Old friends, new life, and the passage of time.

Oh my weekend. You were quite the time. Cramming so much good and will-be good, into 3 little days.

I visited with some old friends Saturday. I went in with so much excitement. These are the people that gave me some of my happiest memories. My most fun stories. My epic tales. I left realizing that you can't go back, and sometimes, you don't want to. It was a very uncomfortable evening for everyone. There was fun in there, but not the kind I was hoping for. I was a little heartbroken, but that was my own fault. I had built it up to more than it could be. I'm much happier with the life I've moved on to, and I don't think I'll have to look back again.

Farewell old friends. Thanks for the good times.

 The passage of time brings many changes. 

Jobs, homes, love, loss, friends, age, maturity. So much changes in our lives; with or without our input.

One thing that doesn't change is sin. We will sin everyday, no matter what our address is, no matter what our job title is. We will give in to the things of the flesh, turning our eyes from the Lord, seeking fulfillment in the little gods we worship.

This Sunday's sermon had a list running in my mind. How many little gods am I worshiping? How much am I sacrificing to feed those needs? If I'm trusting my own judgement, and seeking my own answers, that means I'm not trusting God to provide. If He created the things that I think are making me happy, how great is He? He is behind those 'great' things. Why would I stop at the end product, when I could go right to the source? Do I really believe that He isn't as good?

No. I'm just human. I am driven by what I can see and touch. The invisible is hard to grasp. In my heart I feel it, I know it's true, but my brain runs over that truth. God is so good. So, so good. He gives me strength when I can't go on, He gives me patience when I otherwise couldn't wait, He helps me forgive when I want to be angry. Recently He has been teaching me understanding. I am a weak person, full of pain and failure. He is a strong Father, full of love and life.

Make my heart believe!
 No pictures please
I'm a bit picture-less from my adventures. I was too busy loving on my nieces and nephews. I was too busy laughing with my friends. I was too busy finding common ground with my favorite.

This weekend was full of good and will-be good emotions. Nothing bad can come from anything created in the heart. Momentary anguish can lead to extraordinary joy.

Embrace. Express. Experience.  

Tonight I run!

Join me for a few miles this evening. Put your shoes on, grab your water, and let's pound some pavement. Come back tomorrow to see how I did, tell me how you did, and all the things!!


  1. I had considered a 'run' this evening, maybe I will join you...

  2. Yes, do it! I dare you!!!


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