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Alright ma, I'm goin home.

Ma: Are you sure you should be driving since you've been drinking?

Me: I just had one glass of wine ma! I'm fine.

Ma: 64oz isn't hardly one glass.

Me: I only had to pour once!

Ma: Just because if all fits in a Big Gulp doesn't make it just one glass.



Still myself, in small doses.

I've thought about alot of things lately. And haven't really had any breakthroughs.

A few good ideas:
1. If you ever find youself with your hands tied and plastic bag over your head, just suck in and chew a hole through the plastic. Duh.

2. We really need to work on the problem with teens. It is so out of control these days. Children are taking the lives of others, as well as taking their own. I believe that punishments have go the way of the dinosaur, and this has left kids with too much freedom and the sense that they are mature. Children do not deserve respect from adults. We are their caretakes, role models and leaders. We should not ask them to do something, we should just tell them. The youth of today has no repect for adults, so why would they respect those their own age? Because we cannot spank, ground, deny, or otherwise punish bad behavior, we have lost the upper hand. Being a Christian I will of course push for Christ in the answer, but, I know that not everyone fe…