Pre-birthday stuff, and Friday fun!

Did you know that when people like you, they get you things for your birthday? I always knew my parents did, but they have to, it's the law. Other people don't HAVE to though, so if they do, it's because you are super awesome or, they are scared of you. OR BOTH!!!

I got a pre-birthday surprise last night from my fave. I'm very excited to try it out. I'll post this weekend to show you how it goes.

I had a nice lunch date today, got a good book to read in my down time, and made a promise to myself to run after work.

25 days until vacation. Time to get serious!
 (like it really matters. I love myself, just how I am, but my clothes don't feel the same way)

Tonight is all about running, lawn mowing, cooking, eating, and relaxing. Garage sales tomorrow, and the usual un-planned weekend of mystery that I get myself into. 

Check back when you can to see if I post any hints about my fun. Otherwise, see you back here Monday!



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