 per month. Wouldn't that be enough to supply the city with many more patrols? I know, I know, the money would be taxed and dispersed and levied and blah blah blah. But in the simplest form, it would work. I'll pay a quarter a week for more safety. Wouldn't you?

The Voodoo Flu

I've had it. It is terrible! So bad that I have renamed the 24 hr flu: THE VOODOO FLU!