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I'm interested in DDR. I wonder if it is as fun at home b/c you don't have the bar to hold onto, so can you not get as crazy? Is it worth it to buy? Which DDR to get...DDRMAX, DDRMAX2...etc. hmm. I may have to just get wacko and go pick up a copy for myself.

"Return of the Hag". Another installment

I knew it wouldn't last long. Today she had to open her big yap and make that vein in the side of my neck ache. (When I get furious, I have a spot on the right side of my neck that hurts) I wont go into detail of the conversation but I wish my therapy session was sooner...I need right about now. And she needs me to have it now for her safety. I'm cold with disgust for her.

on the road again

In more ways than one. 1) I bought a car, sort of. We got a 99 Grand Am in on trade the other day, and I've been driving it under the agreement that they will take the cost out of my check weekly. But the car isn't exactly ours yet, so it isn't exactly mine yet either. We'll see. 2) I went on a trip this las weekend to Altus and Tipton. Pretty neat I must say. I went to the "farm" where my BF and his family grew up yadda yadda. I saw tumbleweeds and cotton fields. It was relaxing. I've decided that I want to live somewhere like that. As strange as that is, being that it is like the place I grew up in that I hated. I just want windows. Windows to watch the sunrise and sunset. That's it. Smile at strangers, it may save their life.

An end to an era...a very short era

The Dodge is no more. I sold it today. I'm left with $400 and an empty parking space. I don't have anything else to drive at this point, but at least I sold it which means my parents don't have to worry about it anymore. See, it was my dads truck, he had it on his loan with his new one as collateral They wanted to sell it in order to lower the loan total and not have to insure it anymore. So I drove it when I lost my car. They let me drive it for free as long as I promised to try and sell it. I intended on using my tax refund to put away for my own car after the truck tax refund this year. Truck sold, no money, no car. Got enough for a good pair of shoes though. HA!! I start therapy on the 9th. I passed the evaluation! I'm just crazy enough to be in counseling. Hooray.