Leaving the weekend makes me sad, life thoughts as deep as the kiddie pool.

Yep, it's Monday alright. The weekend is gone, and we have 5 days to reflect on how it was, and to dream of the next one.

I. Am. Tired. I don't know if it was the 28 year old or the 3 year old, but some combination of the two wore me out this weekend. It was all worth it. It was truly one of those weekends that you look back on and smile so many smiles.

Although I wasn't directly involved with the BBQ competition this weekend, I did get to do my share of helping. Groceries, cleaning, and rain removal. (wearing my swimsuit under my clothes was the best idea!) I also did a lot of walking around psyching out the competition. We had hot weather, coupled with heavy downpours from time to time. Humidity wasn't as bad as it could have been, thanks to a nice breeze.

I am so impressed with what goes into these competitions. The participants put a lot of money and time into this 'hobby'. Traveling, sleep deprivation, supplies. It's really impressive. It's not a hobby for the weekend griller. In order to place you have to know what you're doing. Lighting the fire at the right time, keeping watch on the temperature, pulling the meat off and storing it properly. Knives. Very sharp knives are important for presentation. Knowing how glazes will cook, and set up. So much that I didn't know. I could feel the tension during the placement for presentation, it's so particular; this is serious business. It's a great bonding opportunity as well. Whether you're doing it with family or friends, when you have to stay up all night and keep watch, you have time to really talk.

The guys placed in 2 of their 3 categories, and I walked away with some awesome leftovers.

I was beyond excited to be invited to watch, help, and eat. It was a total guy thing, and they let me peek in. I tried to not girl it up too much, and just stuffed my face most of the time.

Thanks dudes!

Run a little bit

I ran Saturday morning between rain storms. Just a few miles. My legs were cramping pretty hard. I'm not sure what's happening lately but I'm really tight all the time. I've been getting enough water, but it is probably the heat and humidity attacking my body. I may be transitioning to a 'winter person'. Gah.
Real life

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that ******* mountain.”

~Jack Kerouac

I hope that I don't only remember my time in the office. This year was planned to be about me re-discovering who I was way back when, and who I was supposed to become. I lost myself along the road many years ago; that is the saddest of realizations. God has given me an awesome spirit for adventure, laughter, and life. So far I am beyond pleased with where I've taken myself, and allowed myself to be taken. Summer is just opening it's eyes and I'm filled with excitement for what is to come. Forget the daily grind, forget being an adult. If tomorrow never comes I want today to have been enough to make up for all the time I've lost.

Mud fights, sno-cones, naps, and stolen moments that live in your heart forever. Those itty bitty parts of conversations that only you remember, the kinds of things that push you through the next day. 

(the fact that my spell checker prefers 'snog-cones and snot-cones' to sno-cones makes me smile)


  1. I've read that you have to slow way down on your running during the hotter months. I don't actually know this from experience because I don't run. So there is your unsolicited, second-hand advice. Boom. You're welcome.

    1. Thanks for the reminder! I probably pushed harder/faster since I knew I was going a shorter distance, and did just as much damage.


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