May the 4th be with you.

Do you know that it's Star Wars day? It is. You should know that. I know that's why you come to my blog, to find out these very important things.

I'm calming down from a whirlwind weekend. I visited my parents Friday night, and my ex-in-laws Saturday. I burned up the highway to get back in time for cutey-cuteys 3rd birthday Saturday evening. Can I have a birthday like a 3 year old? A spread of snacks, tons of gifts that I'm SUPER excited about, lots of friends and family, and a water gun fight! Adults should get to have this much fun too.

Saturday evening provided a relaxed vibe, which was very welcomed. Napping, and then sleeping. I think I liked that as much as cutey liked the Rescue Bots.

Sunday brought a great worship service, the kind that has you unable to contain your thanks for His grace. The praise band had it TURNT UP yesterday. You know when you want to jump up on the pew, look at the congregation and say "how are you standing still? Do you hear what we are saying to Jesus? Do you hear what He is saying to us?!" Garry is right, we should be out of breath after singing to our Lord! What are we saving it for? What is more important than letting Him know how much we love Him?

After service we had a lunch that tested the stitching on my jeans. Folf (that was a new word for me), the new Avengers: Age of Ultron, Chipotle, and little more folf wrapped the weekend.

There is a variety of subjects below for your reading pleasure. You must choose, but choose wisely.

(you don't really have to choose. you can read all of it if you'd like)
We're not worthy!
(about a movie, but really about our salvation)
((and maybe a Wayne's World reference))

I don't know much about comics. My closest brother didn't get into them, and neither did I. We were too busy burning ants, and carving paths through the woods. Over the past decade comic book characters have made quite an impact on the movie world though. For any of us that missed the comic boat growing up, we have a chance to live it out through cinema. I have seen a bunch of them, but not enough to pretend I understand the story of most. It's been hit or miss for me. This Spider-man movie, that Superman movie, maybe an Iron Man here or there. I did see the first Fantastic Four, I know that for sure. Last night I saw the aforementioned Avengers: Age of Ultron. That was pretty legit. I'm amazed at what CGI can do. 

(Spoiler alert!) I learned that no one, but NO ONE, is able to pick up Thor's hammer. Not because of a lack of physical strength, but that they are not worthy of doing so. Only Thor has the privilege. This movie blew that constant out of the water though. Vision, a created 'avenger', casually scoops up the hammer and tosses it back to Thor. I didn't catch the shock of this since I'm not knowledgeable of Thor's history. I got the lowdown from him though, and it made me think a little deeper than a comic strip. 

How can one who is not worthy, become worthy?

We're not worthy (pause, (hair behind ears), Alright!) to be along side God, to speak of or to Him, or to carry his 'hammer'. But we get to. Because He chose to give us that gift, we get to. Because His son died for us, we get to. Because He is so loving, so generous, so amazing, we get to. His hammer lays on the table, we need only to pick it up. Do you? Have you tried? Does the fear of it's weight scare you? Don't let it. He will help you lift it, wield it, and protect with it.

God's word is like Thor's hammer to the evil we face. It can destroy the wicked, and protect the innocent. You can either leave it on your table because you don't think you are worthy of it's power, or you can scoop it up, and toss it to the next person, sharing the good word, sharing the life saving power within it, and spreading it throughout the world. 

Pick up that bible, use the Word within it, and get to work! You ARE worthy. 


Frisbee golf, where have you been? I woke up today with a sore right shoulder/peck and I couldn't be happier about it. Aerobie was a fave time killer for me growing up, and folf is the grown-up version in my opinion. I had a blast traipsing through the weeds and scrub all over Munson Park with him yesterday. I haven't laughed so much while sucking so bad at something in a very long time. I admit I got overly tickled at him when he'd dogleg it way out to no where. Lucky for me he can laugh at himself, and not take things like this too seriously. We both are excellent at hitting the ONLY branch on the fairway, every.stinking.time. 


First 9: me 25, him: 13
Last 9: me 13, him 12

I got better. He still beat me. Good thing he's cute. 

(neither picture is representative of our skill or style, although both are super-sweet)
Growing things

The plants in our co-garden are doing great! We already have tomatoes on the chocolate cherry plants, the cucumber plants are getting whips, and the okra is still alive (whew). If I can't keep okra alive, I can't keep kids alive. This is the level that we are on, this is where okra ranks. I'm under a lot of pressure.

Do you remember me throwing my hens and chicks into the side flower bed in a fit of rage a year or two ago? Stupid things kept dying in the house. Get out! Stay out! I hope you die alone in the dirt! ...and then they came back. With a vengeance. They have been quite busy under the leaves...

Staying connected through the disconnect

This is just a quick shout-out to my ladies back home that have kept their promise to keep me in their hearts. When the divorce went through last year, I was afraid that our pact would be dissolved. We said in 2012 when the separation went into motion that we would never turn each other out. E is still going through her separation/divorce, J reconciled with her husband after a near divorce, M finalized her divorce last summer, and D is still hanging on through the good and bad (love is strong, but not easy). I'm so very thankful that they have all stayed a part of my life, despite the possibility of it being awkward. We may be women of this world, subject to selfishness and sin, but we are daughters of the most high King and sisters in Christ. Together we walk through the valley, and together we pass through the eye of the needle.


Did you catch all of my movieisms?

What worship song makes you just burst with praise?

The quieter you become, the more you can hear.


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