It's a rock!!!, It's a twister!!!, and doing all the things.

We survived the weekend. Flooding, tornadoes, flooding, wind, coyotes, giant rocks, and flooding.

I didn't 'holiday' like normal, and I can't say that I'm sad. I had a really great Memorial Day weekend doing the things I like most. Napping, cleaning, and hanging with my favorites.


We visited the dam Friday, and the spillway before it crested. Facebook and Instagram are full of pictures of the lake over the years. This is only the 4th time on record that we have had this kind of flooding. The previous 4 years have been near drought conditions, so anyone that wasn't around for 20-ot-7 or prior (meaning me) is getting a pretty cool experience.

The bridge across Lake Texoma was closed yesterday for a short time, but has reopened. We are mainly dry today and tomorrow, however, runoff is a major issue. The spillway is 640ft above sea level, and the lake is at 642.89ft and rising. They are monitoring the bridge closely; we assume it will be closed very soon.

We took a drive north last night to look at the tornado damage to his family's property. No damage to the cabin, only out-buildings were destroyed. Trees, fences, the norm. There has been one reported fatality due to the touchdown in our area. That's pretty good considering how violent it all was. I was even in the shelter, twice (!), yesterday. I know, that doesn't happen. But you don't argue with someone when they are trying to protect you.

 The flooding has been the worst problem. This giant rock slid down the hill into their private road.

Thanks mother nature, you're really putting on a show this year.
Here comes a feeling

Skip this part if you don't like feelings. I'm skipping it.

I had a feeling this weekend. It was awful. I hate that. I don't know if it was because I'm a girl, or just because the universe thinks it's funny to get in the way of fun now and again. I got over it quickly, with a little coaxing. 

There was that sleeved heart showing itself again. Remember what I said, if you're going to be open, be prepared to take a hit occasionally. Also, don't blame others because they don't know how to handle your tender, wimpy, sissy, girly, little self. As long as they stick around, and you can smile in the end, then there is no harm done. Feelings are dumb; except the good ones, those are ok. 

I made blueberry crepes Sunday morning. Delish

I've been practicing winking. I didn't know I was so bad at it. Thanks grandpa for lying to me.

Do you remember how I could juggle? I've lost my touch. I'm practicing that too.

I'm not running because I'm a total bum. Don't judge me, you're either sitting at a computer or staring at your phone right now.... Mmhmm....

The 3rd Degree!!!

How do you categorize your DVDs?

Do you have a special skill like juggling or brain surgery?

Any recent weather damage where you are?


  1. Oklahoma is closed and that guy points a lot...


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