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10-4 good buddy

Lloyd: " I thought the Rocky Mountains would be a lot rockier than this." Harry: "Yeah, that John Denver's full of shit." Well the vacation went wonderful. I want to live in Colorado Springs, it's amazing! I ate snow, and saw a mountain goat,.....and couldn't was great. So the medication has totally taken me to a level place in my life. I'm happier than ever and NBTR is the best. He thinks I'm the best, WE are the best 'us's' when we are together. Not alot to talk about this time. Sorry. I'm sure something will give soon and I'll have a rant. my life is about as boring as Kansas. ....and on a side note, don't take your glasses to the the mountains, you lose them. D.A.M.N.

fury fighters

How to cope with uncontrollable anger. No, this isn't going to be a tutorial, I'm asking how do you cope with an uncontrollable anger problem? I have difficulty dealing. I end up getting red-face furious, having panic attacks and slipping into a depression. Medication is said to be a help, but how do you truly expierience life when you're medicated? I don't believe you can, but that of course is my opinion. Anyway, not that destruction of your own property and sporadic fits of insanity are a healthy way to exercise the demons, unfortunately thats all I have. HELP ME

A new adventure

Pat myself on the back, I have quit smoking. And damn is it easy...I just dont smoke. I'm sure it is harder for someone who has smoked for say, 20-30 years, but I've only got 7 years behind me. Time to revamp the diet, exercise and health routine. LETS GO! I'm so happy for me. I can breathe in deep and not hack, choke, cough or otherwise gag. :) yippie! I seriously suggest you try it.


Finally, tomorrow is Metallica!! No work, no bills(except for the hotel,gas,food...damn), nonetheless; METALLICA! I've waited my whole life for this, rock out.