Thursday, February 09, 2017

UnderTech Undercover Review!

Running at night can be dangerous. Heck, running in the daylight is dangerous. People with malicious intent roam the streets at all hours.

Runners aren't hurting anyone. Just leave us alone!!!!

As a female, I feel more likely to be followed, verbally accosted, or physically attacked, when on a run alone. I would love to run with partners, but it isn't always an option. When training for a marathon you have to get in long runs, when you can, and usually that is after work. Daylight Savings means sunsets around 5:30pm, and that is inconvenient when you work until 6pm.

What is a girl to do?

Don't be fooled into thinking that a pepper spray or can of mace will save you. Many times it is used against the victim. You are taken by surprise, fumble to retrieve the canister (which the attacker suspects you have on you) and then you have to hope the nozzle is pointed in the right direction. Also, if you've had it for more than a few months, the nozzle could be clogged if you keep it in your purse, or worse, it could just be faulty. If you're lucky enough that it does work, the attacker may wrestle it from you, and then you're in trouble.

Let's talk guns. No, not my awesome biceps, but thanks for noticing. Firearms. If you really believe that disarming society is going to help make us safer, then you won't like my post. I do hope you read on though, and give it some thought.

I own guns. I have a CCL. I usually have a loaded firearm on me, no matter where I am. I'm an unlikely subject, and I believe that gives me an advantage. While looking like a pretty, helpless gal may invite more chances to be attacked, it also may give the attacker a false sense of ability to be victorious. Bring. It. On.

I need more training. We all do. You can never train enough for an attack. Do I think I'm prepared to be victimized? No. Do I know for certain that I could manage to fight off an attacker? No. Do I have an advantage that they may not expect? Uh....yaaaasssss.

Running with guns though....ooh. That seemed difficult. If you plan to wear a gun, don't plan on it being comfortable. It's a gun, not a camisole. However, I want it to be tolerable.

I did some research on ways to run with my firearm. Sports bras, compression shirts, back and hip holsters, and tights. I chose to buy and test the UnderTech Undercover full length running tight, thanks to a lot of women on Instagram.

I'm sold. They rock.

I've had them for about a month now. We've gone at least 75 miles together, 10 miles being the longest single run so far. Since I've gone on, and on for too long, I'll get right to my points:

Very comfortable
Warm on the cold days
Moisture wicking on the warm days
Extra long (for those of us that won the long limb lottery)
High waist makes for secure hold
Choice of kidney carry or appendix carry

Requires a 2 handed draw
I cut my hip open when I first tried them on. The holster padding is very stiff.
My lower abs were very sore after the initial run, but that went away with a few more outings.
Price (but can you put a price on your safety?)

UnderTechUndercover offers this carry option in capri length, and shorts. I'll be purchasing the capris this spring, and will be back with a review of that pair.

This may not be a carry option for you, but I give it a 100% yes for me. With a price tag of $89.99 this is not an investment I wanted to make without my research. I'm glad I watched videos, and read multiple reviews. So far, they are worth every penny spent.

Note: I carry a S&W M&P shield, 9mm single-stack.

*I did not contact UTUc about this review, nor did they contact me, and I'm not being paid for it. I think we should have honest information, so that we can make the best decision for ourselves.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

A weak week, and new feature: Insomnazon

Running news!

I'm in week 3 of marathon training. Total miles for the week: 0. uh.....

I kept to my schedule for weeks 1 and 2, and even ran an extra 1.31 miles on my long run last Saturday. I offset that with 1.31 waffles, 1.31 extra pieces of bacon, and 1.31 extra creamers per cup of coffee. 

I have YTT this weekend, and as per usual I'm behind on practice and homework. I decided to focus on my yoga this week, and catch up on my running next week. I wish I wasn't doing this, because we had 2-3 days in the 70s, so it was great running weather. But, I built 2 extra weeks into my training in case I got off schedule. So lay off!


