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UnderTech Undercover Review!

Running at night can be dangerous. Heck, running in the daylight is dangerous. People with malicious intent roam the streets at all hours.

Runners aren't hurting anyone. Just leave us alone!!!!

As a female, I feel more likely to be followed, verbally accosted, or physically attacked, when on a run alone. I would love to run with partners, but it isn't always an option. When training for a marathon you have to get in long runs, when you can, and usually that is after work. Daylight Savings means sunsets around 5:30pm, and that is inconvenient when you work until 6pm.

What is a girl to do?

Don't be fooled into thinking that a pepper spray or can of mace will save you. Many times it is used against the victim. You are taken by surprise, fumble to retrieve the canister (which the attacker suspects you have on you) and then you have to hope the nozzle is pointed in the right direction. Also, if you've had it for more than a few months, the nozzle could be clogged if you kee…