Floods, faking it, and Fridays

Are you as sick of the flooding as we are?? No? Alright! I'll talk about it more.

Yesterday was dry most of the day, but Friday has brought more rain. Driving over the lake bridge was eerie. The water level last night was just shy of 6ft below the bridge. We are forecast to receive rain through Wednesday.

Our dam was wide open yesterday, and still very close to the edge.

Our own little Niagara.

(photos courtesy of my ATSneighbor. Ok, I didn't ask for permission, but he had them on FB, and I'm mentioning it here. Please don't sue me, I'm poor.)
Ananias and Sapphira

Oh, this story is so wicked scary. This couple thought they were just trying to protect themselves. They sold their property with plans to give the money to the mass following Peter, but they wanted to keep a little back for themselves. That doesn't seem so strange. A little selfish, but a safety net isn't the worst idea, right? Plus, the husband and wife made a decision together, like we are supposed to do. God would surely be satisfied with us planning for the future AND working as a team. Right?

Well.... He gives us everything, and everything is for His glory. We talked earlier this week about sharing. You may not always be able to share, but when you are prompted to give all you have, being assured you will receive your share in return, you should trust in the Lord that He will provide. 

Don't be selfish. Don't lie to God. Don't try to lie to God's people. You may fool them, but you won't fool God, and you can never escape Him calling you out on it. Don't fake your faith, and He won't fake His forgiveness.
In case you are unaware, it's Friday. It's a 3 day weekend! Hooray!

I have yet to secure any plans, but I'll be sure the eat too much, nap a lot, and maybe see some family. I rarely have a 3 day weekend, and when I do I'm usually camping or paddling around the lake. Due to the weather, those are both activities that will not be happening. 

Get out there and have some fun, but remember what Memorial Day is honoring. 

Come back next week and let me know what you did.


 My favorite part of Song of Solomon.


  1. Don't fake your faith and He won't fake his Forgiveness. I dig that one. So wise.


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