You know how most people are afraid of performing in front of strangers? I'm the opposite. I fear my loved ones so badly. I think I'm afraid that they will be more critical because they genuinely want to help me by critiquing me. I don't want that! I want you to just do what I tell you, and not tell me to be better!

I spent last evening with a friend, guiding her through 15 minutes of yoga. It went so great! She may have been more excited to learn than I was that I was teaching. Tonight, we go for round 2.


I'm creating a new, maybe weekly, feature. Things I buy on Amazon late at night. Sometimes it's because I can't sleep and I think a purchase is a solid idea. Sometimes it falls into the 'emotioning and amazoning' category, when I've been sad or mad, and end up spending money. Nether of these are common to my personality, and have only surfaced in the past 6-8 months.

So, without further adieu, my list of this week's Insomnazon purchases:

 I bought this Rip Curl swimsuit, because I saw a girl on Instagram wearing it.
She looked amazing. Surely I will too, right?

It's January, I should be buying swimsuits.

These are the Undertech Undercover full length, concealed carry leggings. I needed new leggings to run in, that would securely carry my .... running accessory.

They have gotten amazing reviews, and I actually did research on these before ordering.

Yoga by Candace has become one of my favorite websites, yoga YouTube channels, and all around 'people'. She has a quarterly Mantra box (you know, the mail order thing with stuff you need) that I have hem-hawed about buying. I finally took the plunge, and signed up for the next shipment. It's probably going to come with stuff I wouldn't buy, but might use, and some things that may be really neat to have. I don't have any other monthly (or otherwise) shipments anymore, so I thought I would try a new one.

Oh! I do get YL monthly...I forgot about that.

My new Oakley running tights. These babies feel like a wet suit! Thick, but not heavy. Very supportive, and very comfortable.

...yes, I saw them in an Instagram post, so I bought them. They worked out for the good.

I'll do a solid review on the Undertech/Undercover tights, in case any of my running readers need the info. I'll review the Mantra box when it comes in. You may never see a picture of me in the swimsuit. 

I also got some new VS pajamas, 12 amber colored glass bottles with sprayers (for my EO), my new Minzuno WaveRider 20s, and I became a premium member on Spotify.

Check back next week for my review of YTT month 4. Can you believe it's already 4/9?!?!!


What did you last buy online?
What's your favorite yoga posture?

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Trust in me, just in me... Running around, and doing all the things!

Are you alive? Did you die with 2016? Is it a terrible year yet??

Get over it.

2017 is just another year. Starting the month of January isn't any different than starting the month of July (which is the best month, in case you were wondering).

What IS great is that God is the same today as yesterday, and tomorrow. Unless He comes back before tomorrow...well, no, because He'll still be the same, but we won't be. (insert long pause)

If you waited until January 1 to change something in your life, I want to let you know that you didn't have to wait, but since you made the change, CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to a new perspective. You might fail, but that is ok. You will fail at some things, but you will also succeed at some things. (This is the Dude's least favorite advice from me (I think it's some of my best))

Do or do not, there is no try. As long as you stepped out in faith, stepped out on the Word, stepped up to the plate, stepped in line, stepped out of line, stepped back, or stepped in deep...., then you made a move, which is so brave. Look at you, being brave.


I ran my 5 miles Saturday. Sunday was a rest day. Monday started week 2 of official marathon training (#crazyperson). 3 miles last night, and 4 on the schedule for tonight.

I've successfully gotten out of the 12+ minute mile, and am consistently in the upper to mid 11s. My goal is to get back into the low 10s by April. That's where I left off in the summer of 2015 when I was running daily. Shoe laces crossed!

108 what? 

I completed the 108 Sun Salutations Saturday morning. I can't lift my arms, and my hamstrings exploded somewhere between church Sunday and dinner last night.

