Khaki Thursday, and the word of the week!

Khaki Thursday has turned into 'those white pants that I pretend are khaki' Thursday. I need to go shopping. My stock of khakis is sad, and these are the only pants that I can stand to wear on this day. Oh, I know, they look sweet on me, but they won't last forever...

Have you noticed that I pair navy with these pants a lot? Maybe I'm a sailor at heart.

When you wake up thinking...

Do you wake up in the middle of a conversation? When I do, I like to continue that thought process as long as I can. Whether I talk it out with myself, or I journal the ideas, I just want to see where it takes me. 

Today I woke up talking about understanding. I was listening to someone explain their past, and present. It was so nice to hear. They were talking about themselves, but they were understanding me! Isn't it great how we can relate to others when we are at our quietest? And isn't it great how we have more in common with people than we see on the surface?

Ok, maybe I'm the only one that went deep into 6:30am. You're reading this so, there.


Let's go here. Patagonia, Argentina. I have my passport. Let's just run away.

Except the moments I'm running. But then, you could run with me. That would make me smile.


Babe-rophone, or babe-raphone. I keep saying it. 

Did you participate in Khaki Thursday this week?

Where do you want to run away to??


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