Friday, June 25, 2010

Gypsy Tingles

Here is the first run at my book.

Big font, gypsy tingles, and other fish tales.

Smoked salmon - the party years
Cod-tradictions - numerous conflicting opinions in one brain
Holy Mackerel - religion
Nice Hali-butt - lame pick up lines and feeble attempts to wow me
Tuna Down - depression, or maybe rules?
Stink bait - crap happens
Piranahs! - friends, foes, and in-laws
You put down your rock, I'll put down my swordfish - marital issues

Free pizza!!!

Nothing better....
It's been one year, and the tears still well up in me. I never met him, but he was my best friend. He was everyones best friend. Guilty or not, he had amazing music, and an amazing spirit.

Michael, wherever you are, we love you! Thanks for what you gave us.

Say Chee.....geez thats a huge camera!

Ok, so this is the future of cameras. The Polaroid had to be put back in the idea closet as the film is no longer manufactured. But Fujifilm makes an instant camera. So, POOF! Its on!

Phist Pumpin' Photos. Coming to a scene near you!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Don't slap the Halibut

How many types of underwear do you rock? Boxers, briefs, bikinis, thongs... It's all relevant to the topic, so let the information out!

And don't slap the halibut.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You want to see the future?

Ok, so here it is. The future.

Well, actually, the past. It's a polaroid. But it will be the future. My very good friend Lu and I have come up with a fabulous activity for ourselves. We will be taking and distributing photos of local pub patrons on the weekends. We would like to start with the polaroid so that we can immediately give the photos out. Later, we will add a digital camera also so that we can take either kind, depending on what the victim would like to have.

This is my official registration of Phist Pumpin' Photos. Do not attempt to copy the name, because this post is date stamped. And I will stamp it onto your forehead, take a picture of it, and post it on my blog if you do.  :) Smile!

Flat on paper

Last night I had the most amazing conversation with myself during the wee hours. I started thinking about how studies show that you shouldn't turn the light on during the night if you go to the bathroom because it confuses your senses. Your mind functions as if it is now morning, and your body begins to wake up. But then you go back to bed and can't sleep. We have a street light outside of our bathroom, so that provides just enough light to see, but not enough to wake me up, usually. However, last night, it did. I sat in bed thinking to myself how the sun changes us throughout the day. It seems to cause happiness, anger, and stress. The dark causes us to feel weary, grumpy, intimate, and worried. Neither has all positives.

......this story is going nowhere. It was much better in the dark last night. The sun had destroyed my thought process.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Things I'm wondering about today

How can I talk to my friends and family about their outright sin? I want to lead them to God, but they automatically treat me as if I think I'm better than them. I AM A SINNER. I can admit to what I have done. I was in a bad way many times. But I have been led to Christ and am trying my best to stay on the right path. I wish I could talk to them without them getting defensive.

Why would someone who is not married call their boyfriend "hubby"? Age probably. Someone who is only 19 doesn't know any better. I know that young adults can feel love, but they don't understand the sacrifices that come with real love. I mean marital love. Alot of adults don't even understand that.

What kind of guy calls his friends 'besties'? That's just strange.

I'm very funny when I talk in person. I am eloquent, my thoughts flow, and they are good! But on here, where I can be myself without fear of getting odd looks, I am not so swift. I try to tell my stories and thoughts in text the same as I do in person, but they never come out as good. Why is that? I always have fantastic ideas for conversations on here, then I have them with someone, they go over famously, but never transfer to my blog well. Hmm...

Phone upgrade

I'm eligible for an upgrade again this October. I could upgrade to the newest iPhone this month when it comes out though. But do I really want to do that?

To me, a phone is only useful for texting, and the occasional phone call with whomever it is that doesn't text. I don't use it for the internet; I don't even have the internet at home! I do what I need on my work computer during breaks, at lunch, after I clock out...and sometimes in between.

I don't need to check my facebook 1736 times per day. I don't need updates to my 'friends' status. I don't tweet either. I don't want the entire world to know what I'm doing at any given moment. Besides, I don't think they want to know anyway.

I don't need turn-by-turn directions on my phone, I need to be watching the road. Especially if I'm lost!

I don't need music on my phone, I have a radio. And and iPod for that matter.

I don't need a camera for pictures, I own a real camera. And I never look at or develop the pictures on that one, so why do I need another one? I don't need to make videos of anything, who would I share them with?

I don't need to search for things to buy at stores that aren't in my town. Plus, could I really afford to shop if I just spent $$ on an iPhone?

It just seems to be a waste for a person like me. I want to text, and be able to call for help if needed. I get that it is "useful" for many people. I don't think it is that useful for your averge joe though. I feel it is more of a status symbol. It was the newest, coolest, most expensive toy out there. One person gets one, and everyone else feels inferior until they have one. We feel we need one in order to be equal. But then, we're just become a big group of people with the same complaints about our phones!

I want to get one, because it is the next step in phone technology for me, however, it's not a step forward for me. I don't need it. However, I also don't need the weird look I get from people when they see I don't have an iPhone. It's the same look I get when they find out I don't have internet. Or that I didn't have a facebook until a few months ago.

Does that make me crazy?

Friday, June 11, 2010

The crud!

I'm still alive after my 1st week of Muay Thai. I did take last night off though, I have come down with the crud. Thankfully I have many bottles of Ampicilian(ambidrin) from our neighbors to the south. I love cheap antibiotics.

Another day here at the office, and we're off to the weekend. Class tomorrow, church on Sunday, and plenty of laundry and lazin' in between.

In the news: I don't believe that a set of parents would let their son AND then their daughter try to sail around the world solo. That's just crazy to me! Good for those kids having a solid hobby, and the confidence to go for it. But my mom and dad wouldn't let me drive to town alone until I was 18.

Van der Sloot is going down! Finally! I do agree that the FBI may have funded his trip to Peru which ended in the slaying of that young woman. That will be difficult for them to deal with mentally. But at least they now have him!

Sigh, what now?

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

1st Muay Thai class

Well, I'm not dead. I have to be alive in order to feel this much pain! Actually, it isn't that bad. I have a stiff neck, but that happens to me alot because of back injuries, and I haven't been to the chiropractor in a few weeks. Otherwise, not too much damage. One small bruise on my right shin, and my forearms are a little tender from all the punching. Oh yeah, and my butt hurts from all the kicking....and squats...and jumping.

It is so fun though. I can't believe I didn't try this before.

My confidence is sure to skyrocket this summer!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Proofreading errors so far today...

In a story by the Associated Press on MSN about the death of Ted Koppel's son, the writer left out the word 'to' in the tenth paragraph. "Koppel and the drinking buddy eventually wound up at the apartment, which belonged a friend of Wimberly's, the official said."

Not surprisingly, a grammatical error from WONDERWALL. In a blurb about K.Stew's latest run-in with the paparazzi, the 'hot gossip' writer used the word 'along' instead of 'alone', making the entire sentence senseless. Shortly after posting my thoughts on the mistake, it was corrected.

Thank you.