If you aren't familiar with a sun salutation, you should check it out online. It's a very simple beginning to any yoga asana. Most people do a few at the beginning of practice to connect movement with breath, and warm up the body. NYT does a class for New Year's focusing on new intentions for the new year, and securing your chosen intention with repetition. 108 repetitions to be exact. (108 has great significance in Hindu and yogic traditions. Look it up, it isn't black magic, I promise) 
My intentions for this year have flowed between generosity, focus, commitment, release, and fulfillment. I continue to focus mostly on 'Don't move without your breath'. This came somewhere around sun salutation 36 or so. One breath, one pose. Let your breath move you, don't move without your breath.

If I can get my life to function in this manner, my actions will be more mindful. What do you think?


I cleaned the front porch of my fall decorations. The pumpkins went into the compost, and got a little chopping thanks to my new Rogue Hoe. This thing is SHARP. It's the most high quality garden tool I have. Keep an eye out for it in posts over the next season, it's going to be a big help.


Scooter got to go for a spin, as we had a few days in the upper 60s recently. Our snow chances have disappeared once again. It's too cold today for a ride, but, we have a day next week with a forecast of 73 degrees.

Do you remember the really fluffy chocolate chip cookies I made a few years ago? The batch that I hid under my desk? You remember, I brought them to work to share, and somehow ate them all before sharing? No? Probably because I didn't even share the I found the recipe finally!!! Tonight is cookie night. You know what that means, I get to use the KitchenAid again!

Lastly, I know you're really going to be excited about this.The 20s are in!!!! #mizuno #waverider20 #Irunthisbody #psyougotthis #hashtag


How are your intentions going?
What is your 'one and only' exercise brand?

Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday little bits

Happiness to everyone!

This is the last Friday of 2016. Are you happy to have this year end? Are you happy to have a new year start?

I'm not upset about this past year. Sure, 2016 brought me some bad days at work. I cried over a boy; well, he's not a boy, but that is how the cliche goes. I had disagreements with friends and family. I lost my grandmother.  I had many small bad things, and a few big, bad wolves.

2016 also brought me back to my love of running. I was accepted into YTT. I made some new friends. I FINALLY took a real vacation. I met the Wranglerstars. I cried over a boy (in good ways); again, not a boy, but you know.

We can spend time focusing on how "bad" this year was, but if we do that, we're just wasting the last bit of 2016 being lame. We could be making GREAT memories! End this year on a positive note!!!!

Quit feeding negativity. Get off of your soapbox and be amazing. Life is what you make it, right? So go make it something you want to live for.

I'm attending NYT's New Year's Eve 108 Sun Salutations. We will be ending 2016 with peace, and
setting a positive intention for 2017.

If you're ever in the McKinney, TX area, contact North Texas Yoga about a visit. 

What is your intention for the next trip around the sun??

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Khaki Thursday, yoga nidra, and deep little droplet thoughts


It's Khaki Thursday ya'll! Man I love this day. I doesn't matter how tired I am (I woke up at 4am to a fake noise I 'heard'), how sore I am (running....), how grumpy I am (a few days each month, or a random day, or because #existence), I always have a little smile in there somewhere because it's TODAY!

4 AM: (my magical, amazing brain) What was that? Was that the back door? (slide out of bed, retrieve shotgun, pray the intruder doesn't hear the creaky wood floors and pinpoint your location). Sneak, sneak, sneak. How can I open the door without the handle making noise? Turning it to the right opens it easier, but louder. Turning it left eventually opens it quietly, but I may be in the back of a U-Haul by then... How much time did I just waste worrying about that? Crap.

OPENS DOOR! AIMS! ....nothing. Like usual. What the heck am I hearing every night that is waking me up? This is why I used to sleep with earplugs in. Yes, that is dangerous, but if you can't hear the danger, does it really exist?

5 AM: I tried meditating. It's on my list of rajasic/tamasic things to work on this month. After a few minutes I found myself slightly slumped on my meditation cushion, arms crossed, and judging the voice guiding me. Not my voice, I was using guided meditation this time. But you're correct to think I was judging myself, that happens aaaalllllll the time.

