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Long talks, short nights, and lots of coffee

Good gracious, it's finally Friday. Why has this week been so stupid?

I've had a lot of enjoyable moments, but overall, I could have done without this week. Can you hear my eyes rolling?
Nom nom:
I haven't gotten my delivery from Blue Apron yet, so we're still on our own for dinner ideas. (I still can't figure out where my cooking skills/initiative went over the past year)

Last night was my turn, and I had a great idea. Chicken breast, red potatoes, cherry tomatoes, and asparagus. Seasoned with fresh rosemary (from his house), basil (from my mom), and garlic.

It was very yummy. I don't like to use chicken breast at home often as it turns out dry, but this was moist, and the rosemary/basil/garlic soaked in nicely.

Unfortunately our schedule for the evening didn't coincide with my plan for dinner, so we just ate this part. I had fresh Parmesan, garlic bread, and salad lined up, but ran out…

TWPICK Thursday, Caught in the Act, and gee your hair smells terrific!

Back to tradition. It's TWPICK Thursday, and you know what the means....tomorrow is Friday!!!!

I didn't make to to R4G last night, nor did I go workout this morning. I'm going tomorrow morning though, so stop judging me. My track partner is on vaca so I scheduled workout #2 for Friday this week. Premeditated = totally ok.


We are in Acts 21 right now. Can you believe it? So much reading done!

I've covered Acts 21-23 this week, and am not near the end of Paul's imprisonment/trial. Geez, those people really wanted to hate him. They didn't have a reason, but they weren't giving up. Paul remained transparent, not denying his past nor his present. He openly admitted to killing Christians, but wholeheartedly admitted to serving Christ. Through threats of beatings, whippings, and years of imprisonment he remained steadfast in his belief, and knew that the God of man would deliver him; even if…

What's the fortune Wednesday, whipped cream and couch forts make me smile.

It has been one of those days.

I don't have any amazing advice for you, nothing deep for you to contemplate.

It's just a Wednesday.

I did get on the subject of fortune. What it is, what it can be, and how to view it.

I am fortunate (or feel like I've hit the jackpot) because of:

Being trusted
My home and many possessions (silly, American, but true)

I have so much more that makes me feel fortunate, and so much of that really is just 'stuff'. God has shown me amazing things so far in life, and I know He has so much in store. Whether I have 'stuff' all my life, or just my life, I AM FORTUNATE.

When I can't pull myself out of my funk, I can always have my official 'Having A Crappy Day' lunch:

We need more whipped cream here!

I also can make a couch fort. I did that last night.

Swanson (Ron, …

Tuesday is not Monday, that's why we're doing all the things!

Soooo many pictures!!!!!! 
I did make it to the gym this morning, thank you very much. I worked up a sweat like nobody's business. Really. Nobody wanted any part of that business, it was gross. We are in week 4 of the 12 week program. It's not going the way it was intended, as we both slacked last week due to school work (her) and vacation (moi). Regardless, we aren't giving up. She has gained 2 lbs since school started and I'm just not at the fitness level I'd like to be. We will keep going, and I'll keep you posted on our progress.

Today: 7 mins, 2 rounds each. Repeat.

10 burpees
20 jump lunges
24 step up w/ knee up
15 sumo squats

100 reps jump rope
24 walking lunges
30 reverse lunge w/knee up
15 jump squats

We finished almost 2 rounds of each, only being a bit short on the 4th exercise of the second round. Dead. D.E.D Dead.

Yay fitness. I'm eating free Oreo's that I discovered in the lunch room right now...


I'm baaaaaaack!!!

Oh blog friends, how are you??

I'm a little more tan, a little more tired, and a little more tense. Back to reality, but back to the good part of reality.

I went to Florida last week, in case you didn't know. I stayed with my sister, nephew, and niece. I ran some, I slept some, I swam some, and I ate some.

I'll share all the deets with you tomorrow, ugh, I just used 'deets', I hate that. I have some pictures to share also.

For today lets just take a moment of silence for our loss of freedom because we had to come back to work......


The 2 best, best, best parts of the whole trip were seeing Prell in Florida, and the dude came home. Getting away from it all is much better when some of it is still around. I had a fantastic time with my 'home' gal on vacation, and a fantastic time coming home to see my fave.

Thanks for checking back today. I hope you weren't too disappointed that I wasn't around a lot last week. Even part-time bloggers need a break,…

I did things today

Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego?

My Friday, and this week we're doing all the things today!!!!

Hello there! Greetings from SEOK.

It's hot, it's hot, and it's hot.

The good news today is that it's my FRIDAY!!!! Shhhh, don't tell anyone, I don't like my business being made public. I will tell you that I won't be at work for the rest of the week, but I'm not saying what I'm doing. So don't go snooping around my house trying to find out where I am. Weirdos.

I plan to run this week, so I have that going for me. I'll keep you posted on how it goes, and if I keep up with R4G's half marathon training.

Today I get my new tooth too! So hillbilly.

Since I won't be available much this week, I thought I'd share all the things I've been doing since last (real) Friday.


I visited my parents, brother, SIL, nephews, and niece!

Dad isn't a big fan of pictures. Sometimes I can get him to pose, but this trip was not one of those times. Mom was all for it though! Don…

Friday, please go quickly, and say some prayers.

It's here: Friday. I say that without an exclamation mark because it's with limited excitement.

Good things about this Friday:

I came to work late because I was at church camp. I got to have a 1.5 hr drive with the dude this morning.I have coffee.It IS Friday.I'm going to see the parental units today.It's payroll day.I look nice.
Bad things about this Friday:

It's payroll day.The beardface leaves today.I'm not tan.It's crazy busy at the office.
Regardless of how I weigh the situtation, it IS a good day. God gave me this day, and I won't squander it.
Jesus + nothing = EVERYTHING
This is faith + girl crying here. Last night's sermon at the cabin took my little battered heart and loved it, and petted it, and squeezed it, and called it George.

