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Things of recent.

Currently reading "Left Behind". Terrified that I am not up to par as a Christian, and will actually be left behind. Have had a few scares over the last few weeks, thinking that if my phone is not ringing or if I can't see my neighbors, the rapture may have actually happened!

I refused to give the census worker my name. I don't see that it is necessary. I understand that they ask for it in order to ensure you aren't filling out more than one census. However, if I refused to fill it out not once, but twice, I assure you, I won't fill out anymore in the same name. So, when the volunteer worker came to my house, I made my husband speak to them. He made sure that they didn't get any more information than we felt was needed. I'm not unpatriotic, I'm not trying to short our community any money. I just wanted a straight forward answer:"what will happen to me if I don't give you my name?". They couldn't give me an answer. Ok, then too ba…