Why the fluff Wednesday, the hardest thing I've done all week, and I must stop.

Happy Wednesday to you. 

As I sit here, I'm noticing my cupcake top. I don't have a muffin top, as I stay away from those things. They make you fat; at least the good ones do. Mmmm, chocolate chip muffin.... Cupcakes may make you fat, but it sounds cuter. I also just found out that the cupcake shop in town sells good coffee so I'm can't nix cupcakes now.

So out of shape! So very, very, out of shape. When did I get so far away from my routine? I'll tell you who's fault it is. Mine! Wanna here what I planned for last night?

he: ...it's a no-go, so we can do whatever.
me: I'm home doing nothing. As per usual.
he: what do you want to do?
me: wanna watch Tombstone, eat Chinese food, and not work out?
he: yes.

Good job me. You're really gonna hit those goals. *eyeroll* (I really want that to say eggroll)

I need to get focused, but now I have a blister on the top of my toe that is keeping me from running. I wore heels for the first time in weeks, and they broke my heart. We are soooo over fuchsia suede heels. So over.

Ugh. 1st world probs.

Namaste? Nah-Ima-stay-in-bed

I did try to fitness today. After my morning walk I did a little yoga, plank, crunches, push-ups, and squats. Getting on my mat was the hardest thing I've done in a while. I used to love to come here in the mornings. Stretching, reaching, growing. Now it just seems like a burden. I have nothing else to do, nothing standing in my way, nothing else on my early morning agenda. In a time in my life when I have all the time in the world in the wee hours, I just can't make time to do this anymore. So frustrating.

When do you set aside time for you? What do you do in your 'me time'? Is it a priority in your day? We are very spoiled in this country, to demand time for ourselves. In the same token, we are worked, stressed, committed, and stretched thinner than citizens of most countries. Even the 3rd world. They may have to scavenge for food and clean water, but emotionally and mentally they don't have the demand we have. The sad part: we put it on ourselves.

Let's unwind. If we can't find time to take a break from it all, maybe we have too much going on. What is it worth working so many hours when you can't enjoy the fruits of your labor?
I'm a pepper

I HAVE to stop drinking Dr. Pepper. It's also adding to my cupcake top. Stupid things that taste good...

I quit drinking it years ago, but recently became hooked again. I'm sure this is the kind of really big, important news you come here to read. Me and my snack addictions ...mmm Figgies and Jammies. I'm going to the store at lunch, you know what I'm buying.

(I'm not encouraging self-judgment, comparison to anyone, or thinking that you at any shape or size isn't good enough. It is.You're hot. You're a total babe, just like me. But the buttons on my pants don't always agree with that.)
 The 3rd Degree

When friends split up, do you stay friends with both people?

How is your garden growing?



  1. I've never managed to stay friends with both people after a split. More often than not I've lost touch with both parties when their lives changed.

    1. Well hopefully you are able to keep some friendships up and running. But it takes both you and them to keep it going. Sad when friends drift apart.


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