I sweat, a time for everything, and doing all the things!!

Tuesday has arrived. It's cloudy, it's humid and it's payday. I am not as excited about that as everyone else. Why? You know why, because I'm the payroll lady! I do get lots of compliments on this day, I get the good parking spot, and someone usually offers to get me lunch. It's not 100% bad, but ooooh, talk about things that put me out on that ledge.

Enough about that, I've been busy over the last week. You look like you're ready to read, so here we go!
Totes ma Zotes
I sweat. A lot. My sweat is not made of lavender oil and unicorn glitter, like I wish. It's gross. It stains things. Barf.

I know you probably think I'm super perfect because I sound so amazing in my blog. My life is so awesome that you should have plastic surgery to look like me, and you spend countless hours journaling about how you want to be me when you grow up.  Accounting is your life goal, turning 29 for the second time...(or third, or fourth) sounds so fun, eating sour cream as a main course; it all seems so dreamy.

Don't be me. I sweat. A lot. So let's talk about that.

Thank you Zote for keeping my whites white. I'm sure Rue21 was banking on making their billions off the fact that I should have to replace my tanks and tees weekly. Thank you $0.96 Zote for helping keep the cushion in my pushion. ...wait...wallet? (note to self: don't try to rhyme everything)

Before (left) and almost done (right) Leah's underarms were really tan, they came out white as snow. And everywhere that Leah went, the Zote is sure to go.
If you have my problem, caused by inherited sweat glads (thanks dad) and laziness (you know I fail to rinse my tanning spray off on the reg), then you probably have whites that need serious help. If you haven't used Zote (or Fels-Naptha), get on it. Just slice a piece off, rub into the fabric with water, and viola! You can also grate it into the washer to boost whitening for the entire load.

Do it. Stop being gross.
Time for everything

Ecclesiastes 3 tells us how there is a time for everything. Grief, joy, anger, love, ..... Whatever has already been will be again. We are living in an exact moment that has happened before, and will happen again. My struggles have been shared over the course of time, and will not perish with me, but will strike the head of another. I am not separated from the world by my problems, but rather, bound to everyone in them. Knowing that I am not alone makes getting through the hard times easier. But my favorite part is that my joy, my success, my love, my 'time to dance' (Ecc 3:4b), is shared by others as well. If I'm happy, then others are happy. If others are happy, imagine if we all shouted out with joy together! What a day that would be. Share your happiness. 

Wanna know what I've been up to? Well, just hold on to your pork-pie hats, because this is gonna blow your mind!

Last week I got to discover my neighbors cutie-pie house, and to top it off, they left this is my mailbox as a "thank you" for helping them out. How can everything be so dang cute with them? If you come to my house in 20 years, I'll still have this card on my table. It's much much cuter than my favorite fox. 

Friday night was a time for learning. I got to see first hand how summer sausage is made. In my own kitchen!!! You know I'm a savory girl, so anything with seasoning, spice, or cheese gets me going. This had it all. The process was involved, and took a lot of time. I was most impressed with the professional equipment he had to make it. This wasn't just a pinterest idea he wanted to try, this is something he has put time and effort into learning and preparing. By midnight we had over 30lbs of regular, cheese, and jalapeno-cheese sausage. He smoked it on Saturday, and now my refrigerator (and its contents), and my hands constantly smell of heaven. 

Saturday my friend and I went to Allen for some girl time. Really we wanted new swimsuits, and that went about as well as it goes for any woman: we ate Chipotle and bought things that hide our hips. *Ting!* 
I did pick up a few things here and there, and came home to a delivery that made my day better.

Don't you just LOVE Anthro? I want to live in the store. The kitchenware, the bedding, the clothes, the perfume... It's me, for more money.
Thank you VS for leaving me a box of happy on my porch, and thank you neighbors for not stealing it.

After returning from shopping I put myself to task on the lawn. Now, he has graciously taken over this responsibility, on his own, without my prompting. I thoroughly enjoy him taking the manly role and providing the service, but I shouldn't just stick my head in the grass and assume it's his 'job'. So, after the 11 inches of rain we've had this month, I had a prairie growing, and only a small window of clear skies to get it trimmed down. He had a tree to remove, a house to clean, a lamp to make, his own yard to mow, and about 114,637 other things to work on. So I mowed my own lawn, and like I anticipated, I got in trouble for it. :) This is the kind of trouble I don't mind. A girl could get used to this kind of trouble. I did promise to not lift a finger the rest of the summer, but instead I'll spend my time in our co-garden.

After getting back on the Braum's horse Sunday for after church lunch, I headed out to the lake with my SUP. Oh happy day! You don't even know how much this soothed my soul (and my soles) to be back out on that board. It was an escape for me last year. I found myself among the waves, and learned to forget the pain I had carried for so long. The sun, the sand, the breeze...it just has a way of bringing the smile out of my depths. Don't get me wrong, I have had a fantastic year so far, but my heart is never far from the lake. Isn't it magical how our life has so many compartments, and so many different things can make us happy in different ways, and usually none can satisfy in place of another.


(A head of lettuce swam by me. It requested that I not post it's picture as it was in the nude.)

In my domestic moment this weekend I made strawberry/cream cheese croissants. Don't be too impressed. The croissants had been in a tube in my refrigerator for months, and I'm not certain what year the cream cheese came from. ...kidding. (maybe). Since we had so many strawberries, and only so much time for ice cream, I wanted to make use of them while ripe and not molded. Best breakfast pastry of the day. They weren't Panera quality, nor would you find them at the Corner Bakery when you go out for brunch. They were wonderful for generic, overdue ingredients on a random morning. Pinterest not-total-fail. See where we differ? He has the supplies, the equipment, the instruction. I have an idea and about 35 mins of free time. Wasn't I always the planner? The prepared (and often over-prepared) one? The careful calculator?

Sunday night we shared a Monte Cristo and watched Mad Max: Fury Road. What can I even say about this? It was intense (the movie, not the sandwich) About 10 minutes in it became a death race across the sand, and continued, full throttle, for another 90 minutes. I probably looked like I had just gotten too much Botox the entire time; perma-surprise face! Go see it if you have a chance. If you like guns, speed, explosions, and guitars, you'll be pleased.

As you can see I had a busy week/weekend. I accomplished a lot, learned a lot, relaxed a lot. I don't think I got any naps in, which now, looking back, is disappointing. I'm sure you are saying 'good, I'm glad you didn't get to do something awesome like nap, you fun-having dirtbag'. Don't hate.
One funny

Phils-osophy is so true.

The 3rd Degree

Ok, what did you do last week/weekend?

Any recent Pinterest successes or failures?

Do you SUP?


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