Here comes the rain, get off that ledge, and my latest surprise

Hump day...

...slump day, frump day. Stupid clouds. I was all jazzed with that dose of vitamin D yesterday, and then today happened.

 We're halfway there folks. It's time to start planning our weekends. I don't have anything on my calendar yet, so, what should I do?

I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend... 

What drives you to your ledge? We all have something. Slow drivers, horrible bosses, disorganization, responsibility. Every person has something that pushes them to the edge; that boundary between your real smile and your fake smile. That moment when you know if one more person does one more thing on your list of peeves, IT. IS. ON. What drives you there? 

How do you come off that ledge? You may have to walk away for some alone time. Maybe you have a certain person that can soothe you. A quiet place where no one bothers you. A song, a food; something that can alter your mood for the better. 

The hard part is seeking out this pacifier. Sometimes we like to hold on to that frustration, or anxiety. Not because we like it, but because we use it as an outlet for other built up emotions. 

When Peter addressed the crowd after Jesus' crucifixion, they asked "what do we do?" They realized they had done wrong, and needed to rectify the situation. It would have been easy to point fingers, to blame others, and to hang off of that ledge of anger and despair. They could have blown up at one another for a multitude of reasons. There are many situations in the Bible that could have gone much differently if the subjects would have let anger be the leading emotion. Where would they be if they had given in? 

Lost. They would have been lost, alone, wandering through life. Instead of accepting forgiveness, and coming off the ledge, they would have gone on, trying to fix everything on their own. 

The Prince of Peace leaves the 99 to find the 1. He wishes that no one be lost. He longs for all of us to come to Him when we are on our ledge, ready to battle on our own, whether in anger or in fear. 

In this life, in your daily life, when you find yourself in the position of the 1, look for your pacifier. Ask 'what can I do?'  God comes to us in more ways than we can imagine. Look for His touch in what is around you, or available to you; He may be trying to soothe you, and you don't want to miss it.

Delivery chicken strikes again

Someone knows what's up. My delivery chicken stopped by yesterday and left these in my refrigerator.  Not your typical chicken egg, but I think we can work with them.

Sliced, sugared, savored.

I hope the next package has pound cake and whipped cream in it.

Mid-week mind tap

Let's hear it, what puts you on your ledge?
What do you do with extra fruit? Jam, shakes, pies?



  1. Ha! Stare at your phone somewhere interesting!

    Also, I have only one carton of strawberries going bad in my fridge, you better get on those and eat up! I'm thinking strawberry scones... I think UPS may ship those north, too.


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