What's the future Wednesday, just give me cherries and tell me I'm pretty, and stuffs

Deep conversations with friends about the future

Why do I do this to myself? I really think God puts this stuff on my heart so often because He is trying to get my attention. Why mine? I have no idea, and sometimes, I don't want to find out. How scary (and amazing, and scary) to think that He would want MY attention for anything. Gives me the bleeps, the sweeps, and the creeps.

What do I do when I'm confused after talking to God for an hour? Consult my friend that is struggling to understand His plan too! God probably loves those conversations. I really mean that. I know He loves to see us talking about pleasing Him. But....we aren't so good at it. The good news is, He already knows that. It doesn't make it ok to just put Him on the back burner when we are unsure of our next move, but it does make it ok that we are imperfect. Whew!

Recently we have been discussing where and upon what we should place our life focus. We, as humans, like to make plans for our future, and have hope in the things that will bring us joy and fulfillment.What we are concerned with is that focusing on God more, and furthering His kingdom is what will really fulfill us, but we just spend our time on fitness, family, and fun! (and food) What if He comes back today? Has my focus been on Him enough? What is enough? What should I be denying myself in order to walk closer? Is there anything I NEED to deny myself of? Well, of course there is, I'm human... What about those in this world that spend their entire life dedicated to God (allowing for some sin, they are human too), in comparison to someone like me that carries the name of Christ yet reflects an image of the world on a regular basis? How do we compare in God's final judgement?

I know, don't compare myself to anyone. We don't really know their heart, only God does. But that is yet another ugly trait of being human and not divine. We spend too much time worrying about how we compare to other Christians, how am I doing, what else can I do, what have I done wrong... It's exhausting!

If He is planning to disown me because I spend too much time worrying these things, plus worrying about my arm flab and trying to not cry over vanilla froyo, then I'm in BIG trouble.

Love you!
Cherries = happy

So much. Too much!  I feel like I could explode. A big cherry explosion of yummy amzingness. Thanks JW for inadvertently giving me a new food obsession. Everyone knows I have no self-control when it comes to fruit (or bacon, or tea, or cake balls, or tortilla chips, ....long list)

I bought a 2lb bag at lunch on Tuesday, and I know I ate one pound before 5pm. So, so good.
Robot robot

Today the soreness is real. I walked this a.m. like every MWF, and I'm pretty sure I looked like a robot that was in pain. It's. Bad. But, it's soooo good. You are going to love this workout when I finally decide that I'm not a quitter and keep doing it so I can share it with you. (that was a secret disclaimer basically saying I still may quit because that happens a lot)

Tomorrow is my birthday! What did you get me? Don't give it to me, you know I'm weird like that.

What is your food obsession?

Are you working on your bikini bod?


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    1. I approve of this comment.

      I've now eaten the entire 2+lbs.


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