Do you know what my biggest issue was? I felt like I was missing parts of the guide's story when I would drift in and out. He used so many adjectives to describe my serene surroundings, I wasn't able to keep up when I let go. So I kept focusing on the story. Then, I missed things, and I was frustrated. Mediation and me, we have a long way to go.

5:30 AM: Eggs, tomatoes, baby arugula, avocado, Parmesan cheese. Mmmm.

I did get a sweet pic of my new jammies
6:30 AM: Ugh...I'm so tired!!!! I'd better wash my hair. (Don't give in to the lie that coconut oil works on curly hair, it doesn't) Enter yoga nidra (with wet hair). I had the same issue with this, I felt like I was missing something. I kept hearing the same part over and over, ", the right buttock". Why was that the only line I heard? I did relax some, but didn't sleep. Meh, I feel a little better. Yoga nidra and me, we have a long way to go.


Reading Path of the Yoga Sutras has been a great mind opener. I find myself reminding myself of new perspectives during my day. Removing my attachment to success, truly giving without expectation of receiving, accepting outcomes as experience, making deposits into my karmic piggy bank.

If you give, out of love, and do not receive, did you truly give? Lately I've felt if I spend any time thinking about how I didn't get something back in return for what I gave, then I gave selfishly. If I can give, and move on, and only notice (read:appreciate) what I get when I get it, and not think about it when I don't, then I'm giving selflessly, out of pure love, and with abandon. Removing the expectation of 'fair return' allows me to give without pain. It also allows me to spend copious amounts of time trying to wrap my mind around my own mind. This is why meditation escapes me.


It's run night again! Day 5 of official marathon training. Only 3 miles on the schedule for tonight. Zoom Zoom. Oh, and I ordered the Mizuno Wave Rider 20 yesterday. Scrumptious, I know.

What shoes do you wear? 
What hangups do you have, that you could let go of?
What's for lunch?

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Marathon training, cold-weather issues, and DOING ALL THE THINGS!!!!

Hey there travelers of the blog-sphere. I've been M.I.A. for about a million minutes. Did you even notice?


Dec 25th may have been Christmas, but on a more serious (and terrifying) note, it marked 18 weeks until the OKC Memorial Marathon. Guess who paid for the full? Guess. Yes, the winner of last year's marathon entered. Yes, the second place person probably did too. Ok, ok, guess which non-winner paid for this year? Right! ME!!! This curl is gonna run (read: bouncing ponytail) 26 point flippin' 2 miles.

I've committed to a 16 week program over 18 weeks to give myself some cushion. I know I can run 3-5 miles with effort, and could probably drag my rear for 6-8 if I was promised a hug at the end. Beyond that, it's a no. So, enter training! Oh, we know how much I love (riiiight....) training plans. I made it through 4 days of the last one; and that was my longest streak. I plan to use the extra 2 weeks somewhere in the middle for repeat weeks when my long runs get into the teens.

Accountability groups, a new Garmin ( #hewenttogarmin), lots of support, and really...not much else to do, means I have no good reason to not keep at it. I SHOULD be focusing on my yoga (more on that later) but this is a big deal for me, so I'm hoping to squeeze the effort out of this avocado pit of a person that I am.

It's officially winter. The weather here wouldn't alert you to that, but it is winter. Although we've been in the 60+ degrees for most of December, we have had a few bitter days. In the single digits, and one day in particular the windchill was in the negatives. That's cold of SEOK. With winter comes winter-time lady probs. The legs. Amiright? I can't get my legs smooth no matter how long I soak in the tub, in boiling water, with oils and magic beans and genies. My core temperature drops with the days of the calendar and my goosebumps take up residence like they have an extended stay option at Burning Man. My legs are not a free space for your BS, goosebumps! Argh. I've reached out to a few fellow runner-bloggers, to see if they have the same issue. Not that runner women have different skin than non-runner women, but if you run (especially in a climate that is humid, regardless of temperature) you tend to have to shower more. More showers mean more goosebumps. More goosebumps mean SAND.PAPER.LEGS.

