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Life altered

I don't have a twin...but I have a connection with some people as if they were once a real, literal part of me. When things happen that cause me to feel, or see, or know what they do I get a little weird. I sometimes make 'predictions' as to what will happen with a new t.v. show, or the plot of a long-running series. Often I imagine what I think will happen in a store or traffic situation. Other times, I think about someone and their life comes into my view, as if I'm there, and I see what is happening. But it isn't what I know to be their life, so what am I seeing?

When my ideas come true I ask myself: "Did I know that?",  "Did I really think that?" "Was that an outcome that most people would have assumed?" "Did I cause that to happen?"

Recently, I dreamt that my husband was married to a very close friend of mine, but in love with me. When I woke up, I wasn't upset about it. I actually had a very heavy heart for my frie…