All good things must come to a Monday, decisions, decisions, and you're going to love tomorrow!

I'm here with iced coffee.
Late night at the movies.
I have court today.
My hair sucks.
This was the first conversation I had at work today. I couldn't even unwrap my straw without difficulty this morning. 
I had a such a great weekend that it absolutely HAD to end in a Monday. Just my luck. I'll let you know all about it tomorrow, this way you have another 24 hours to prepare yourself for how jealous you'll be of my doings.
 When it rains, it floods
We had a relatively dry weekend here, but that did nothing for the lake level. We are set to crest on Wednesday, the water should be over the spillway by that time. If so, it will be the first time it has flooded since 2007 (also known by some as 'the best summer of their life'). I've never seen the lake this high, so it's all new to me. I drove across this bridge yesterday when it was dry around 6pm. This picture was taken today around 7am.

I'll post more pictures as the the water rises. Hopefully I'll make a trip to the lake today or tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Make up your mind

Life is full of decisions. No matter the subject, almost every moment probably involves a decision. What to eat, what to wear, where to live, where to go; saying yes or no is constant in our lives, and often done without much thought. We put a lot of thought into some situations though; careful calculation, weighing all options. What helps you make your choice in the BIG decisions?

Some of your decisions will affect others without you even knowing it. Today I followed through with a decision I made, as a result of a decision someone else made that affected me. They knew their decision would change the course of my life, but until today, I didn't think about how my decision might change the life of someone else. I'm not clear how or if it might, but I started thinking about all of my choices, and how they interlace with everyone. How much are we changing lives?

Where do you live? Did you buy a home? You have affected the neighbors around you just by moving in. What do you drive? Did you buy a new vehicle? You have affected the lives of those you dealt with in that process. If you traded a vehicle in, you changed the life of someone else because they were able to purchase it. Where did you buy the outfit you're wearing today? That 'thank you' that you gave the cashier might have made their day. These choices to live, drive, and buy things seem personal at the time, but you never know how much you may be changing the course of someones life by making a choice for yourself.

Be careful what you do, because you are touching the lives of others. Pray for clarity, pray for certainty, pray for all of your decisions. In the end we will see how our choices panned out. You can't decide for someone else, but what you choose for you will in some way make a decision for others.

You must choose, but choose wisely.


Everyone probably needs a good laugh today. Whether you had a great weekend and you're bummed to be back at work, or you had an awful weekend...and you're bummed to be back at work.

 (pardon the language)

I have no excuses, but I'll keep making them.>
The 3rd Degree

What BIG decisions have you made lately?
Can you think of an insignificant choice you have made that might have been a big thing to someone else?

What do you do during the summer for fun?


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