Getting 'net on Friday, I know I'm behind, and chicklet face.

Friday = sunshine

No rain today, and it is HOTT outside. Thankfully I have a desk job, so it's nice and cool in here.


I'm getting hooked up tonight! (that sounds bad...) Back online after an 8 year protest. Don't worry, I don't crush candy, I don't virtual farm, and I have no intention of snapping chats, so I shouldn't waste too much time online. I will likely spend most of my time blogging, looking at container houses and log cabins, and planning far-away vacations I'll never take.

...and shopping on Amazon.

Not much Action

I'm sorry. I'm behind on my book of Acts. If your walk of faith is relying on my tutoring, you'd better be really worried. You're not going to make it all the way to Damascus with me in the lead. If I go to my parents this weekend I should be able to catch up. I have fallen off the daily reading wagon this last week, but I promise I'm determined to climb back up there. God instructs us to cling to His word. Without it, how can we have hope to get through the hard times we are facing? I need His word tattooed on my soul, and I have to make time to read it.

But I really like naps.

Yesterday I took the plunge and had my front tooth removed in preparation for a new, whiter, not cracked ceramic tooth. I looked like a trailer park hillbilly for about an hour, but they placed my temporary in so that most people won't know. I will probably NEVER post the picture of the before, but here is a pic of the temporary chicklet I have to live with for 3 weeks.
I look super excited about this

It's Friday people Get out there and have some fun.

Don't forget about Father's Day. It may be 'just another holiday' but if you say something nice to your dads, they'll appreciate it, even if they don't show it. Go love on them.

Come back Monday to see how I did this weekend. Oh! I shot a primitive bow for the first time last night. I'll tell you all about that soon. Learning things, hooray!

Katniss is a little better than me with the bow. But I can watch her shoot a bow like nobody's business.


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