Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Doing all the things Tuesday

Oh, how exciting a new, or renewed, journey can be! We've talked about it. We've procrastinated. We've made excuses. We've overslept, and laid on the couch.

We. Are. Ready.

It's yoga time!

See how far I have fallen. Watch how far I will rise.

Flexibility is at an all time low. This is good though, it works as motivation. I'm teaming up with Yoga by Candace on her 31 day challenge. I've restarted the November challenge she issued, but she is starting a new challenge per her Instagram today. Eep! I chose Ardha Baddha Paschimottanasana, or, half bound lotus west extension for us Okies.

This is how I should look, and at one time, I did. Journey. It's a journey.

Hop over to her Instagram, YouTube, or website to check it out for yourself. I'm in no way affiliated, just motivated and inspired. That's why I'm here, to share mine and help yours.
Last night was double date night! We went with a couple that he knows semi-well, and I was excited to get to know better. How do adults get to know one another? Well, burgers, fries, and laser tag, DUH! I lasered so many kids.... It was a laser-cre. Mwahahaha!

Jalapeno baja burger and rosemaryEVOO fries from SmashBurger gave us fuel, and we later wound down with a few arcade games and free soda at the casino. Ya know, adults have to be thrifty too.


the Limited provided a nice sweater selection this year. Today's wearable is my new fave. I have stayed away from long, free-flowing shirts for a while, as I feel they make me look overweight and/or preggo. Meh, I've stopped caring about that idea. Mmmmm....asymmetrical buttons, so wonderful.


 Santa (aka, runningCurl) made a splash with my family this year. All the nieces and the one nephew (of my OK fam) got many, many autie gifts. A few other select members received tokens of my thoughts.

Splash is accurate. Did you see how much rain NEOK got? When they say 'take the high road' they really mean it around there.

I found this lavender infused soda at Eatzies. Um...yes please. More!!

Accurate weather map for NEOK on Dec 26 - 27. 78 degrees, then a few tornadoes, flooding, 40 degrees with 60mph wind, then 26 degrees with sleet, and finally, 2 earthquakes on Tuesday. Some people really do have it all.....


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tradition? Schmadrition.

It's Thursday, who's wearing khakis???? NOT ME!!!!

Black skirt, black tights, black shooties....looooooong jacket. Yeah.

Haha! I know Prell got that.

I have a monster bruise on my leg, so no bare skin today. That doesn't mean I couldn't wear long khakis, but I've grown tired of the few I have.

Today at lunch I discovered a package on my front porch. What is it?!

(drumroll please......................)


I know....I'm turning into one of 'those' people. But, think about it. I've tried a bunch of new things in 2015, just for fun. I didn't continue Blue Apron, but I did try it. I've tried new foods, but didn't necessarily keep eating them. I've tried new fitness options, but may have backslid to my old ways. I Hulu and Netflix instead of DishNetwork. I even bought a tablet, but I only use it for blogging and movies. I'm trying to try things, but that doesn't mean I'm staying on the bandwagon.

I didn't open it yet, because I love anticipation. Tonight we'll see what my 'stylist' sent me, and I'll have a report for you soon.

In the mean time, we're hoping for above freezing temps in the morning so I can walk at the track.
I'm hoping for good luck on my crochet and craft projects tonight.

Also, prayer is so powerful. I know you know that, and you know I know that, but we all know that we forget. When we really believe in our heart that we are talking directly to God, He hears it, and if it is part of His plan for us, He'll deliver. If He says yes it's a yes, and if He says no it's a yes. We just have to believe.

Proverbs 16:6

xoxo, until tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Straighten up and fall right

Happy Wed-uh-nes-day to you.

I overslept, again, and didn't accomplish any predawn physical activity. Sorry neighbor! I left you stranded in the driveway at 5am!

I made it back to the chiropractor today since my lower back has been agonizing. I hadn't been since just before Thanksgiving and I could tell. While there I got my necklace caught on the table and broke it (but fixed it), cried because the bad, bad pain felt really good at the same time, and then I fell off of the sidewalk on my way to my truck. Good thing I have another appointment scheduled...

