Run!!!, what a fool Wednesday, and the American dream.

Go run today.
It will be like you're running with me, and I know you wish for that all the time.

Who's ready for the mid-week blues?! Me!!!!! While this week isn't really dragging, it sure seems burdensome to me. Where's my weekend?

Speaking of weekends, what are you looking forward to? I have some irons in the fire, I'll let you know what heats up.

Caught in the Act

 Oh Simon. You are so silly. Trying to buy the power of the Holy Spirit with money. Hahaha! I can read that and think "what a fool! why would anyone think that? you're so dumb." That is probably what I would say to someone right now if they asked. Acts 8:19-24 gives the account of Simon asking to buy the Spirit, being told to repent, and asking for prayer that he may not be cursed for his wrongdoing. 

A eunuch from Ethiopia was found reading the book of Isaiah, but not understanding it. How many times do we encounter someone that is trying to do something, doesn't fully understand but will still try, and we either ignore them or criticize them? Acts 8:35 tells us exactly what we should do. 

Help! Be an example! Give discernment without judgement. 

Philip could have made fun of Simon for his offer. He could have made Simon feel like a failure for not knowing. He also could have condemned Simon without offering a solution (Acts 8:22 ~repent, and pray). Simon could have blown off the suggestion, but instead, he took the information to heart without feeling judged. Philip was a good example of how Christ wants us to be. Speak the truth, give advice based on His Word, lead others and don't contribute to their stumble.

Philip could have insulted the eunuch for not understanding the text he was reading; he could have told him the wrong information; he could have just ignored him. Instead of criticizing or belittling someone he helped the man understand God's word, and even baptized him. 

We speak so quickly, passing judgment without thought. I'm guilty of this. Just a quick insult, or negative opinion. Maybe the person it is in regards to will never hear, but those I say it to will hear. I am not a good example of Christ or Christianity when I do this. It makes me think about how I SHOULD be, and that's where I get derailed.

SHOULD BE is overwhelming. SHOULD BE says I have lots of things to change. SHOULD BE is a commitment.

Let us focus on the COULD BE instead. COULD BE feels more like a flexible option that I can work on and with, until I've grown enough to BE. 

How much kinder could I speak of others? How much more could I read in my bible daily? How many questions could I ask so that I understand? Am I being less of a follower than I could be, simply because I can?

Don't worry about what you should be doing, and work on what you could be doing. Jesus didn't take our sin because He should have, He did it because He could. Big difference.
The American Dream

I did have an pretty sweet evening. The next time you get a chance to hang out on your porch, laughing and talking, do it. Watch the neighborhood as it pulses along. Breathe in the evening air. Watch the moon rise. Slow life down a little. You don't have to do anything, you can just relax. We did. I hope it becomes a habit.

What could you do to be a better example? 

Is there something in particular that you know is a bad habit you display?

Do you like to sit outside or are you a couch crubbie?


  1. I miss my hammock, I haven't hung it in the trees this year as it has been raining EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. The rain finally stopped, if the yard dries, I'll hang my hammock.

    I like your line about Jesus taking our sin because he could, not because he should.

    1. Thanks! I love those moments when we get to realize that God did what He did because he wanted to. I also dread those moments because it makes me think about my own attitude.

      We were just talking hammock talk last evening! I think I'm ready for one.


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