Do any of my readers have this issue? Can you EVER get smooth legs, on the reg, during the winter, runner or not?

Share your secrets. Quit being better than me, and help out!!!

So many things going on. Work, which no one wants to hear about, yoga, which I am embarrassed to talk about, and plans for spring.

I'm 3 months into my YTT, and have yet to feel like I'm grasping the concepts. I love what I'm learning, and I feel as though I understand it. Taking time to study on my own, practice on my own, and generally OWN it is eluding me. I'm so unfocused! I've spent more time re-watching the Friends
seasons, and the new Gilmore Girls episodes than anything. Stupid Netflix.

This was a surprise. I won all 3 at a work event. So many goodies to come.


 How was your Christmas? What was you FAVORITE gift? (mine was my Garmin from the dude)

Do you have any weird cold-weather issues?

What race, or other activity, is on your calendar?

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Khakis, YTT, Running.....HELLO!!!


I'm admitting it: I can't run well on my own. There, I said it.

I am terrible at pushing myself on the pavement. I like my comfortable pace, and I proudly show it. I'm not comfortable with my time or my progress.

I've registered for my first full marathon. April 30th, 2017. I've paid for it, I've told people about it, I'm doing it.

I have realized that I can fake my way through 13.1 miles, but I cannot fake my way through 26.2 miles. I HAVE to train. For real. Fo' realzies.

How does one 'train' like an 'athlete'? Running coaches. Or, for poor people like me, free apps designed by running coaches. My issue with this has always been that I have to show up, on a regular basis, on a schedule set by someone other than myself, and do what someone else tells me to do. I'm not an entitled millennial, I'm just a stubborn, know-it-all, 30-ish woman from the South. Yeah, you get it.

Ugh, running. Double ugh, running on a schedule. Do you know how long it takes to cleanse/condition/dry my hair? If you've followed along for long enough, you know I HATE doing this regularly. If I have to run almost every day, this equals a lot of hair issues. #naturallycurly #naturallylazy

So, here we are, week 4 of a 14 week half marathon plan, to get me ready for an 18 week full marathon plan. I showed up for 2 days of the 6 scheduled days on each of the first 3 weeks. I have done ONE day of the 6 scheduled days for week 4. It's Thursday (happy Khaki Thursday, btw). I have 3 days left in the week (one of which I will be in YTT for 10 hours. Ooh, more updates on that in a minute), and 2 run days schedules, so I have tonight, and tomorrow night to show up. Ugh.......

I'm showing up for 33% of my current schedule, and we're on easy street still! This means I'll make it through 8.73 miles of my full marathon at my current training rate, AND, I'll run that extremely slow.

Running is hard, but training to run is harder. It really is 90% mental, 10% physical; but you have to be 100% insane to do this for 'fun'.


We're finally here! I'm doing it!

My stomach is in knots. My back is in knots. My brain is in knots. No, not binds, nervous knots.

I applied for 200 hour YTT back in February, and was accepted! I start my 9 month training class THIS SATURDAY!

With running, and work, and life (#adulting), my home practice has been collecting dust. Oh, I'm still flexible, I can still rock a quick flow when I want, I'm getting much better at headstands, no, I still can't do the splits. But my daily devotion to it has slacked. So much so that I find myself laying on my mat looking at yoga poses on Insta rather than actually doing it.

Devotion: not something I've been strong at lately. Friends. Home repair. Gardening (#Cogarden2016). Bible study (#SundayChristian, this is something I'm not proud of, but I believe admitting our lack of devotion will encourage us to be better...I hope) Oh, and blogging. You know how bad I've been at that.

Anyway, I'm headed to my first 20 hours of YTT Saturday. I'm spending my time in between now and then stretching, running, stretching, foam rolling, and laying on the floor. I'm really good at savasana.