129 days until the OKC Run to Remember! What am I going to do? I have a sore ankle now, no discipline, and less enthusiasm than a proctology intern.

Remember this? 30 minutes before the start of the 2015 OKC Marathon. I can't wait to get back there!

Thankfully Christmas is almost here. I'm about worn out on plans for that, but presents are always fun! Did you buy my yoga mat yet? There's still time!

I need to finish work for the day so that I can head home to make chili.

Things I need to do:

Read my bible
Finish crochet and paint pen projects
Stop falling (except in love) ((I know....gross))

Look at that, I put 'run' last. I guess we know how I really feel about it. Obviously blogging is a science and gives us a clear picture of what's really in our minds and hearts. It's science, people. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Crochet Tuesday and ...things?


How long has it been since I did girls night with M? I don't remember either! Tonight is old fashioned, throwback, doin' it up, ladies night. You know what that means....tacos and complaining in sweatpants!!!

Actually, I'll be working on some Christmas crochet projects while she vents/updates me on life on Pine Street.

Here is one project I'll be making:
You can check out the creators post and pattern here on Little Monkeys Crochet. 

I have high hopes for a good result. You know I always do, and then it doesn't, and then I just give up. At least I'm consistent.

No, I didn't work out. No, I didn't run. No, I didn't yoga.

Oh! Yoga! Hey blog-fans. If you needed a last minute idea for Christmas, for me, and you have money to blow, here is what I want.
Go here and buy one now! Please? You can ship it straight to my office and I promise to upload a picture of me using it. Ok...at least standing on it. 

The traditional magic carpet yoga mat. They are $45-$98, but they are soooooo sweet. If 98 of you get together this could be totally doable. Think about it!

Also, if you want to cut costs and get something less useful but just as rad, you can get me this:
I have a Galaxy S4, so make sure you get the right one. Super cool, just like me and you! Land ho!

Ok, I'm not full of information today. Work, Christmas shopping with the beardface, too much food, and not enough sleep.

Let's regroup tomorrow, eh?

Monday, December 14, 2015


Hello there! I got my google photos to sync again! It's been over a month since I was last here with you, and longer than that since I had functioning sync. It's a bit sad how reliant we are on technology.

Let's get it out of the way: I'm sorry.

Ok, now, that we are super friends again, I want to get you up to speed. Unfortunately I don't have pictures for EVERY exciting moment of the past 4-6 weeks, but I do have a lot.

Let's see what I've been up to!

I'm sticking by my belief that this is a positive thought. It really could turn the other way quickly.


In November our Leadership group toured 5 of the largest employers in our area, aside from the hospital. My favorite was Cardinal Glass. I faced my fear and walked along side a 1/4 mile length piece of continually moving glass.

It starts as sand, then in 3000 degree temps becomes a blob that eventually becomes the most terrifying, scary, bad, bad thing: Glass.

I went hunting early one Saturday. Rain, wind, 34 degrees. All smiles! Note, don't go hunting in glasses; it's difficult to see through the binoculars.

You wouldn't know it from our 68+ temps over the past few days, but, we did get our first frost already. This was a few weeks back.

 I tore the remains of Co-garden out of the ground. After the sun pattern changed and the frost came, all hope was lost. The yard has become a yard again, and the cages are headed to storage.

Fear not. Plans are already in the works for CG2K16. We will replant. We will reproduce. We will grow again!
A most excellent friend shared a beautiful piece of cake with us one evening. Cake AND flowers? I may be tough now and then, but this girl is a girl to the core. Yes, please!

There was a wedding where he looked dangerous...

 And a Christmas party where I looked weird...

And a church service where they just melted my heart....

 And a photobooth fail by the Prell and I...

And a random stranger mistook the dude for this guy. I think it's pretty spot-on.


Running? What is this activity you speak of? Well.....see, what had happened was.....

Yeah, yeah. My friend Pam just finished her 365 days of running, and as much of an inspiration as she is, I just haven't gotten back to it. I've visited the gym a few times, kept up my walking, and have jogged a few blocks.

OKC Run to Remember is only 131 days away. If I'm going to survive the full marathon, or crush it in the half, I MUST get moving.

Any words of encouragement?