I started practicing yoga around 2003. I went to a class at a local gym, knowing nothing about yoga. Right from the start I loved it, because the lights were dim, and you were required to remove your shoes. This was my kind of thing.

After an hour of upsidedownsies, and reachy-kins, I laid in savasana (the instructor pronounced it SAAAV-UH-SAUNA....okies...) and wept. Why was I weeping? Normal, weird, confused? I didn't know, but I loved it. Later, the instructor told me that it is quite normal, and very therapeutic. Her one bit of advice was to wear pants with tight ankles so we could ensure correct foot alignment.

Barefoot. Comfy pants. No make-up.

I was sold.

I tried to fit in at a lot of yoga studios over the years, but I found many to be stuffy, or snobby, or really, really not 'yoga'. How could I get a practice going that felt the way yoga made me feel?

Become a yoga instructor! Duh!

I took a chance, applied to a local studio that offers YTT, and was accepted. Now, the process of accepting myself begins.

I have a very long way to go. I have alignment to learn, sequencing, music selection, timing, verbal cues, and that's just the asana part! Do you even know about meditation, yamas, niyamas, cleanses, chakras, ....learning SANSKRIT!? Eight limbs of yoga my foot! There are so many things to learn, but it is so awesome. I'm exploring parts of my personality that I didn't know were there. I'm fight off demons with my light saber of peace, and learning to listen to the real me. There is a lot of noise in this head, it takes focus to sort it out.

I hope you'll follow me on my path. I'll post updates as I progress, and maybe I'll see you on the mat someday!


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