I've read a lot, and talked a lot, and thought a lot about not focusing on my 'works'. Works without faith are dead. (James 2) Wha…

TOWPICK Thursday, running..., and other things.

It's not my Friday, but it's pretty close; it's TOWPICK Thursday!!!

Are you sick of this outfit yet? Too bad! It's my blog and I'll wear what I want.

Tonight we're off to Falls Creek for some worship jammin', and fun-havery. God gave us a beautiful place to gather and praise Him, and while we're there, we like to laugh and be silly. Following Christ isn't all about 'rules' and having to say no to everything. There's lots of silliness, and pranks, and weird whatevers that go on at church camps, because we're all friends and love each other...right?

I don't really think I'll be running around with glow sticks in my hair singing camp songs, but it probably will be happening somewhere on the campus.

No matter what my role is, I've got a high spirit about it, and that famous big dumb smile on my face.

Last night was my first meeting w…

Watch out Wednesday, I like daisies and dark chocolate.

I don't know why so many of my pictures from past posts are missing. My apologies. If I figure it out, I'll edit them so you can go back and review my awesomeness whenever. Until then, just pretend I have a fetish with subtraction?

 Caught in the Act
R4G starts tonight, and in light of that, let's head back to Acts for our next lesson.

This is a good lesson for today, since President Obama is in my little town. Right now he is about 1.5 miles from me, speaking to an invited 'public' group about economic impact, government involvement in the growth of small communities, and I'm sure a bunch of other things I have no information on. Whether or not we agree with him, whether or not we support him, he is in a position of influence. His policies influence us directly (our laws) and indirectly (international relations). We don't have to agree with what happens, but burying our heads in the …

Taco Tuesday, and doing all the things!

I don't feel like having tacos today. Blah. What's wrong with me? What I feel like is running. Runnin' runnin' and runnin' runnin'.... I have to be in a swimsuit really soon and I don't feel ready. Tacos surely won't help either.

Last night I had a sweet nap, a baked sweet potato (over sweet conversation with some of my favorite sweet people), a sweet soak in a lavender bath, and a sweet bedtime. Ahhhhhh.....

I made it to the gym this morning before dawn for official week 2 of crazy workout.

Pushups, lay down pushups, medicine ball squats, tricep dips, mountain climbers, bicycles, straight leg situps w/twist, and straight leg situps. It didn't seem all that difficult, and I did modify a tiny bit to keep from bending my toe (you know, the SUP incident), but man did we sweat! Our muscles just didn't seem to want to do anything. I haven't felt that worthless and lazy in a was awesome!!!!


Disgruntled Monday? Nah, it's just another day.

Here we are friends, Monday. I'm in the office early because one of my girls is on vacation this week. This schedule cuts down on my post-walk morning nap time, but, it does allow me to skip out earlier in the afternoon. I need as much extra time as I can get this week, I have to soak up all the beardface that I can.

The weekend wasn't nearly as long as I would have liked, but I got in plenty of good stuff.

I got to SUP on Saturday. Our lake is still really high, and the marinas are ghost towns. Twisted boat docks, flooded pavilions, and trash, trash, trash. It's very eerie out there. I didn't go alone, so there were no worries, but it just wasn't like any other July at the lake.

Afterwards I broke 1/4 of my big toenail off with my board. It hasn't hurt yet, and I have it super glued on, but I don't think it is going to make it. I am starting with a new running group this Wednesday and I'm a little bummed about this.

Any advice on running with a missing…

Fridays are for winners, and here are a bunch of pictures

Score, it's Friday! I swear, if this week had been one day longer.....

I took my board to the lake last night. It was creepy to be on the water with no one around. Not a soul in sight. It's July, it's 90+ degrees outside, and we have sunlight until at least 9pm. Thanks rain, ruined our lake season.

Water therapy. I love it. 

Picture, picture, picture
Here are some things from around my piece of the world:


I hope you have a great weekend!
Relax and have some fun.
Don't let anything ruin a good time!

TWPICK Thursday, the lazy continues.

Warning: I've already read today's post, it's not very interesting.
So, it's Thursday again.
Last night was delayed girl's night with runner friend. We didn't run, but we did eat loaded bakedpotatoes. Nothing says fitness like a bunch of carbs covered in cheese and bacon. Florida beach body, here I come!

This is really how I feel lately, so it's a good thing I took it easy last night. 


Do you remember us getting the books Boundaries in Dating? We never actually got around to reading them together, but I've been reading here and there on my own. If you're dating, you really should pick it up. Especially if you're dating after a long relationship. We get rooted in our behavior, and our assumptions, based on previous encounters and it's really hard to change. This book has opened my eyes to things I do without thinking. I surely don't want to end up hurt, or hurtin…

Why the fuss Wednesday, street taco Tuesdays, and sooo lazy

I like discovering that other people celebrate taco Tuesday like I do! In the olden days M and I would make fish tacos, but recently we've been busy or forgetful, and we've been doing our own thing. I try to taco every Tuesday though.

Last night we went to a-place-I-can't-remember-the-actual-name-of-but-he-calls-it-9th-Street-Tacos. Sounds like a good name to me. They had what I call 'street tacos', the kind you'd get from a taco truck. Double layer white corn tortilla, meat, onions, and cilantro. Just squeeze a lime and add some avocado. Mmmmmmm.

Fussy, fussy, fussy Back in Acts, I think we're at about chapter 19, reading about the riots.

Acts is one of my favorites to read. It's a great depiction of how we as Christ followers should be approaching ministry. The problem I see is that the modern-day opposition is acting like the 1st century opposition, but the modern-day Christian …