Will of the Father Wednesday, and other stuff I have to say.

It's 6am, I'm supposed to be stretching but instead I have been busy on Instagram,  so to balance it, I'll start today's post.

Why am I stretching? Oh,  only because I RAN this morning.  Whaaaaa????? I know,  I am amazingly awesome.  Pre-dawn solo run because neighbor wasn't able to go.

#1: humidity is a reality in Oklahoma any time of the day.
#2: wash off your fake tanner before running in humidity.
#3:  thank you drivers for seeing me.
#4:  humidity is a reality in Oklahoma any time of the day.

So I still love running,  but I really have to get back to it as I'm not acclimated to the heat this year. Our temps went from 60s, to a month of rain, to 100s. I need more time.

Are you willing?

Peter, James, Saul. All preaching the word of God to many, all while being chased, imprisoned, and for James, put to death. 

Speaking the Word of God, and being doubted. Could you do it? Could I do it? We surely could. We have the ability. We may even have the desire; but do we have the will? His will. His will be done, right? We pray that. I know I do. We ask for His mercy, blessing, comfort, understanding, and forgiveness. We ask that His will be done in our lives. But will it? What if His will is for you or I to stand before the nay-sayers and preach the truth? Even to our deaths? If you want to receive, you must believe. If you believe, you must be ready to share. That's where most of us stop. The Holy Spirit is upon us, we have the knowledge, we have the desire, but we don't have the nerve. 

We ask that God holds up his end of the deal, but will we? 

His will be done.
Other things and more stuff

 Ok, so half the battle is bringing the healthy snack to work, right? You can see what I chose, I'm not ashamed. At least I still have an apple for today...if I don't eat all the chocolate in my purse.

 Since I ate all that chocolate yesterday, I evened out with a salad at lunch. Fresh garden accessories to top it off. Mmmm.

Mini cucumber slices from the premature cucumber saved from the ground.

Favorite place in the refrigerator. I do like the strawberry lemonade. If only they would bring back Crystal Clear Pepsi...

 Yes, it is hot here. Super hot. We kept all the rain to ourselves in May, and now we are keeping all the heat. Really, we'll share, I promise. Just ask.

Grow-kra is going strong. I don't know when to pick it, or how to, so I need to get on that soon.

I'm really enjoying these walks. Last night I walked around the corner to my neighbors house. I could go through the back yard, but the walk was nice. They are moving this week, so if you need a cute house with a super awesome across-the-alley neighbor, hit me up. But you have to be ok with me coming to visit...through your back yard...whenever I want...or smell food. :)

The cucumbers have taken off. I went out this morning to find all 4 plants ON THE GROUND. I about died. They had gotten too heavy from the cucumbers hidden beneath the leaves. I picked off the 6 largest veggies, and restrung the plants. Gave them a drink, and said a little prayer.

Pray with me plant people, we know the stakes are high.

The 3rd Degree!!!

It's mid week, how is your mood?

Are you planning anything for the weekend?

Doesn't my hand look super weird in that picture?


  1. It DOES look super weird in that picture!


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