It's finally here, I finally did it, and they took away all the fun.

It's finally here! It's finally here! No, I don't mean my most recent Amazon order. ...although, that is on it's way...

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!

Oh, thank you Friday for showing up on time. This hasn't been a long week, or a tough week, or a slow week. It has just been a weak week. Sunday was good, but you remember the headache situation. Then 4 days of just blah. I've had some good points to the week, no doubt, but it's just been a bit lame.

The weekend is upon us, so let's jump in!

Will run for Pi(e)

Here you go. Proof that I finally went to the gym. Proof that I ran on the dreadmill treadmill. Proof that I will find some way to make a lame math joke, no matter what.

I didn't intend to run for pi, but I guess my brain/body is just made to go the distance. (that was a cake joke too, did you get it?)

No fun allowed

How are we supposed to let our hair down and cut loose come the weekend when we have rules like this?

Thanks to whomever ruined it for everyone.

Happy Face
Maybe you've been here over the past 11 years. Through the times I posted, and the times I didn't. You hung around after I deleted posts that brought back bad memories, and you've waited until I published things I was willing to share. During all of this, I have changed a lot. 

Last night as I sat on my bed in the quiet I realized how happy I really am with me. 

~I'm proud of my accomplishments, and I'm proud of my failures. 
~I've bounced back from some big knock-downs. 
~I've listened to God's call (not all the time, but often). 
~I've learned to laugh at myself almost as often as others laugh at me. 
~I don't take myself nearly as seriously as I used to. That gem alone has driven my stress level waaaay down. 
~I've stopped requiring that everyone tell me every detail to everything all the time.
~I don't plan every minute of every day. If I find myself alone all day/night with nothing to do, I enjoy it!
~I've learned to take naps. Thank you C for teaching me the value of just giving in to that.
~I found 'me time' in running, gardening, and coffee drinking. I also enjoy sharing these times with others. 

Are you happy with you? What makes you unhappiest and what makes you happiest? Did you know that being unhappy with yourself is a huge waste of time? It is. 

Find your happy. When you like you, others will like you. If others still don't like you, it's probably because they don't like themselves, and that's their problem. 

Inform your face that you have joy in your heart. If you can't find joy, maybe this will make you smile:

Thank you fox, for always knowing just what to do.


Alright, lay it on me. What are your weekend plans? 
Did you exercise before dawn today? 
Are you smiling yet?


  1. I like Cake and pi. Those make me happy with me.


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